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Found 6 results

  1. We are unable to drink water from fountains (and probably wells too) on deeds outside our alliance, as of today's update. I went over to Port Sopor, Deliverance - a neighbour's deed not in my alliance, and tried to drink from his public fountain. The fountain contained plain water. [22:12:25] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server.
  2. Simple idea, possibly easy to implement: 1. Right-clicking directly on waterskin brings up 'drink' option which is applied to contents, i.e. no need to expand water skin and then click on whatever is inside. 2. Provide keybind for 'drink'. Benefits: 1. Allows waterskins to be added to toolbelt for rapid quaffing. (Of course water/other liquids can be added as well, but every time they are consumed they have to be re-added. Not so if it is the waterskin itself in the toolbelt.) 2. Creates incentive to actually use waterskins versus pottery jars etc. Waterskins should be better at what they're designed for – providing easy access to liquid refreshment. (Related idea: Any fall that would injure a character risks breaking any pottery items in inventory. The risk is directly proportional to the severity of the fall and inversely proportional to the quality of the pottery item.)
  3. Basic concept : Make Food and drink have effect on character. Background - yesterday i was drinking wine - got chat message "You are drunk" - and guess what? nothing more. So suggestions are : 1) Give Wine actuall effects (apart from regaining stamina). At drunk status - lower combat skills for set amount of time. Let say - wine ql x kg (litres) consumed = value of which combat skills are lowered in %. Ex. 25ql wine amount 2kg = 50% if you have 50 FS it will be cut in half. In other words - good ql wine would left you defenceless if you drink too much. 2) Food quality effect - rather food damage. from 0 do 49 dmg it should give some nutriton / food bar (accordingly to ql). from 50 to 75 it should give vomit status (lowering nutrition and food bar) 75 and more - food poisoning - lowered body control, mind and so. (for a fixed time) 3) Different food types different effects - a) Stew - medium food bar medium nutrition, medium thirst (yea thirst) Casserole - high food bar, medium nutrition, lowering thirst (you need to drink after eating too much). c) Meal - Medium food bar, high nutrition, no effect on thirst. d) Goulash - medium food bar high nutrition, little effect on thirst. e) Sandwich - medium food and nutrition, negative thirst, (prolonged dmg resistance (as now?)) f) Cake - high nutrition, medium food bar, high negative effect on thirst. 3) Ingredients - should have additional effect on dish / drink. a) garlic, onion, belladona - should increase healing tick on char. Using too many belladonas should end in poisoning tho. oregano, thyme, nettle - should shorten any poisoning status. c) wine - (added to food - should increase healing tick too) Wine as a drink especially after reaching drunk status should drastically lower thirst bar (hangover). d) meat - pig and other non typical - meat (goblin, troll, human? spider) should yeld faith loss or food poisoning. e) meat - cow, bear, sheep, fish, pollutry - could yeld faith gain bonus. f) fruits - lower poison time. g) corn, potato, pumpkin - bonus to food bar filling (filling effect - 10% corn, 15% potato 20% pumpkin) 4) Healing salve overhaul. Basic idea is to make (mortar and pestle) - drop ingredients and use pestle on mortar. Example Animal fat as a base garlic +6 healing tick regardles of amount tho onion +5 healing tick wine +10 healing tick. Ql calculation - Ingredients Fat - 50ql Onion 50ql garlic 50ql wine 50ql ----- (50+50+50+50)/4 =50QL (30 +50 +50+50) / 45QL (50 + 80+60+70) = 65QL Healing calculation (additional to natural healing) 6+5+10 =21 x QL% so at 50QL it would yeld additional 10 points to healing tick. at 65QL it would give ca 14 to healing tick. Those little additions (point 3) would make food more usable thus increasing depth of game.- as for now - we can only use pumpkin + fish and be happy.
  4. I am not sure what the deal is but I have a mine that I mined one tile down in the corner behind my forge past the water line but I can not drink from it. I have done this in the past and have had no trouble drinking from the tiles and this one is much deeper and still no luck. I have went so far down on the tile that my character is swimming and still not getting a drink/fill option on the tile.
  5. Suggestion: Allow selling small containers that contain a single item on personal merchants. Examples of such containers include: small bowl pottery jars pottery flasks small barrels small wine barrels Allowing for a single item inside of a container would allow the sale of food and beverages, and it would not enable players to further abuse the merchant mechanics by using containers to store a larger quantity of items than they already do. Downside: It *would* allow players to store sap, juice, lye, etc on personal merchants. Perhaps items in containers would decay as normal in merchant inventories? Sorry if this reopens old wounds. I'd just like the devs to think of some way to let us sell food and drink from merchants.
  6. I'm just wondering and I do sincerely apologize if this has been posted before, but How long does the newbie bonus last? 24 lifetime hours or 24 gameplay hours, or what?