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Found 37 results

  1. Hello. Today i am auctioning my Black drake hide set, the proceeds will be added to my deli upkeep. I see that the hide goes for about 50s per kg currently and there is 3.17kg here including a rare finished product. So i will be starting the auction at 1.4g Start Bid - 1.4g Minimum Increase - 10s Buyout - none Snipe Protection - 1 hour For questions concerning the headwear;
  2. Hi, pm me with offers for these items: 2x dragon shoulder pads 2x skull shoulder pads 0,3kg drake hide, i need small bit of both black and red hide 0.01kg is fine too! Shadow Mask Libila arch statues x3 Rare leather/steel chain sets Blue tome / blood of the angel
  3. - S O L D - I'm offering a piece of blue drake hide (0.13 kg @ 86.6 ql) Price: 3.50 s
  4. WTS ql 82.93 Green hatchling drake hide, 0.04 kg for 1.3s OBO Also have an ointment of tailoring (ql 95) and Oil of the blacksmith (ql 51) available. make an offer. Goldfinch
  5. Auctioning enough Blue Drake Hide to make a full set. 3.24kg. Good opportunity to get a set with your own signature. Start bid: 80s Minimum increments: 1s 1h sniper protection No reserve Buy out: 120s
  6. I want to sell: rare studded leather boot, 92ql, aosp 70, 4s rare studded leather glove, 92ql, aosp 75, 4s star sapphire, 63ql, 3s 2 white drake hide sleeves 90ql 71 and 74 wa 7s each saddle, 91ql. 90woa, 2s
  7. I want to buy drake hide. Pm here or Katherine in game.
  8. Wurmhole(Mordor) is a winner congrats Starting Bid: 77s Min increase: 1s Buyout : 110s Reserve: N/A Sniper Protection: 30mins -Mortez
  9. - S O L D - I'm offering a piece of red drake hide (0.07kg @ 92.65ql) Price: 2.80s
  10. Like... a lot. 21.52kg to be precise. I like to hoard. As far as I know, the 'colourless' drake shows up as green. Used to be invisible but that all changed when the new drakes first appeared and started dropping colourless drake.... can't have everyone running around in invisible armour now can we! For those of you who are curious: Colourless drake was a reward from Rolf for a serious bug report a looooooong time ago (yeah, there used to be rewards given out instead of a title). Other large hides are from the old drakes - long time players will remember when back-in-my-day the drakes used to drop bundles of ~7-8kg hides. Little hides are from recent drakes. Open to offers here or in PM, I'm happy to split up the lot; but by all means if you want all 21kg you go for it! Please bear with me with slow replies - I'm not active any more, hence the selling of stuff - this is just the beginning!
  11. Greetings all, I've got .49kg of black dragon hatchling hide I'm looking to trade for addy. Ql of addy isn't terribly important but higher ql is nice. I'm also looking to sell 1 mining pot 70ql, 2 woodcutting pots 65 and 84ql for 2s a piece. (I always forget to try and sell these suckers).
  12. Drake hide I need 0.40kg maximum. Dragon Scale 3.60 kg for now. PM your offers per 0.01kg or for the entire weight needed if you have Also willing to buy Black Drake Hide Cap.
  13. Hiho, selling 0.27kg blue drake hide for 10.8s On hold for now Greetings
  14. I am looking for a white drake hide cap. Offers via forum PM, please.
  15. WTB Drake hide pieces, any weight or colour. Currently in need of around 0.35kg more in total. PM me here or ingame on Samvimes, please.
  16. Looking to sell off these two caps, looking to get 8s a piece. Can imp the 80QL cap to 90+ upon buyer's request, for an additional 50c *BOTH CAPS SOLD Also looking to sell 2x Bear Vs Man HOTA Statues (Red), 98QL. Asking 5s each. Pickup from western coast of Deliverance, [9,O] on in-game map.
  17. Looking to buy a Drake hide set prefer Black or Blue Ql and enchants are negotiable
  18. [S O L D] I'm selling 0.14 kg of black drike hide. Price: 5.60s PM me.
  19. Blue dragon scale leather 0.25kg 12.5s Blue dragon hatchling drake hide leather 0.20kg 8s
  20. Need .9kg to finish my drake hide set paying 40c per .01kg of hide. Any type of hide is welcome. Please COD them to me.
  21. I'm selling 0.34 kg of black drike hide. Price: 13s PM me. - S O L D -
  22. Want to sell the above items. PM your offers for the rest - here or ingame. Thanks, Baloo
  23. buying drake hide for 35c per 0.01 and rare clay 10c CoD to stoffe
  24. Bought all I need. Thread can be closed.