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Found 2 results

  1. Most all of us have probably played an Elder Scrolls game at some point in our lives. We remember seeing in most every house a display case or few. Showing that enchanted Elven longbow or plain Orcish Dagger. Let's get that added to wurm. Line your castles with display cases, show off that loot from chaos/epic. Let noobs awe and wonder at your 739 leather gloves you created when grinding leatherworking. Show off your rare recipe cards! The following image is purely an example of what one could display and has no resemblance to anything a developer would ever add to Wurm Online (fine, Wurm Unlimited too...)
  2. So I'm in the market for a new computer for gaming.. preferrably under 5-10,000 usd. Though 1-2k would be more reasonable of course. Games I plan on playing... Archeage (when its out), Diablo III, League of Legends, Wurm Online. I also Watch movies via Hulu and Like listening to music... Now Obviously I need a system that operates all of these quite well... I want to be able to run on maximum graphics and not lose a beat. Also I typically will run somewhere between 2-4 clients currently of wurm... use to be 8-10... before version1.0 I would like to be able to run 8-10 again... on maximum graphics if that is at all possible on any system... I also tend to run diablo and league of legends in the background... and watch my shows with constant alt tabbing... yes terrible for skill gains on wurm but hey I like to have options at my fingertips Most computers Seem to have the same problem with me running this hard... Fans overheat and stop working. It has to be a laptop as i play in a semi truck. So.... Let the talks commence! What would you guys suggest I look into buying for my 2013 Computer? If it isn't terribly expensive it doesn't have to last too long... 1 year or so... maybe more... if its over 5k I'll plan on using it for atleast 3 years. probably more. =] I use USB for headset/Mouse and Prefer a full keyboard built in but I don't mind using another usb for an external ergonomic keyboard. =] Thanks for your time!