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Found 7 results

  1. Last night I had an odd idea and now I am trying to figure out if it is possible for me to do it. I started dredging out the bay in front of my town, I wanted it deep enough that Ocean going vessels would be fine to sail through it. Then I decided to see how deep I could dig with the dredge. After this I though of trying to see if I could make it an Ocean tile if I dug deep enough. So my questions are: How deep, in water, must I dredge for a water tile to become an ocean tile? Is it possible for a player to create an Ocean tile by digging and area deep enough with a Dredge? I guess this would apply to world building as well, At what depth does a tile has to be a certain depth in order for it to become an Ocean tile? If I can do this, I will definitely win the next fishing tournament on my server if I drop some Ocean fish on the table and no one else can do it
  2. Can provide rowboat and dredges. Deed is on south coast of Celebration. 1s/500dirt pst Arakiel ingame or pm on forum, thanks.
  3. I am looking for someone to dredge out the area around my dock on my new deed. I can't be bother with the dredging. Must have his own dredge tool and boat. There might also be a little bit of digging, but it shouldn't be much. If interested, post below or contact me by PM. Happy Wurming!
  4. Current sea access : yellow / orange -> cave canals; blue / deep blue -> open air canal Actually sallow water boats can sail from the northern sea to turtle lake. I "successfully" sailed a cog from turtle lake to echo lake southern shore (north cave canal entrance). By successfully, read, shallow water at GD south exit in need of dredging and awfully shallow water on echo lake. What's the plan you may ask, it's easy allow any boats to sail from the north coast to Turtle Lake. Longer term goal : Improve deliverance lakes connection to the sea (and by sea, i mean all of them). ToDo list ? pave the echo waterway - allowing an easy visual spotting of the dredged canal DONE dredge the echo waterway (once paved) to the -24 depth allowing all boats to sail on it DONE (improve waterway marking - pillars / vyn colossus at the east end of echo waterway ?) dredge the Green Dog southern harbor entrance toward turtle lake DONE survey bear lake depth / check where a waterway is needed Waterway - graphical identity - Slabs are grey / Sand is yellow Potential others improvement in the area : replace a part of the highway on turtle lake by a bridge, connecting the two parts of the lake as they used to.
  5. HI, Three things every bug report should include: # What happened - [09:35:28] You cannot dig in such terrain. - or dredge on wooden planks paving on corners that are connected to other wooden planks # What you expected to happen - to be able to dig/dredge - I have few canals that I made before using same method (you can check it on deed Clint Eastwood and John Wayne Market on Xanadu) # Steps to reproduce - just try to dig on wooden planks paving on corner that is connected to other wooden floors - GM tried also and told me its a bug and to report it to here (ticket 153534) Additional notes: # If we cannot reproduce a bug it will take a LOT longer to fix - If needed come to my deed and I'll show how # Too much info is better then too little info - On some other pavings it works normally as before # Don't be afraid to bump old reports if they are still valid BR, Komunalac
  6. I'm looking to employ one or two people to dredge around our deed. Its one of those things that i've meant to get to for the last year, but there's always more pressing things to do. (Having fun for example, or anything other than dredging.) 70+ digging skill and your own tools (boat & 2-3 dredges) are prefered. (Certainly not required, but those with them will get priority) Inventory access to several Knarrs will be provided and I am happy to offer a tutorial on how to dredge efficiently. I recommend Netflix or some other external form of entertainment, unless of course you just REALLY enjoy bobbing around, pushing buttons on your keyboard. Option 1: (We keep the dirt) I am paying 1s per 1,000 dirt dredged from around our deed. Option 2: (You keep the dirt) If you prefer to keep the dirt (so you can sell/use) for less pay, we should be able to come to an agreement as well. (You would need to manage storage and transport of the dirt however) We are happy to provide food and secure oceanside lodgings during your employment. I am also happy to improve items for you free of charge. (Within reason of course) Oceanside cottages:
  7. I've seen suggestions like this in the past, but I'd like to make my own twist on it. First, I'd like to see a river barge style boat introduced about half as long, and twice as wide as a Knarr. It should resemble a rectangle, with a platform upon which a dredge can me , or already is mounted, maybe include a dredge, or two, as construction components. Second, when you dredge with this boat it empties the dirt into either the operators inventory, or into the barges inventory. Third, this boat should be able to hold two Large Crates, or one if you feel two is overpowered. This would require that the person dredging couldn't just start it off and head AFK indefinitely. Dredge should be considered to be a command like level that goes until you run out of room or stamina. One the note of digging, it would be handy to have a command lite flatten and level, that would lower the flat tile you're standing on by one slope, in each corner. This would be extremely useful for if you wanted to sink a hole straight down 50-60 slope, or more, and not have to run around to corners manually digging there to keep the slopes all at a "non-falling" level. There are several times I would've found this option extremely used when lowering a couple tiles from a flattened surface above down to the level of some rock. Maybe don't make it available until 50 digging or something.