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Found 29 results

  1. While hammering away in the fabled Bludscythe Smithy, grinding towards his 90 blacksmithing goal, Narvol Bludscythe forged a rare and interesting version of a DREDGE! This special dredge can be yours! Starting bid: 7s Increment (minimum): 1s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
  2. I am currently working on a dredging project and the level command is available but not working. When I click on level nothing happens and no error message is given. I have tried this in a knarr and rowboat. At least if there was an error message I would know how to adjust. I am currently working at around 20 -25 dirt deep. Before I get the same stupid replies as I got in CA Help from the peanut gallery, yes I am on a flat tile trying to level the surrounding adjacent tiles.
  3. Hello dear Wurmians, i would like to offer you a supreme Dredge for auction Start bid: 10s Min raise: 1s Snipe protection: 1hr Buyout: 25s No reserve, hidden bids
  4. Some time ago it was made possible to level tile borders with a shovel, without raising the entire tile. This is still impossible to do with a dredge. Would it be a good idea to enable the same functionality to dredges? apologies:
  5. As title say...while dredging from passanger seat stamina wont regen..i have to go on the shore and regen there and come back in to the boat.. I'm not sure if this bug is reported or not..even so needs to be fixed..its very bad..even more so with bridges coming up.
  6. I'm looking for someone to dredge some tiles for me at E20 on Exodus. I need approximately 100 tiles dredged down from 40 to 90 below water. Please send me your rates per 1k dirt dredged.
  7. I need someone to lower a 52x48 area of dirt to 40 below sea level. It starts at the shore and goes out to sea. Part of it is on my deed, though going further out to sea the area isn't owned by anyone. Current depth is about 20. I don't have a boat, but I have a dredge and a Fo altar. I don't care if you dredge or do the dirt spell, either is fine with me. Fees to be discussed, please send me your best offers, as well as time estimates. My deed is Hufflepuff, E20 on Exodus.
  8. Auctioning rare dredge [01:22:54] A dirty sack with four metal blades along its rim. A rope is attached to it. The idea is that you drag it along the bottom and gather mud. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from birchwood. You must use a mallet on the dredge in order to improve it. [01:22:54] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Kgor.k.'. [01:22:54] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [97] [01:22:54] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [93] Starting Bid: 3s Increments: 50c sniper protection 1hour
  9. After much confusion earlier this morning I finally decided to use the 'level' option with a dredge. Keep in mind this is the only thing I ever read about this new feature: Taken from the Valrei International 012 I unfortunately cast all Wurmlogic aside and at that time thought this is really happening. I will be able to activate, or equip, my dredge and finally level out my canal right into my knarr. Today I imp'ed up my dredge, prepared the knarr, and set off to experience this new greatness... and it did not work. At least it did not work as I had read it from the news post. "Dredging will now have an option to flatten or level tiles, and also dredging will deposit dirt straight into your boat!" My frustration then lead me to read the actual patch notes. Taken from the Patch Notes: 13/APR/17 "You must not be embarked when using flatten or level." What the #%$@? Now to be fair it was actually Kenolein that took the time to explain to me that I was going to have to first dig the dirt to max shovel depth (which was done already), then i was going to have to stand on that with the activated dredge to dig it down one or so more before I would be able to use the 'level' option. Now this brings me to the part of this whole system that needs to be revisited. Once you have finally got your area prepared to be leveled with the dredge, you have to tread water hauling up a 2 dirt max load while leveling. That's right, somehow it does not make sense to use level/flatten from the boat where your dirt could go directly into the hold. Nope. Somehow you are treading water while pulling something up that is more than two times as heavy as your mooring anchor off of the bottom of the water. Now this is Wurm, and I am more than willing to look past this if you can find some way to make it so that I can level more than two dirt at a time without having to drag and drop out of the dredge. I know that you're worried that some of us might actually have the stamina to grab a drink, and maybe a restroom stop, before we'll need to rest. Seriously, who is this hurting? Just at least make it so that anything you dig using the 'level' option with a dredge goes into your inventory, and not into that 2 capacity dredge. If you really want to improve the dredge, get rid of the 2 dirt capacity altogether and make the dredge equip-able just like a shovel. Then the dredge could work the same on water as the shovel does on land when leveling.
  10. So it seems my old dredges decayed, while I was away. Decided to make a new one today and after years of Wurm, this is my first time. Had to make lumps of steel, to create 4 dredge scraper lips. Had to make a square of cloth. Had to combine the cloth with a rope, then add in the 4 steel scraper lips. Presto! I get a... wait for it... BIRCHWOOD dredge. Now to improve it, it needs a log. Is it just me, or does the dredge construction and improvement make absolutely no sense?
  11. Hi, I am looking for someone to help me finish building my dock and add a bridge and a few houses. Pm me if interested.
  12. We all know dredging is a pain in the ass.. even so more since the bug where stamina does not regen...i think a new type of dredge that is bigger and can fit up to 5-10 dirt,make it so you would need 30 or something body strength would be a very nice option. It does not resolve the stamina issue but atleast its less pain..
  13. I have no idea if this has even been reported, but here goes: Dredges consist of a cloth bag on a rope, with steel lips to scrape up dirt. The in-game model, crafting recipe, and skill all reflect this to some degree. However, when you build them, they are all inexplicably made out of birchwood, and thus improve using carpentry materials. This obviously makes no sense. Why does a blacksmithing item made out of steel, cloth, and rope become birchwood upon creation? Solution: Make them out of a more reasonable material involved, like the cloth or the steel (although steel might be annoying to improve).
  14. Item up for Auction: 90QL Rare Birchwood Dredge Item will be COD from Release. Starting Bid: 4s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 8s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Happy bidding All
  15. 14ql - rare large shield, pine - 5s 11ql - rare dredge - 4s Note: All items will be cod from Independance so make sure you leave the name you want your item sent..thanks Sold Items.. 43ql - rare file, iron - 7s 50ql - rare cauldron, iron - 4s 71ql - rare peasant wool cap - 2s
  16. Greetings all, Today I've got a rare 90ql dredge, cedarwood, for sale along with a rare *steel* chisel at 80ql. The dredge is special as it's cedar. The chisel is special as it's unable to be created. Buyer pays cod or picks up from NE exo. Both come with the rare Enki siggy. Rare dredge 90ql -5s Rare steel chisel-10s
  17. Delivery via Cash On Delivery mail (buyer pays postage/mailing fee, 10c same server, 20c cross server), or pickup on Independence C24 (ingame map, Ussta Delmah, on north-east island), or pickup on Independence E24 (ingame map, Targoviste/Three Lanterns, north-east main land), or free delivery for orders of 10s and up, or delivery by agreement. Enchantments are, W = Wind of Ages (WoA), tools are faster to use, shorter timers, C = Circle of Cunning (CoC), increased skill gain when used to work with. 1) mallet, oakenwood, QL90.52, W54, C35 - 1.1s 2) mallet, oakenwood, QL90.51, W70, C72 - 1.4s Sold. 3) mallet, oakenwood, QL90.51, W73, C40 - 1.3s 4) spindle, oakenwood, QL90.52, W62, C47 - 1.3s Sold. 5) clay shaper, oakenwood, QL90.53, W77, C59 - 1.3s 6) spatula, oakenwood, QL90.50, W70, C48, 1.3s 7) dredge, QL90.01, W99, C79, 2.5s Sold. (all dredges default to birchwood, because they don't actually have wooden components but improve like carpentry items) 8) fine fishing rod, oakenwood, QL90.50, C84, 2.5s (cannot be mailed, no effect for WoA) Planning on adding more carpentry-made tools, feel free to PM if you need anything specific. I also like building ships (all).
  18. Supreme Dredge (50 QL) ☞ ☜ Starting Bid: 9.00s Increment: 0.50s Buyout Price: 20.00s Auction Ends: Wednesday, 12/31/2015 7:00PM EST (SEE TIMER BELOW) Snipe Protection: 1h Do you like dredging? Great! Do you loathe dredging? Even better! Get it done faster so you can go back to grinding weaponsmithing and filling frying pans with seal meat and seaweed for your lazy mayor! Dredge out a pier! Dredge out a fishing hole! Dredge out the world! The sky is the limit!! Well, actually, the limit is still 180 dirt below sea level. But you'll get the job done more quickly, especially if you've got high skill. Improve it and enchant it with Wind of Ages for even faster underwater sand-collecting! Faster dredging! Higher quality sand and dirt, if that's your thing! Wow! Higher-quality clay as well! Everyone likes that, right? Willing to deliver to anywhere reasonably close to SW Xanadu. Will otherwise deliver CoD (buyer's expense).
  19. Auction finished - close please
  20. Bought one thanks.
  21. Auction Closed! Island Starter Kit 1 Caravel "Dirty Sandy" ql:60 62 large crates ~average ql:30 18600 dirt (300xper Crate) 7 with dirt, 55 with sand bonus: satchel with 100 random tree sprouts (from every type) 1 skiller steel shovel with 81 coc mooring anchor 90ql Birchwood Dredge ql82 with 69woa Caravel: Crates: This is a very special Offer for everyone who would like to start an Island or needs alot of dirt for big terraforming wurm projects and just didn't start yet because getting a huge amount of dirt or sand is difficult. This Kit should easen the progress, since the large crates are already filled and loaded inside the ship that is currently docked in Tanbottom on Independence. The whole Caravel, the Crates, Anchor, a whole satchel full with sprouts and a skiller steel shovel are INCLUDED when buying it and will be given out together with the ownership of the Caravel to the new happy owner. This Kit is the first one of it's kind, so only the result of this auction will determine if this will be done again Also the Lucky Winner of this auction will either need to come and get the ship from Tanbottom (57y 33x)on Independence or we can bring the ship to some of the easier accessible Harbors from the outer Sea. Ship will NOT be delivered outside of Independence. Map to Current Location of the Ship: sponsored by: Company of Mercers, SouthFreedom Traders and the Highwayproject: Magranons Scar expanded by 20 minutes from Allenkeys last bid! Starting Bid: 24 silvers minimum increment: 50 copper Highest Bidder: Lucinel edit(added sniper protection): Sniper Protection: 20 Minutes (btw.: for those who don't know, Sniper Protection means, that the auction time will expand every time for 20 Minutes (near the end of the auction) when someone is bidding on it. That should avoid having those last second bids coming in, leaving other people no chance to react, just because their site was loading too slow ) "Disclaimer; Parking it in the sea and dropping all the dirt not guaranteed to create an island." p.s.: if someone is ACTUALLY making an Island out of this I would love a message of that
  22. Close plz

    C.O.D. to the winner. Start Bid: 5s Increments: 1s Buyout: Pm offers Sniper: 1 Hour
  23. As it is now, We use a dredge that can only hold two dirts, And it is full. This is not realistic, As even the most ancient dredges could handle far more material than this. If I were to drop that amount of dirt onto the ground, It would only add up to two shovels full. Far less than a real dredges capability. We are required to remove the dirt from the dredge manually, And empty it into our ship, However this is a constant action every couple of seconds in my case. And requires constant fast clicking. Also these types of dredges were invented in the Bronze age. They could not have used steel as it didn't exist. But steel is easier to come by than bronze in this game. I believe I chose the wrong title for this post. It should have read Please Give Us Less Tendon Damage While Dredging! Thank you! Eyerobot
  24. As the title states. It would be more efficient if we removed dredge keybind and convert dig a multipurpose keybind. Here are a few other related dredge issues: -- Fo can dredge -- Put the dirt somewhere other than in the dredge and convert the dredge to a non-container type. The attempt to mimic realism is making the tool's use tedious and inconvenient. Put the dirt wherever: boat inventory, player inventory, or pile on ground. -- The fact the dredge uses carpentry tools and blacksmithing skill was, imo, a special favor to someone ( you know who you are). I think it should be a tailoring item, but do what you will. Just remove the special favor weirdo mechanics.
  25. Curious how much one would sell for. Would quality factor into it? as it would neither affect the boat nor the dredge terribly.