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Found 27 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have a total of 1.68 kg of scale for sale. Can buy them all or by the individual chunks above. Prices is at 2.25s per 0.01 Cheers, ~Ssmokes
  2. Green Dragon Blood - 1s 25c Sold Green Dragon Scales 0.025 - 1s 50c Sold Rare rope tool - 2s Sold
  3. Hello everyone and welcome to another one of my auctions! Today I'd like to auction off 1.636kg of dragon scale 6 different pieces: Black Dragon Scales 0.277KG *3 Red Dragon Scales 0.182 *1 Blue Dragon Scale 0.127KG *1 Blue Dragon Scale 0.496KG *1 Total of 1.636KG of scale. Starting bid: 2.5 Gold Increment (minimum): 5s Reserve: NONE Buyout: 6.5g Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Not accepted Once the auction ends, I will ship the scale via mailbox in a backpack, unless the buyer wants it combined. When bidding, please also note which character to ship the item to. Happy Bidding!
  4. WTB dragon scale set currently located in Laithlind SW of Greymead willing to buy outright with Silver or trade ingame services for.
  5. Ever wanted to make a set with your own signature? Well, now you have a chance to do it! 0.45s / 0.01kg
  6. Selling the below scale pieces, at the fixed price of 50s/kg: green scale, 0.147 kgs, 7.35s green scale, 0.147 kgs, 7.35s green scale, 0.368 kgs, 18.4s green scale, 0.368 kgs, 18.4s black scale, 0.123 kgs, 6.15s black scale, 0.123 kgs, 6.15s black scale, 0.415 kgs, 20.75s black scale, 0.415 kgs, 20.75s black scale, 0.415 kgs, 20.75s black scale, 0.415 kgs, 20.75s white scale, 0.197 kgs, 9.85s white scale, 0.197 kgs, 9.85s white scale, 0.197 kgs, 9.85s white scale, 0.197 kgs, 9.85s white scale, 0.197 kgs, 9.85s white scale, 0.197 kgs, 9.85s COD costs included in the price. PM Jaz or Zaj ingame or here, or reply here please.
  7. Drake hide I need 0.40kg maximum. Dragon Scale 3.60 kg for now. PM your offers per 0.01kg or for the entire weight needed if you have Also willing to buy Black Drake Hide Cap.
  8. WTS blue dragon scale 0,44kg - 24s, troll mask - 3s 1x pumpkin shoulder pad - 50c/each, Ebonaura wagon - 10s, 72ql oil of the blacksmith - 1s
  9. Buying scale, all colors. PM me with what you got and price.
  10. Blue dragon scale leather 0.25kg 12.5s Blue dragon hatchling drake hide leather 0.20kg 8s
  11. Selling 0.70kg Green Dragon Scale for 35 silver. Will throw in the blood. Please contact Amantnovi in game, Amantnovi in forums or leave me a message on here. Thanks!
  12. 7 day auction. Starting bid 200 euro 1 Euro increments. 2 hour sniper protection private bids allowed and the auction may end early for the right offer. Rare Jacket - 89ql 85 aosp Sleeve 90ql 81 aosp glove 91ql 74 aosp boot 90ql 77 aosp pants 88ql 82 aosp boots 90ql 75 aosp glove 91al 72 aosp sleep 90ql 93 aosp great helm seryll 90ql 60 aosp
  13. Looking to buy dragon scale pieces, any color, at 50c/0.01kg. Pm please.
  14. #1 - 2.5s #2 - 3s #3 - 1.7s #4&#5 - 1.7s each or 3s for pair #6 - 4.2s (0,073)
  15. WTT my Dragon Scale pieces for your Drake Hide pieces PM me your offers please.
  16. Paying 50c per 0.01kg any colour dragon scale. You can get better deal for higher amount. (just pm)
  17. Auctioning a white dragon scale jacket Starting Bid - 75 s Bid Increments - 5 s No reserve 1 hour Sniper
  18. Either a full set or enough scale to make 1. Paying 3g for a set or 3.1g for the scale to make 1. Pm me here or ingame
  19. Hey looking to maybe sell my red dragon scale set .. as is or I can have it imped for free .. Set price is 275EUR
  20. If you have the necessary raw materials to make a scale set, but lack the plate smithing skill, let me know. I will create the armour set for you from your raw scale at no cost, beyond CoD backwards and forwards. I'll also optionally imp the set to 70 as part of the deal. I can do 80 or 90 ql imps for a small charge if desired. You need minimum 5.8kg of scale to make a set, colour doesn't matter (as the colours can be combined into each other). You do need at least one piece of whatever colour you need. If you don't have enought for a full set, I'm happy to make pieces as you have the material available - I will return any unused scraps along with the armour pieces. You can contact me via PM here or in-game (same name).
  21. Looking to purchase blue Dragon scales (Blue Dragon just slayed on Exodus) Scale - 50c/0.01kg COD to Bramson Thank you.
  22. This Black Drake Armor set is all over 80 ql and has Aura of Shared pain cast on each piece. Selling for 200 silver in game or 200 dollars to pay pal. You can message Plater in game for details.
  23. SOLD

    For Sale: 0.13 scale - 6.5s 0.13 scale - 6.5s Kyklops blood - 2s Kyklops blood - 2s Oil of weapon smith 86.4 ql - 3sOil of weapon smith 79.99 ql - 2.5sOil of weapon smith 82.5 ql - 3sOil of weapon smith 68.55 - 2.2s