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Found 3 results

  1. DRAGON SHORE I am pleased to announce that Dragon Shore is now ready for our first citizen. Located at R 22 on Xanadu, we are now looking to recruit a Fo Priest or Priest-To-Be to join us on deed. On a currently 100x130 sized deed, we are looking to create a city dedicated to different deities in different districts. Having started with Fo, we are now far enough in the building process to be able to provide residential and private space to our first member. Current Roster: Mayor: Mirabloodarc (Yldrania) Citizens: Birdwatcher (Lead Construction Worker) UlrichFowler (Trial Member) Alliance: Blood Imperium Allied Deeds: Feywood Landing (R 23) What We Offer: 1x5 Tile Stone House with Thatched Roof and Stone Slab Floor Any furniture you like will be provided upon request. The house is locked and nobody except for you and the mayor can enter. 4x5 Tile private garden for your personal use, surrounded by medium height cedar hedges. (Writs must be given to the mayor if you wish to build extra housing.) Personal gold altar in the center of your garden Livestock available for grooming, we gladly provide you with horses to start your own line. Fields available for farming. Great location for trading. We gladly provide you with any space or resources you need to begin your own trade. You may bring any alts you wish into the deed in order to get a full experience. They will however need to share your housing. Community forums (obligatory) and a community teamspeak3 server (optional). What We Require: Contribution of 1S / Month to the deed upkeep. Everyone takes care of their personal property, so the upkeep of your own house and garden is your responsibility. We gladly prune the hedge fences for you upon request though. Regular activity, meaning at least an hour of playtime every second day. Registration on our community forums. You must be a Fo priest or look to become one on at least one of your characters, which will be considered your main toon within the village. Why We Are Looking For A Fo Priest Only: The reason for this is simple. My main character in the village, Mirabloodarc, is a Fo priest and I am responsible for the upkeep of all the livestock and fields within the village. Apart from the fact that I am looking for some support with the grooming and farming, I would like to have a Fo priest in the village to jump in for me when I can not be there, to keep the breeding going, and to discuss priest details with. I am looking to create a deed based on a design of different deity districts on a currently 100x130 sized deed, and Fo is the district I decided to start with - obviously because I happen to be a priest of that god. This is why the first official new resident of my deed should be a Fo priest. In the future, there will be space for non-religious villagers, but for now the only house completely ready for a resident is the Fo Priest Den, which is currently empty. If You Are Interested... ... please get in touch with Yldrania here on the Wurm forums, or post a reply in the Village Board (link underneath) on our community forums, in order to be contacted by either Birdwatcher or me, in order to figure out if this village is the right place for you, and to get you to us if it happens to be. Keep in mind that we are looking for a PERMANENT RESIDENT, and not somebody who will leave the village once his priest is levelled up. Community Forums: Village Board:
  2. Power Contents DS Stables DS Smithy DS Bulk Goods DS Merchant DS Services Magic Contents Tosiek Priest Services Current Schedule: We currently take orders. Orders that are marked IN PROGRESS are on schedule before yours. We do not name our customers, but are willing to ask them for permission to be named if you are interested in hearing. 1.) 5k Bricks & 5k Mortar in Large Crates + Delivery. -> IN PROGRESS 2.) Corbita + Delivery. -> DELIVERY PENDING 3.) Corbita + 10 Small Raft + Delivery. -> DELIVERY PENDING 4.) 5k Bricks & 5k Mortar -> SCHEDULED START: Tuesday, April 28th. Delivery Details: We will deliver anywhere on Freedom except Chaos. COD is possible with every COD-able item. Depending on your location, there are small travel fees. they are reviewable in the following table. Xanadu South: Free Xanadu North or Inland: 0.5-1 Silver Any Other Server: 1 Silver Policy: Pricing on everythingis debatable and can be discussed with us via PM with me. POWER 01. - Dragon Shore Stables We are happy to announce that our Fo Priest has been able to start breeding horses. We are working on our own Speed Breed as well as a special War Breed. Currently, the horses we have for sale do not represent our breeding values. They are simply the outcasts we do not wish to breed with due to color preferences, or traits we do not breed for. None of the horses we sell have bad traits. Our breeding values: Color: Black Color: White Speed Traits War Traits Our Pricing: We charge 10 C for a horse, then another 10 C for every speed/war trait. We do not charge for positive traits that do not belong to the category of the horse. Other Details: We currently sell horses of any age. Horses of old age are cheaper than young ones, and always come with a carer. That means that as long as the horse lives, one of us will care for it to ensure it lives as long as possible. Current Horses: I need to have the priest look at the young foal before I can update this post with the exact price on it. 02. - Dragon Shore Smithy We happily announce that our blacksmith has now reached 93 blacksmithing skill, and we are therefore able to provide the first smithy items for you! The Price is always in Silver. Quality ANY means that we will simply create without improving, but will improve on demand without a change of price. 03. - Dragon Shore Bulk Goods, Carpentry & Shipyard While working on our own deed, we have decided that making bulk goods might be a good way to meet new people and improve our budget. Here is what we offer. We can currently not provide ores we haven't uncovered in our mines yet! EDIT: We also sell planks for 2 S / 1000. 04. - Dragon Shore Merchant Currently on a separate post: 05. - Dragon Shore Services Our workers are always willing to travel to help you complete work on your own deed. We travel to any server on the Freedom Cluster except Chaos. We will help you with anything you need for a price we can discuss in private depending on your needs. We will build your houses, flatten your ground, set up your walls or fences, or do whatever else you have in mind to help your settlement towards completion. MAGIC 1 - Tosiek Priest Services Our Tosiek priest Iamgod is ready and at your service, currently on Deliverance. We do not charge for conversions! Read more here: Our Team: Countess: Mayor + Tosiek Priest (Iamgod) Yldrania: Fo Priest (Mirabloodarc) Alexliltoe: Deliverer & Worker Birdwatcher: Worker For any questions, requests or anything else please pass me a PM or reply to this thread and I will get back to you via PM.
  3. Welcome to Dragon Shore Dragon Shore is the port of Dragon Forest, and thus, they are the same village. Every villager in our village are citizens of Dragon Forest, but they have same rights in both deeds and they can choose where they want to live. This can be changed when wanted. Dragon Shore is a big port at southeast Deliverance, located at 45X 30Y in the community map. ( We also have big alliance, and there is pretty much always someone on. The alliance deeds are mostly near Dragon Forest. The port has a big mine with few iron veins and lots of zinc, and it's surrounded by forest. We should have anything you need for skilling, living, creating, earning money and enjoying the game. Our village focuses on village projects and material sharing, so pretty much anything is public for villagers. Of course, everyone gets their own house (normally 2x3+2 tiles) which they can decorate how they want it. Also, it's possible to build second floor. Our port is still under construction, as you can see from the pictures. We are working with it all the time, and every villager is free to make plans and affect how we build it. We will offer: Our village has lots of resources, and villagers are free to use them all. We keep almost anything public, so everyone can use them. Of course, this doesn't affect your personal stuff. Our village supports new villagers via tools, house and equipment they would need. (We may not give you the highest QL tools possible, but tools which will do.) You are pretty free to do what you want, i.e. skill or hunt, but we still want that you work with other villagers and take part to community projects. We do have active people, if not anybody else, I (Dragonmob) will play almost every day in the week. We will have community events, though the more people, the better. We have two deeds to live at and use We will demand: You must be active player, we do not want to invite peple who logs on once a week. Also, we do not want to recruit someone who will quit. Think twice that do you like the game, and do you want to be part of a village. You must accept the rules. You should be okay to play and work even if there aren't any others villagers online atm. You should be able to be on somewhere at 15:00 - 21:00 CET time. You must speak english. You should be okay to do work, and take part to community projects. (If you aren't, Wurm is not the game for you.) Here are some pictures from the port This is from northern entrance of the port, the first layer (left area is unused for now, new player housing is at right) Here is the new player housing a bit closer This is the second layer, which has elder housing, token, port Centre and farm with farmhouse Here you can see the eastern port area with marketplace The view of the port So many BSBs and some of our ships. Southern entrance of marketplace The western port area is unused now, it's going to be worked with soon though. Information about joining and rules WE ARE ALWAYS RECRUITING Before you join, you must fulfil our demans, and accept the rules. We will also ask few questions about you when you contact us. We prefer skilled and experienced players, but newbies are most welcome to our village too. We will give you basic knowledge of the game if you don't know all of it and you will get tools and great community here to get used to the game. If you want more information about village, joining, or anything else, you can pm me ingame (Dragonmob), send pm forum message, or post it to this topic. RULES Do not grief. Do not steal, cheat or anything else which would harm our village or villagers. You must obey the command of mayor. Breaking the rules will lead to kick, or even KoS, if you have made serious damage. JOINING You can ask for joining in the same way you can ask questions. (Ingame pm Dragonmob, forum pm or replay to this thread.) When you contact us, you could tell few things about you (what kind of wurmian you are), and how experieced you are. The great village of Dragon Forest and Dragon Shore is waiting for you. Are you brave enough to enter the village of Dragon?