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Found 15 results

  1. So I was checking out the Wood Scraps thread (Which I should really start doing more), and noticed this nice thread about posting cat pictures. While reading the thread it dawned on me. Why is there no thread for dogs? Dogs are just as cute and deserve a place here to brighten up people's days as well. So please post your dog pics!!! Let's show that thread about cats who the best pet is!!!! This is my dog Milton in his new towel I bought him for the pool! It works super well for drying him off, and the plus side is he can't shake and get the water all over me
  2. Looking to buy some champ dogs to replace the ones that passed away... Pm me on forums or in game as Sugarfoxx w/ price and what you have. greatly appreciated woof woof, looking forward to buying a doggo... or 5
  3. The idea is pretty simple, real life guardian dogs lived with the livestock and were used to guard them against predators, and herding dogs were used to control the herd. What I would like to see in Wurm is a simpler mix of the two, basically, a breed of dog (or any regular dog?) that once tamed could break up pile-ups of livestock on a tile. I.e. there is a large pen with many sheep in it and a tamed sheepdog, 3 sheep end up on the same tile, the dog walks to them and spreads them apart so they don't catch a disease.
  4. I've been trying to find someone on Exodus with female champion dogs who is willing to breed one for me, but no luck so far. I was wondering if anyone has any on other servers? I'm trying to decide if my time will be better spent combing every deed on Exodus or bugging the gms to change the programming so animals can cross servers. If anyone has, let me know!
  5. I'm looking to buy a female champion dog on Exodus. If you have one and are willing to breed another to sell me, let me know!
  6. I was playing around with taming and came to the hard realization that pets are terribly useless and sadly, very weak. Their experience level is stationary and there's absolutely no bonding with them which ultimately leads to them being thrown into pens for visual appeal because that's about all they're useful for. I've played many online games and one of the most popular by FAR things to do in mmo's is to find an animal companion to hunt or fight with. One of the huge positives is being able to train and level them (att/def/str/agl) along with your character making them largely popular with all online games that do similar things. Leather wolf/dog armor AND ability to name your animal would be another huge plus on top which I'm sure many wurmonians would love to see. Dragging a useless identity-less dog around as bait to save your butt is boring and gets tiresome after a time, making them nothing but meat to be hunted like everything else. It will definitely add a realism towards the game as bonding with canines has always been a part of human nature in game and in IRL next to horses. I'm sure this will bring new players to support and play wurm. Please consider this and thank you!
  7. how hard would it be to use a kennel to transport dogs? that way, i don't have to tame, lead, return up the mountain, repeat. Load them into a wagon 10 at a time, or 9 like large crates
  8. So Ive played for alittle while now and I've been looking at this same dog skin for awhile of "dog" what about adding breeds to the game for a multitude of purposes and uses. Such as a German shepard, pitbull, boxer,or other fighting dogs. They get a slightly higher FS then the other dogs. Maybe labs, beagles, brittneys, or hounds for hunting purposes. Maybe the point/bark and deer or phesant to let you know they are close by. Collies, and Shepards for farm use. Just a though instead of just a wierd brown thing. Give a minor increase to animal husbandry or make finding livestock animals easier. Or maybe youd like your bestfriend and companion by you in the game. All just thought and ideas to make the game a more personal/ exciting one.
  9. Ok I'm now only looking for colored dogs other than slow and greenish. I would love to find a raging dog if anyone has one Will pay delivery if you are willing to deliver. I live at House of Pain 63x 41y Or we can work something out on getting them here.PM me in game Bellaamore or Lordlouis thanks!!!
  10. Close this post please I have another open
  11. Judarian Acres is now open! We are located off of the Stigg-Amish highway at at J-43 on Darkmalice's map (http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png) and G-6 on Quiglen's map ( We have self-service pens currently stocked with bulls, cows, deer, bison, and 2-4 speed horses. Soon I will have dogs available as well. Taming is allowed on deed to facilitate access to deer, but you are taming at your own risk! I would recommend reading the taming article in the wiki before attempting this if you are new. As well as keys for the animals pens, the merchant is also stocked with ropes for 2c each and 40ql oaken grooming brushes for 15c each. Here is a list of the current stock available: If you are looking for colors or traits that are not stocked in the pens, please check the Also For Sale tab for my overstock list of horses. My ingame name is Guenivere, please contact me there if you have any questions. Happy breeding!!
  12. Who says animals cannot "care"?
  13. Pickle Island is looking to acquire several random things. You can choose to supply one item, or everything on the list (doubtful). The only rule is all items MUST be Delivered unless mailable.Delivery will be made to Pickle Island (33x,22y) on Independence. If interested in supplying any of these orders pm me here or ingame (brycarnia). Prices listed are MAX I am willing to go, so if you decide to charge that price I may go with a cheaper vendor . - 1 Green Drake Hide Cap. Ql and enchants are non-important but will be paid accordingly. Price is Negotiable. - 1 Pair of Breeding Dogs. While same sex couples are ok in certain aspects, in this case I must receive 1 male and 1 female. Looking to pay no more than 1s for the pair, delivery and special dogs pay extra. - Oakenwood BSB's up to 10 total - 20c each Bulk Goods (price listed is max price I am willing to pay for total amount listed, delivery is paid extra) - 1000 rockshards Avg ql above 50 - 1.5s - 1000 bricks Avg ql above 50 - 2.5s - 500 kg's Bulk Iron - 1s - 200 kg's QL 80+ iron - 2s - up to 10,000 dirt - 1s/1000
  14. Doggies are fairly rare on the Celebration server, but now here's your chance to have two of your own to breed! Starting bid: 1s Minimum increments: 50c Buyout: 10s Reserve: none Auction ends: Monday, January 21st, 8:00pm central time zone (Tuesday, 2:00am GMT) These dogs are located on the southeastern part of the server at Judarian Acres, but the good news is, they can swim! They're the only non-aggros other than horses that can (as far as I know!). Happy bidding, and I can't wait to help more people get their dream Wurm pets! Auction is closed, thank you for bidding!