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Found 5 results

  1. Yes, I'm making another thread about this. It's stupid that PvP players need to keep their backup horses and pets off deed and in a not-so-secure location just to prevent their speed horses and breeding animals from randomly miscarrying and getting diseased. It severely limits PvP and just creates unneeded problems. It results in horse shortages, as well as impacting Epic missions. For example, on JKH, we currently have a mission to sacrifice three (3) calves. Because no one can bring cows and bulls to their deed to breed them (they need the space for horses which is limited by the ratio), we have had this mission for several days now. It is a simple mission that would have been completed within ten minutes of popping up (as it should be for such an "easy" mission) if we were allowed to breed animals on deed without a useless limit that was meant for PvE. In my opinion, it should just be removed entirely from both PvE and PvP, but the severe impact on PvP servers makes this a destructive feature. No horses and pets means no PvP.
  2. So after the fight on JKH last night against a group of seven BLers, there was something that needed to be addressed. It wasn't the attitudes of the players on either side. It wasn't any malicious action or intent. It was the lag. We got on a knar and chased BL. I can't say specifically how bad it was for others, but I was averaging 10-20 FPS until the moment we popped local of enemies. At that point, my framerate instantly dropped below 10. BL got away, we sailed around until we got some horses to chase them inland. As we got to the edge of their local, my framerate again (instantly) dropped below 5. I had to relog mid chase, which did little to help. As we engaged, my framerate was 3 FPS at best, often around 1. I felt like I was watching a slide show of a PvP video. I could not mouse over anyone to see a name or target. I could not move to get into an advantageous position or to get away from an aggressor. I ended up popping defensive at half health and trying to get away, as I could not deal with the lag. I died backing away. We managed to kill the BLers, but that isn't the point. On both sides, we experienced horrible lag. Neither side was at their best because we were all lagging. Both sides had players that needed to relog mid-fight. How can you PvP when you can't even tell what's going on, take any action, or move your character? Please, this is something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I don't care if the servers have to be shut down for a month, fix it.
  3. 9 pieces of armour in a set, 5 min cooldown, 45 mins to cast on a whole set, if you dont have to recast on anything Also removing Cooldowns from CoC, Rotting touch, Flaming Aura(does it have one? i cant remember), BotD(again cant remember) and really every spell that isnt combat releated COMBAT SPELLS SHOULD KEEP THEIR COOLDOWNS THOUGH, ONLY NON-COMBAT, ENCHANTING SPELLS SHOULD HAVE THEM REMOVED
  4. So today I had a sermon group with my village and a few non-village alliance members. One of my village mates is a priest of Magranon. He was repeatedly casting goat shape on one of the alliance members from a different village when he accidentally casted dominate on her. She auto aggro'd him, at which point she was automatically KoS'd. She was killed by Templars. When she respawned, she was killed again, at which point the Templars also killed her horse. There are a few problems that need to be fixed. First of all, dominate should not be able to be cast on players. Secondly, players should not be automatically KoS'd when a villager attacks them on deed. TLDR: Dominate should not be able to be cast on players, and players should not be automatically KoS'd if they are attacked on deed by a villager of that deed.
  5. I read on the forum a couple weeks ago that enchanting had possibly been nerfed. I tried a bunch of casts on my Vynora priest on Epic with 56 channeling (around 80 effective). I got many sub-50 casts, and a LOT of sub-30. My brother has access to a priest on Chaos with 90 channeling, and he had similar results. Both priests have 32-33 soul depth and 100 alignment. The average cast power and number of 70+ casts has drastically dropped for both of us, and this hurts PvP, where good casts are needed on gear. Please fix this, as we are not the only ones to have noticed this problem.