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Found 18 results

  1. The main front door of a building (Teeebomb's Tall House) on my deed (Cornersville on Independence) is borked. Appears stuck half open to my client. My alt's client shows the door closed. But in both cases, the door does not open/close and does not provide any cool door opening/closing sounds. This door is borked. The alleged door is highlighted in this screenshot. Other doors on this building work nicely. Others do have door opening/closing sounds and animations. Just this one door... Borked. TeeeBOMB Thanks for your time
  2. I have a single door (wooden door, the north most door on this building on the ground floor) on my building (Teeebomb's Tall House, I am the owner of this building) on deed (Cornersville, I am the mayor) on Indy server that has become a ghost door. It does not swing open or swing closed. It will allow toons w/ permissions to pass thru it. But they get no open/close animation or the sound that usually goes w/ going thru a wooden door. This door has permissions set to it's building. I have tested this on 3 toons. Two of those toons had permission to pass thru the door the 3rd did not. The door did stop the bad toon from passing thru it. The other 2 toons had ghost door effect. All other doors on and off deed in this area work fine. I do get open close animations and the open/close sounds w/ all other doors. Just this one door, borked. I do not have any nearby friends to test this door, but when one of them logs on, I'll ask them do come test this door. I will update this thread if I do get some other person to test this door. I'll also update if the door fixes itself or if some other thing happens relates. Thanks your time ? TeeeBOMB UPDATE: A friend stopped by this morning (2:52pm EST, ok , this afternoon) and checked this door. He witnessed same problem. No animation or sound when he pass thru my ghost door.
  3. Greetings. I have a house (with one door) and a farm shed (with three doors) on my farm. When I open any of those doors from the inside of the building, the sound always plays from the opposite direction of the door. (Door on the west border of a tile, opening sound plays from the east). If I open the doors from the outside of the building, the sound plays from the correct direction. All four of these doors face different directions. I have tried flipping the doors' facing with pliers, but the sound is the same. The door closing sound plays from the correct direction no matter inside or outside. This is the only directional sound bug I can remember, I don't have any general sound issues. This is an old but current bug, and occurs on Windows and Linux clients, at least for me.
  4. We can allow a role to pass gates, but not mine doors. I do a lot of mines and have a lot of mine doors. I'd like more control of those door through the roles in settlement management, rather than having to set all the individual names on each door.
  5. I'd love to be able to right click a gate or door and choose to toggle to the open position, where it will stay, unless an unauthorized person or agro comes within a tile of the gate/door, at which point the gate/door swings shut. I walked out my front door to see my tall gates stuck in the open position and I liked how it looked. Obviously, the graphic should be separate from the actual ability to pass through the gate or door, otherwise, a left open gate might allow bad people to sneak in during a laggy moment.
  6. Heard this 2nd hand, and don't have anything atm to test it out myself.
  7. When you mine out a tile through a double door you can not level the floor tile it gives you the message.. [10:24:34] The plain stone double door is in the way. If we can mine through the doors/arched ways we should be able to level the floor through the door too so when we expand we can get the same height floors.
  8. During a recent PvP encounter, the enemy was going in and out of doorways. If you got too close, you became stuck in the door. You were unable to become unstuck and were "teleporting" repeatedly until you were murdered. Unsure if it's PvP related or if you can just get stuck by getting too close to an open door. To be clear, there was PvP and this happened in a double door. MY repro steps: Ensure that there is a door way that only one account can access Engage in PvP Have the player that has access to the door enter it Have the non-accessed player attempt to continue fighting him by running up against the open door collision Observe stuck *edit* Edited for typos.
  9. I would love a mine door option inside the mine. Can be all the materials that normal mine doors are made from. When it is a stone door, it will perfectly blend with rock walls in the mine, looking exactly like a reinforced wall. If you try to mine it or prospect it, you get the same results as if it were a reinforced wall. Yes, I know we don't have borders to attach it to, so here is my trick... Make them a "plantable" object, that can be pushed/pulled into position. The width is a fraction wider than a normal tile, so you don't see gaps. It sits lower into the ground and higher into the ceiling, to disappear into the rock, for better disguising. Or, make a "snap to" feature when pushing close to a border where it could fit. Got a few other ideas for how it could work, but that is the basics. - hide your special veins - hide your stash of supplies - hide your secret tunnel that leads into your deed Good times! (suggestion for after bugs and performance issues are addressed)
  10. Scenario: You make a new deed over a formerly deeded site. Turns out people logged out there and quit the game for various reasons. After some time goes by, you have your buildings/fences up and locks are in place. Then one or more of those people decide to start playing again and discover they are locked inside your buildings or fences. Would be great if they could just wander out, but not back in again, letting the deed holder maintain security, without trapping the former deed holders.
  11. I find myself taking things to people's houses quite often, and it would be nice to have a way to knock on someone's door that was either an audible sound or a visual indicator (similar to, "A loud click is heard) to alert people that you're outside their door. It gets old having to write in chat, "I'm here". Not loud enough to be distracting, but enough to get the attention of the person at the house.
  12. So i was skimming around the forum and didnt really see this suggestion. I did see some sorta liek this but not exzactly. Here is my idea. I think we should get door management perms for house doors, very similiar to mine doors. I know of a few people who are working on specail projects like INNs and community town hallls. But cant really manage it as they would like. As it stands right now the only think people can do is be added to a Writ of a building. Which gives them access. My idea would be to make them not be able to enter cetin rooms of that building unless they have their name added to the door. Very similar to the mine door. This could help people make single writ buildings and still be able to assign players parts of that building. In fact take this as an example. My current deed has a town hall. In fron of my town hall there is a 2x3 area of nothing but arches. and inside those arches are fences. I use this area for community storage. The only roblem wit this is i have to add them access to my writ to use the items in the arch section of the building. Doing this allows them access to the inside of the house as well, (even if locked) and this i do not want. I could see giving access tio a door by using keys like a gate. But i feel that could get a tad annoying with people losing their keys. So id suggest using thee same System as the Mine door, where u can actually assign a name. Also perhaps adjust the current Writ system so insead of needing them on your friends list. You could just add their name to the writ, like the mine door. In conclusion I feel this would open so many more possibilities for players to customize their deeds more freely and create more creative builds. Maybe even possibilities for like Player owned Rooms of an INN, or whatever. I can see how making it so they control a room can be difficult to adjust. seeing as the writ gives currently access to whole house and not sub sections of it. But allowing door management liek mine doors, You could give as many people access to your writ as you want. BUt certin rooms still wont be able to enter because of the Door lock. I havent played on any PVP server to know how this would affect Lock picking and stuff. But im sure it could be adjusted to allow lock picking to bypass the doors or something. So what are your opinions on this? Give a +1 If you agree. Maybe Devs and GMs will read this and add it soon. Please keep this post flame free.
  13. I am not sure what causes this but my double doors are showing as open at times. It always seems to happen when i come back from a boat trip and up my tunnel entrance to my deed. I think the doors are fine it is only a visual thing and it is only on double doors not single ones but thought i would post about it anyway..
  14. Devs should add casle doors like this one for example: It would greatly enhance the medieval look of Wurm and make "Kingdoms" look like real kingdoms with real castles. Please share your thoughts. Edit: Please if you vote no, explain why...
  15. Logged on today to discover the awning I love so much above my front door is missing.... probably I suppose because walls were updated.... (if the awnings weren't actually supposed to go I will very very gladly take them back.. since the indoor-awning issue was solved long ago..) So, for those of us that really want the awnings.. if we can't just plain ol' have them back.. can we get some sort of replacement that we can build and push into place ?? Otherwise if the awnings were removed for the wall update/expanding update... can the code not already detect when a door is outside or inside and place the awning that way?
  16. This sounds like a good idea particularly for PvP to create stronger buildings but it would also be good for PvE for making a beefier looking wooden wall. I also like the idea of iron rimmed windows, iron for floors and visible iron floor supports for upper floors to give a different look to ceilings. Then to top it off an iron enforced door maybe with a + look of iron bars and then on the borders of the door. I think this would make wooden buildings look nicer.
  17. I'm ok with 20 bricks for a brick wall or 20 planks for a wood wall. And there's 10 bricks for a brick floor or 5 bricks for a brick floor with an opening. That's all ok, I'm cool with that. What makes no sense is 20 bricks for a wall with a door or window. Same with a wood wall with a window. Too much material. Shouldn't a brick wall with a door take maybe 10 bricks with the rest made up of planks for the door? And a brick wall with a window take maybe 15 bricks with a couple planks for the window frame? Maybe a wood wall with a door would be ok with 20 planks. But a wood wall with a window maybe 15 planks. If you are going to reduce the material needed for a floor with an opening be consistent and do the same with walls that have openings. And if you have a brick wall with a wood door or wood window frame include some wood in the material requirements. Just my opinion.
  18. Hey, Im just building a tiny little 2 Floor building, the second floor consist of 2 1x1 towers and a terrace. Now the door of 1 of these lil houses points to the outside as it should as seen here: Now thew other 1x1 tower looks like this : So yeah ... looks slightly awkward, especially the inside. Did I do something wrong? Or is it getting fixed?