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Found 13 results

  1. Just thought I'd share my various artworks of dragons since they are my favorite creature!! This one reacts to blacklights as you can see below I painted this one years ago Just a simple black dragon, stencil style Just a simple blue dragon stencil style Just a simple red dragon stencil style Just a simple yellow dragon stencil style Crappy picture but, I painted this dragon few years ago I call this one Reflection
  2. Hello all I would love (and i am sure many other would love) to be a part of any and all possible slaying of unique creatures! These slaying events have always been my favorite part of the game where everyone gathers together hacking and slashing away at these ungodly fiends and would like to be considered for any future public slaying events please. The point of this forum post is to start a specific tab where public slaying events can be posted so everyone that can handle it or want to join the crowd can easily find the location and times of events. Thank you in advance and good luck all!
  3. don't know if this has been suggested before but what about a... smaller, weaker, cuter, funner, version of dragons. give small amounts of loot (fragments?), group size or less to slay (age?). possibly wingless. can't be tamed or dominated.
  4. Either a full set or enough scale to make 1. Paying 3g for a set or 3.1g for the scale to make 1. Pm me here or ingame
  5. Was at a slaying event recently and thought about the use of a corpse for this unique...okay "very-rare mob". Idea, allow it to be used as a model for a statue creation in which it transfer the age and pic/image of the creature into Marble/Rock/Slate? copy of the creature success being founded on the masonry skill. But this would increase the value of the corpse. Then have the corpse decay in "memory" as it is successfully copied/etched forever into stone. Keeping it simple.
  6. Hey Everyone! This week, devs have continued working on a variety of things. There's less to show this week as most of it was behind the scenes, including some code cleanup and management improvements to the server code, and we hence didn't roll out any client patches this week. Before you read this week's first article, we also have to warn you that this weeks' news may spontaneously combust and/or be quite warm. New Dragon & Drake Types In light of the success of semi-recent changes to unique spawning (meaning that new uniques spawn on all servers at regular intervals, with reduced drops) we've decided to expand the functionality of dragons and drakes. There will be a red, black, white, green and a new blue version of both drakes and dragons, each with their own drake or scale type of armour material drop. It'll be quite the challenge at first to make one of the new armour sets with how small the drops are, but we hope it'll be one that adds both more variety to armour and more late-game things to try and do. Steel Items Looks This week, the art team have also been working on giving steel items and armour their own look. The darker tint in the screenshot below shows what we're going for, and will eventually end up on most steel items ranging from horse armour to plate armour, differentiating the stronger metal from its iron counterpart. Village Planner Progress Last week we told you about the new village plan export system that we're working on, that will allow you to export a plan of a deed to a 3rd party planning program like Warlander's Deed Planner 2. It's looking good, and below is a picture of a Wurmian hillside that was successfully exported from the game to the program, with 3D terrain and trees! Eventually, it will even export all floors and design features of buildings. Permissions Tich is still working away on her permissions overhaul, and this week asked for feedback on the permissions associated with vehicles. Screenshot of the Week This week's screenshot is of Devily's Wyvern Castle. We love its design and how it's nestled away in a secret-looking valley! That concludes this week's news. I would stay to chat, but I'm really worried that the new blue dragon is going to take advantage of what's a very rare summer's day here in the UK and swoop from the sky with its camoflage to steal my cheese. No chance! *scurries away to hide all the cheddar*
  7. Hey all! This week we've got more encouraging progress updates on the in-game Village Plan Viewer tool, which will allow you to both view a plan of your deed from in-game and export a plan to the 3rd party DeedPlanner program. Other than that, most of this week's other work was either behind the scenes again or stuff you've already seen, like the new dragons that went live on Monday. Rawr! The Week in Patch Notes The most significant patch this week was the implementation of the new types of dragon and hatchling. We also increased the loot dropped by them and implemented a 'pool' system to try and make scale/drake piece distribution fairer. We may tweak unique drops further at a later date depending on feedback - keep it coming! 31/8/15Fix for some creatures not moving in to attack properlyFixed an issue where some merchant contracts could not be moved between servers 2/9/15Dragon scale and hide loot amounts were increased on non-pvp servers.There is now a pool for distributing dragon scale and hide pieces reserved for the more enabled characters with higher fight skill or characteristics and priests. Other players will still receive from the smaller pool and all players will receive blood as usual.Unique meat is now protected from butchering.Uniques should now bash mine doors more properly (was a bug).A bug with Mine Door permissions remaining after destruction was fixed. 3/9/15More work on tower guards to make them more responsive towards conquering.Miscommunication led to Chaos being excluded from the increased loot yesterday. Fixed. Village Plan View More work has gone towards the new village planning view this week, and barely an hour ago at the time of posting, Warlander successfully exported a deed to the 3rd party DeedPlanner program - which now includes details like buildings and fences! The only thing missing now is bridges, which aren't currently a feature in DeedPlanner anyway so can't be exported to. Bridges may not make it to the release version of the plan viewer, since it'd require quite a bit of work to DeedPlanner first to even make them viewable in a useful way in an export. Spot the difference? In addition, more work has gone into the in-game viewer from Tich, like an overlay to show which tiles are underwater and a tooltip on mouseover to show what each type of tile is. Permissions Tich also continued to work on the new permissions system this week. Below are examples of the proposed new building and deed permissions screens, and you can click here to give feedback on her proposed improvements to the deed permissions system. Tich sure wasn't lying when she said she wanted to "completely overhaul the game's entire permissions system" a few months ago... keep up the good work! Bandage Display Lastly for dev news is a small change to the way that wounds will be displayed. Bandaged wounds will be shown last! Which ought to help in stressful situations when you have to heal after you get attacked by that pesky aged troll. Screeenshot of the Week This week's screenshot was taken by Keenan, of a little project by Jakerivers, Whiterose and Rodney at Azkaban on Chaos. Apparently, "build a bridge between your two houses and put a pub on it" was a joke at first, but then they made it into reality! It's certainly the most... alcoholic example of what you can do with bridges we've seen! That concludes this week's news. Are you looking forward to the village planner? I am!
  8. And theres some odd ones... Some of these I dont even recall being a thing.
  9. can anything be done about the trapping of dragon's in a mine ? thought the spawn increase was to help the community host dragon slayings not to harvest them all away for just a few to kill..seems to be one on release server , one stuck in a mine =\ caN THIS be looked into , thanks also
  10. pretty sure there was a thread already in suggestions, but search fails me it's dumb, remove it
  11. As of the time of this post, I've played (lived in) Wurm Online for 6+ years. One thing that always happens is the over development of "Pristine" lands. Shorelines become paved and square, man-made islands dot the lakes and oceans, roads pop up like varicose veins, and the "natural" slopes become level jagged peaks that once held now abandoned settlements. I believe its one of the reasons people want new servers created. That and the chance to hunt down and kill one of the special monsters "uniques". (Dragons, Giants, etc) I've always jokingly referred to it as "The Nothing" Yes, finding that old abandoned settlement in the middle of nowhere is great. However finding the land horribly misshapen in greater degrees as you get closer to the spawn location is not. I suggest reserving large patches of areas (large deeds) as National Parks that would be controlled by your staff (GM's, Developers, etc). These lands would only be developed VERY minimally. (Road to and from, with an area for your staff to live. Like ranger stations) Guards (both spirit and tower) would not be allowed. Access to shelter buildings would also not be allowed. (Making the hunt harder) All special monsters "uniques" would be set to spawn in each of these locations (at very slow re-spawn rates). I'm thinking at least a month between spawns. Note: Academies are fantastic settlements that offer guidance and support to new players. The area around the new player starting location should be a "National Park" and could be maintained by those academies. (Deed should be held by a GM and guards would be permitted here for new player protection.) This could be implemented on new servers in the future. (Current servers could be left as is) Doing so would allow the change to require Dragon Hide to improve Dragon armor on the newer servers while leaving it as is on the existing servers. It of course could also be implemented on existing servers, however current Dragon Armor should be exempt from that change. (People spent a lot of money on them for their current mechanics and as such should not be changed) I believe the mechanics described above would improve our experiences in game considerably. Tuanta, aka Faetyl, Malyk, Bhutan, Dieb, Taken, Glitch, Tuvok, Wiki
  12. I think it would be nice to see everyone have an = chance at seeing and interacting and handling dragons. A select few comes to a server and kill's off that server resource for self gain and then leaves or simply profits off the killing is wrong on every level. Wrong to the new players whom come to check the game out, wrong to the existing players who pay cash to play the game just as the vets do. Wrong to vets who seek the adventure of killing the creatures and the challenge there of. I feel the dragon should be the most powerful and feared creature in the game and i feel all creatures should have chance at re-spawning on all servers. I feel the dragon should have the ability to cross sea lanes as its means of flight but not actually fly in combat. I feel they should be focused on wealth,as a dragon is described to be attracted to in myth. If your village produces a lot of wealth such as a market might, then that should be an area a dragon would most likely spawn at. A dragon should be a true threat and very hard to kill as it is from my understanding but even more so. The odds of capturing should be as hard. To the victor of being a dragon slayer or keeper the rewards should be there. But these creatures need to re-spawn to be fare to all even those who killed the ones that did exist these creatures need to re-spawn. So dragon slayers can have the opportunity to use there titles for more then a story time tale how it once was.Dragon slayers should be sought after and should be depended on. In the freedom isle servers Dragons should be the main threat. Sense these servers are not PVP servers they should be the main hostility and challenge. This would end any gripe of not having a dragon or not being able to obtain one. In fact the creature may actually be hated if this change was possible if its abilities was updated and allowed to burn a village down it might change the view of dragons to a small degree or two and bring a sense of challenge to the freedom servers. Imagine coming online to see your village burned down because a Dragon appeared decided to stay a while, Forum would light up with requests for dragon slayers. Oh boy wouldn't that be fun and bring a whole new meaning to the achievement of Dragon Slayer. Food for thought i seriously doubt any DEV or Rolf would listen to reason on the idea. But i am a new player so what would i know.
  13. I understand that this game is still in beta but after it become a fully running game the dragons should be brought back foor new members to that join to be able enjoy just like the people that have not seen a dragon I would be very unhappy if I dont get to see a dragon on this game and so will new comers to this game that come into this game seeing a dragon on the main screen and then finding out they have all been killed off :( :( :( :(