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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I thought of this weekend of 3 new suggestions and I decided to sum them up in 1 topic rather than start 3: Graphics displaying grass height - it would be a great visual aid (and would add to the pride of 'seeing' something done) to have a graphical display for all 4 stages of grass on a tile *short, medium, tall, wild* - so if you want you could have a nice short lawn or wild pastures - and to know when you need to cut the grass. In my oppinion it adds to realism A LOT and its only grass...I mean ultimately you could just use the existing texture and shrink it (although I really would prefer separate textures) Ability to control individual doors in houses - right now if you add a lock to a house door and you later on do not want that specific door locked you need to destroy the whole wall...isntead of being able to lock and unlock every door of the house you are holding the writ separately (pretty much like if you want to have parts of your house public and parts of your house private); the code exists already in-game on gates, I just propose an extension to houses Possibility of dragging logs with a horse - it just means that you should be able to ride a horse (or lead it) while the horse is dragging logs on the ground (with a rope system/net trap?) - it should not be hard to code and just improves what a horse can do (not to mention that in those 'times' THAT was the method used by folks to carry logs, and not raising logs to be put in a cart...) Oh and I also decided starting now to start lobbying for improved freedom/non-pvp rules so: 4. The rules on freedom/non-chaos servers should protect the people that want to explore the sandbox side of wurm, punish grieving (as in extend what grieving means, act quicker and with more determination) and have the 90% of the people that CHOSE to play on a non PvP server enjoy the game and not the 10% that are happy grieving in the loopholes of the rules because GMs do nothing about that; because ultimately the rules are there only to insure that the wurm gaming atmosphere remains good and people stay happy - well it fails to do that because grievers do not get punished, the rules are very easy to bend, and the honest players end up needing to move or work repairing something that a griever did or could do Discuss PS. I mean discuss the first 3 suggestions, the 4th is just there because I think my oppinion should be heard (and I am not the only one) TALLYING RESULTS Legend: Pro : +1 Idea is good maybe different implementation: ~~ Con: -1 Suggestion 1 +1 3 ~~ 0 -1 0 Suggestion 2 +1 2 ~~ 1 -1 0 Suggestion 3 +1 1 ~~ 1 -1 1