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Found 29 results

  1. Here's the set. Let me know what you guys think it's worth. Euros or USD, no silver.
  2. WTT Grren Cherry Charge for Darke Armour Set or Moon Metals with an Equivalent Value of 85s WTS Grren Cherry Charge for 85s
  3. Ok, want to sell stuff: Green Drake Set 80s without cap, Rare Longsword 92 Nimble, 96 Life Tranfser, 97 Circle of Cunning, 88 Mind Stealer - 10 Silver Sold Source liquid/crystals 1s/kg (Pending sale for last 15.25kg of it) Rare Carving Knife 91.54ql 90Botd 5.5s And a Rare Large Cart Dyed Orange 9.5s Various imbue pots 80c each fletching, leatherworking, weapon smith, stonecutting, tailoring (lw, sc, tailoring sold) 1.4s each for the woodcutting ones. Reply or Pm
  4. No enchants. most pieces are 85-90 ql. Asking $100 USD. Paypal payments only. Must be verified. PM me on the forums if you want to purchase.
  5. I have the following Drake sets for sale. All sets are blank, currently on Xanadu. I am the original owner of these sets, they came from the original white drake on Deliverance which we killed. Sets are 85 EUR/100 USD each. I am not interested in silver/gold or other in-game items. Verified Paypal only.
  6. My blue drake set is up for sale 80ql aside from the chest which is 74ql. Looking for 85s or 85e. Either is fine. Shoulder pads and mask not included
  7. WTS Black Drake set, No cap, QL90, aosp 80-100, 95s Contact prettykg in game...
  8. No enchants, and no sig so you can add your own when you examine it All pieces 90+ql Note: One boot missing. I got hungry. Euros only please! Starting bid: 75e Buyout: Open to offers 1hr sniper protection Happy bidding!
  9. looking for drake set . willing to pay around 70E . Pm me if you got it
  10. Hi I am interested in buying a drake set. Preferably a white one but black could work too. I don´t ned a cap and it doesn´t have to be enchanted. I will buy if the price is right so please make offers!
  11. Looking to pay via Paypal but if you want silver I can buy silver to use in the transaction. Quality can be anything 70+ and as I mentioned in the title, I don't care what the colors are or if they're mixed. I prefer a set clear of enchants but that's not super important. The main objective of the deal is price. I'm trying to get the cheapest set I can, but if nobody is willing to sell for under 80e I'll end up paying that. Also I'm buying with USD so if you are American the fees would be less and we can recalculate a price in USD with the current exchange for lower fees. If you want to sell but don't want your name in the thread, you can private message me for sure. Thanks for reading!
  12. Hi, I was collecting source for a very long time now and after a while i collected this amazing amount I would like to trade it for a drake hide set or sell it all for 90s so i can buy one :). Delivery will be done by me ofc. If i don't find buyer for the whole amount after some time i will start selling smaller chunks at 1s per 1k rate or trade them for: gems sleep powders rares hota statues favour in codrages seryl lumps So feel free to message me with offers either via pm here or ingame(same name) Cheers!
  13. This Black Drake Armor set is all over 80 ql and has Aura of Shared pain cast on each piece. Selling for 200 silver in game or 200 dollars to pay pal. You can message Plater in game for details.
  14. Hello! I'm interested in trading my White Drake Set with cap, including rare sleeve + some silvers for Blue Drake Set, also with cap. Please pm me on forum.
  15. Selling a Black drake set. No Enchants 80ql (can be imped to 90 on request) Please pm offers, i have cleaned out my mailbox reference pictures Black & white Also, a few Sets can be made to order just ask Cheers max This is a "Want to sell" Ad, not a "Merchant ad" please do not move my thread.
  16. Hello! Today I'm auctioning my BLACK drake set with no enchants. Great helm 69 aosp included. Satrting bid: 90e (euro only) Increase: 2e Buyout: offer me Veryfied paypal only! I'm on Deliverance, "Arrr" village (D19).
  17. WTS white drake armor set: Price: 95s (I can only take silver, not euro/usd) Send me a PM here or in game.
  18. Want to sell Drake Set, all pieces have AoSP; some high casts. Cap included; slightly battered and bruised it has been well used!! PM me offers. Ideally looking for Euros, will consider in-game. Will need to be picked up from Exodus (Annex) Co-Ordinates: X11 Y29. Thank you
  19. Black and white drake set, including cap. black drake cap 68ql black drake jacket 66ql , Aura of shared pain 64 black drake sleeve 82ql , Aura of shared pain 64 black drake sleeve 82ql , Aura of shared pain 74 white drake glove 92ql , Aura of shared pain 61 white drake glove 92ql , Aura of shared pain 79 white drake pants 81ql , Aura of shared pain 88 black drake boots 87ql , Aura of shared pain 70 black drake boots 88ql , Aura of shared pain 62 Offers of ingame silver please
  20. WTB drake set 75s any color, any ql. only thing is it needs to be all the same color. dont need cap.
  21. Looking to sell this drake set quickly. 668 Total AosP. Starting Bid: 100s/100e Min Bid Increase: 1s/1e Location: West Deliverance - Fippy's Harbour 3x 27y (Can be mailed) PM me or post here. Will accept private bids.
  22. Quality averages to about 70, great helm included. Price set at 70s, located on Independence at Djakarta (30x 62y). Pickup at my deed is preferred, but I can deliver if you aren't too far.