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Found 9 results

  1. This has probably been suggested before. I think it's possible to make this work, basically terraform a hole in the ground to make a lake or pond. Pave the tiles with clay. Use a survey tool to get all the heights to calculate, using water tiles that are probably already there, the pond/lake will fill eventually. Maybe not instantly, important to have immersion. Docks, simple and I think a lot of people want it, could use pre-existing bridge code to make it work. They would decay faster then bridges. Survey a dock and build it. Wood only.
  2. Not my idea but rather a friend of mine Mikehunt. He was wondering that with how nice the wood bridges look, why can't we have an option to build wooden docks, or any other material that is allowed for regular bridges. This would be a nice alternative to just dumping crates of dirt into the water to build a pier type structure. I imagine you could use the mechanics already found in bridge construction and just have part of the survey/planning done with someone moored out in the water in a rowboat.
  3. I have been thinking about using wooden bridges as jetties instead of the typical dirt docks and came up with this idea in my head, if we could make floating pontoons that act as floating building tiles to connect bridges and even build on water. Perhaps using rafts lashed together some how maybe 4 small srafts and a floor board something like that. It could be push pulled in the same way the siege shields do where they move a whole tile for positioning as it would probably have to snap to the tile borders or tiles to allow building. This would eliminate things like old unused dirt docks from being shipping hazards after they are no longer used or on deed as they would simply decay eventually. and perhaps some limitation on them like they can only be used with rope and wooden bridges for a little realism (a stone bridge would sink a real one so would maybe look a little silly). Just thought I'd throw the idea out there anyway keep up the awesome work devs, loving all the new possibilities
  4. I was thinking about abandoned boats left on people's harbor deeds. It would be nice to have a deed permission check box for village, alliance, kingdom for the ability to moor boats. This will prevent many boats from randomly being moored then abandoned on people's Harbor deeds and keep free the space for regular uses. This will allow better control over space on coastal deeds where people can and cannot put boats. currently you must submit a support ticket to a GM to move a boat off your deed if it encumbers your building process, yet otherwise is free to remain. This saves GM time and prevents many potential hassles and should be rather easy to implement.
  5. (Listing for a friend so pm Onefoxtwoone in game or Onefox on forum with offers or questions.) Wow! "Huntsman Paradise" - a truly great find (more pics below. In case any of the pics are not showing for you, they can also be viewed in the imgur folder Starting bid: 45 silver. (Note, the deed has 38 silvers in upkeep alone...) This deed is all set up and ready to go. Full ocean access with docks, guard tower for protection, several buildings and fully terraformed area, horses and pens, ships and carts...all set up for the new owner. Sail over and go see it. The on deed char, Ginafox, can give tours all through the long Easter weekend as of from tomorrow. Size, upkeep and money in coffers: The deed is 54 by 48 with 38 silver in the coffers. Location and views: With beautiful scenery, the location of the deed, i26 on the in game map, is ideally located for access to either Xanadu in land or sea trade routes, or hop over to Release. The deed is fully fenced. The deed does not come with a deed holder, but there is a char who will hand over all keys and writs to new owner. Clay and sand on deed. Lots of oaks and other trees planted. Mines: On deed: Heaps of iron (poor to very good), utmost copper, marble and tin Off deed (new owner will be shown locations, all easily accessible from deed): More iron (one utmost), zinc (acceptable) and gold (acceptable) Horses Ships, carts and wagons The deed comes with a sailboat, a cog and wagons and cart. Random stuffs All furniture, random items as well as: Come on, take this opportunity to get a fabulous deed on Xanadu!
  6. If you have a great harbour please post some pics here. I am looking for inspiration for a brand new harbour where I can park my ships or have friends park theirs. Thanks!!
  7. Someone had started a thread on collecting pictures of players docks and shipyards, but it was deleted. Would like to start it up again and get some ideas for my docks, please post pictures of your awesome dock areas and any ship building areas you have. thanks! Junk
  8. WTS Deed 20s or best resonable offer. X5, Y14 31 x 37 Deed with 1 Templar Has numerous on and off deed Gold veins. A dock with started dockhouse 12x10 Has animal pen 6 x 3 House 6 x 3 Workshop Off deed farm Tons of maple trees Main House and Workshop Stable area Docks PM Ntxtreme ingame for offers or more information.
  9. WTS Coastal Deed 30x 4y on Deliverance Size: 23 x 31 tiles Prime location, right next to the Indy crossing. Private Iron and Zinc Vein entrance next to the deed and public Silver nearby. Nearby clay. Large forest close by. Land docks terraformed for all boat sizes. Very large boathouse right at water level to drag your boat from the house into the water. Comes with 2 forges and an oven w/ decent ql. Finished Guard Tower next to the deed. Great for builders and farmers, not very developed with lots of flat land. Shallow water for reeds Multiple love tiles on deed Friendly Neighbours. 2+ months of upkeep Asking 15s Respond to the forum, PM me on forums or /tell Griphyth in game