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Found 1 result

  1. I know you play D&D, or something similar. Wurm is just slow enough to allow role playing and a dungeon master to make changes in real time. Can we make this happen? If some or all of these are possible please let me know. I'm still trying to figure this out. For reference, the best virtual table top game is RP tools. A DM can role play NPC's with a quick click and effectively run a text based campaign with around 4 players. Wurm Unlimited is 3D, and can so do this. Here's what's needed. There are three types of players to satisfy Bartle's Taxonomy we have simply... Dungeon Masters Players who enjoy creating and running content for players. These people need god powers, spawning, scripting NPC's, coding the works. 1. Need the ability to quickly travel, impersonate/ take over NPC's to handle scenarios and role play the baddies, dogs, even horses. 2. Add basic scripts and flags to NPC's. Similar to MInecrafts command block, can we add a parchment of scripting code on an NPC and be able to code them? Notes will be needed should other DM's or role players impersinate the NPC. If the scripts are avilable in real time then quick debugging can be performed by DMs. Go here, modify basic replies, flag words to initiate a quest, etc. Role Players Players that don't necessarily want to create content, but want to role play NPC like characters, adding to the story and other elements. 1. Free parchment to keep in game notes, similar to Eve Online. Eventers Players that want to go in, kill, interact, do, accomplish, upgrade, level up, etc. These are already fairly well covered. These players need to be flagged, by higher tiers so DM's can recognize Role Players and Eventers, Role players need to identify RPers and eventers, eventing players don't need to know since they just need to be able to play the game. Extras Dice Bag GUI of a bag and a set of dice that can be rolled with a click. The option to automatically state a verified role should be selectable. Deck of Cards The ability to quickly and easily shuffle a deck of cards and hand them out to players.