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Found 14 results

  1. Deliverance kicked me out and that was the orange message in game and pop up message on exit. Update: Exodus also offline
  2. .... what are you doing meanwhile? I happened to get myself sick at the same night Wurm went down. Been in fever the whole day so been sleeping almost whole day. Well spent time. Fortunately, not too annoyed yet for the current Wurm situation, since I have slept the most time over. How about you folks, what has happened when you are forced to break your Wurm routines?
  3. Hey Deli -- not responsive... refresh/connecting... I want to make sure it's not just me.
  4. I keep erasing what I was writing in chat by accidentally pressing the down key. I would either like to see this function gone, or an option to turn it off, please.
  5. In the headless server, you can enter 'shutdown' to tell the server to go down, but it doesn't seem you can tell it how long to wait or have it send a message to the event tab as you can with the gui. Has anyone managed to get around this or figured out how to get it to function? Thanks! -Llurendt
  6. Okay since we have not gotten any news and i was not in-game long enough to have seen any messages broadcast if there were any so i have to ask... Why were the forums down last night?
  7. I do not know if this is another DDOS attack or just bad code, but the effects are the same. The truth is that it has become beyond bearable. Normally I can be patient with a little issue here or there, but this is beginning to look like either laziness or cheapness. While I know the potential destructiveness of a DDOS attack, even the best ones can't keep a site down this long and this often unless you are simply doing NOTHING to fight it. Even my own little ISP provides protection against DDOS. If your ISP is so lame that they can't manage this, then you need to stop being cheap and get a new ISP. If it is a code issue, then stop making new features and get the game stable. I have not been able to play once all weekend now. One day of premium is not going to replace the 4 days now that this has been going on. Also, I understand that you all are not in our time zones and might be all cuddled up in bed. Well guess what! You are running a full time server and charging people for it. That is right we are PAYING for this game. Therefore you are now full time. Someone needs to be on call and ready to go the second a server goes down. There really is no exception here. Even when I was running a pathetic little MineCraft server, I made a notification system so that I was instantly notified any time the server was down or inaccessible. And I wasn't even charging money for access to the server. The first few times this has happened I understood and was patient with you. But this is the line. If this is a DDOS attack I am incredibly sorry to say, I think the attackers have beaten you miserably. I have no plans to renew any of the premium accounts I pay for, unless I see you have actually done something SERIOUS to fix and prevent these issues.
  8. Um down?? yes or no? I got major not connecting all of a sudden.
  9. God i feel like this is the only thing i post about here...... Anyway im having some sort of network issue when i try to connect to the game, just wondering if its something up with me or anyone else, all the server appear to be online and atleast 20 or so people on them (expect golden valley, still up only like 6 people though)
  10. My suggestion is pretty simple: Add a "sit animation", it could be as simple as making it like a gesture in "loop", doing that gesture would trigger the animation on and off. Any other animation, like walking, fighting, waving, etc. would stop that "sit down" animation loop. This would serve no industrial purpose, but I think it would broaden the chances of interaction with the enviroment. ----------------------------- O ----------------------------------- Another posibility would be that certain items have the "sit down" option in their menu when right clicking them, and the character could "embark" the item, with a sitting down animation, but I recon this would be more complicated to implement than a free sitting animation as a gesture. Maybe even a "sit on ground" animation that you can trigger anywhere.
  11. I am usually a daily premium player, last week the big update was about to happen so I got off my horse and secured him in a friend's pen, after the update several people including myself were unable to access the game and we were told there were about 4 servers down that needed taken care of to fix the problem and to simply wait the time out, so we did; apparently that was done successfully and most if not all people that were having the incomplete downloads could now enter the game by the end of that day Sat. 21st Sept. 2013, except for me. *my inability to access the game seemed to me to start before that time, maybe Thursday or Friday, and I assumed they had just been waiting it out as I was doing, before making a report, but maybe theirs started on Saturday the 1st day of their reporting the problem. I play on Deliverance use Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 have no error messages to report simply keep finding the download not fully getting finished I have turned the computer off twice... My computer manufacturer is Sony Electronics Inc. VAIO computer Model Processor: IntelĀ® Core i7 CPU Q720 @ 1.60GHz 1.60 GHz Installed Memory (RAM): 4.00GB System Type: 64-bit Operating System NVIDIA GPU-based Graphics Card To date... I am still getting incomplete downloads so that the Play button never lights up. It downloads to different places... sometimes 80% sometimes 97% etc. Tell me what else I need to offer to help solve this problem and how to find it thanks. Yours, Gemfinder
  12. And Indy just crashed wholesale at 06:55 UTC... Good excuse to go get some sleep. Cheers! Hughmongus
  13. TODAY WE SHALL PLAY A GAME! A GAME OF FUNNY PICTURES!! HOW THIS WORKS!!! POST FUNNY PICTURES!!! LAUGH!!!! POST MORE!!! (all form of Media permitted with funniess included)
  14. I Know I am Probably Going to get 100 messages about how this can not be done in a Effective way but bare with me. In the last week I have Seen the log in Server go down for hours. It seems that random people can reconnect at random times, same with the Dc. Seeing as how this can fall with in A lot of peoples prime time play time, It a big issue. I Think some sort of compensation is in order. Now at this point I'm gunna have people Saying stuff like "What if they're not on the day, then They're not effected. Well I for one Play this game At least for 2 hours a day while premium, If that 2 hour period happened to be the same 2 hours the server is down, I miss out on a chance to advance my character, something I am Paying for. Any priest can attest that you need at least an hour and 20 minutes to get your max prays in. If you are only getting on for that allotted time, you still miss the opportunity. Now there's a lot of ways people have thought of compensation. Easiest way I can think of Is add 1 day prem to all prem accounts that are active on the day of down time. Yes, over 1000 Players on means almost 3 years of free prem. But In the long run if it deters people from Rage quitting over a Random DC and Say losing a Second traited horse that day, Why not? Keep the customer happy? eh? This Thread is now open for discussion on this topic, thanks!