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Found 6 results

  1. I need a Mag priest to disintegrate a reinforced cave wall in an off-deed tile on Newspring Island, Xanadu, s9. Please send message in game or leave reply. Generally on afternoons and evenings, US.
  2. Draygone's Mag Priest Services Strongwall, Disintegrate "Rock Wall" & Mole Senses 1s per cast W/ mag alter at site + saccing items 50c per cast "or trade of goods for services" Disintegrate "Reinforced Rock Wall" Price not set Do to % chance Starting Price 4s W/ mag alter at site + saccing items ** Lower the cost "or trade of goods for services" Sunder price based on job. contact for more info Metal Alter Blessing if you have a blank metal alter "Gold or Silver" i will gladly bless it at No Charge Aura of Shared pain "armor enchant" / Flaming aura "weapon enchant" this service is offered but the price depends on the job and exactly is requested Travel fee I do not charge to travel. tips are welcome "not required" Saccing items "preferred saccing item for mag is door locks 20+ql" "the higher the QL the less door locks needed" What is Strongwall Changes open cave tiles to cave walls or reinforces existing cave walls What is Disintegrate Is used underground to destroy rock tiles. Doesn't work on reinforced tiles or veins. The general rule of Disintegrate is: If it can`t be mined it can`t be Disintegrated. It will cast but normal mining action will happen. What is Mole Senses Smells ores and rock depth. Doesn't work underground. Worked on dirt of depth Depth is Given metres "metres are roughly 10 dirt each If its deeper then 200 dirt it will not be accurate after that point. EXAMPLE "You smell the rock less than 13 metres below you" What is Sunder Sunder is a spell that priests of Magranon that can be used to cause damage to some items. It cannot be used to damage: other people's equipment, forges, ovens, towers, altars, walls, chests, most leather and cloth items, beds, signs, or statues. Does 20% damage to items it can be casted on per cast. this is good for lowering the QL of a tool What is Aura of Shared Pain Aura of Shared Pain makes the item "armor" it is cast upon cause damage to the opponent when the holder is being hit. The spell only is effective if it is cast on an armor piece other than shields. Some unique creatures like dragons are known to resist this spell. The power and effect of the spell is given in the bracket [x] ranging from 1 to 103. The spell reflects .1% of the damage taken per power. 70+ QL is required What is Flaming Aura A weapon with Flaming Aura has a chance to create an additional fire damage wound whenever it does damage. The chance is believed to increase with higher enchant power. The burn wound has damage proportional to the damage dealt up to 1/3 with enchant power 100. Lesser enchants deal a percentage of this, e.g. 25% (effectively 1/12) for enchant power 25.. WILL NOT STACK WITH " Life Transfer, Frostbrand, Venom, Rotting Touch" 70+ QL is required Current stats. 50 channeling / 27 SD "working on it PM me here or ingame "Draygone" willing to trade if you have any questions
  3. Is regular grass just not as long lasting as you need it to be? Are your grazing animals always crying to be fed? With ForeverGrow, you'll never need to worry about your herd again. ForeverGrow is our specialized enchanted discount pricing! It can be installed by either of our trained technicians (named Thorun and Nysandra) or if you're in a hurry, they can both be there to serve you quicker! If you're located anywhere on the Independence server, it's available to you for the low, low price of only 70c per tile! If your pasture is further away, travel is a one-time cost of just 20c! Interested? Contact our coordinator Faeldray either through in-game PM (same character name), forum PM, or by replying below. ForeverGrow - Because no one likes logging on to dead horses. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We've all been there. Someone accidentally created a drop shaft and there's now a dangerous drop in your mine. Or maybe you've opened an old collapsed mine and it looks like Magranon released a meteor shower in there. Or there's that unsightly cave entrance that will just not close up on its own. Never fear, RockSolid is here! RockSolid is our Strongwall casting service, conducted by Thorun the Magranon priest. He has fixed dozens of holes, reinforced whole sections of tunnels, and closed up many an unwanted mine entrance. Each Strongwall is only 1s for the first cast and 75c for each subsequent cast! Provide items to be sacrificed as favor and the price of the subsequent casts drops down to just 50c a piece! Travel is free on Independence and just 20c for any other server. Other Magranon spells are also available. Please contact us for further details. If you'd like to schedule an appointment, contact our coordinator Faeldray either through in-game PM (same character name), forum PM, or by replying below. Got drop shafts? Get RockSolid! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need both Strongwall casts and enchanted grass? Discounts are available for the purchase of both services at the same time! Please contact us for further details.
  4. The changes that Rolf was talking about in irc would allow people to break reinforced tiles with the chance being 1/(100 - cast power). [01:13:56] <Rolf> so if you get a power 50 cast you have 1 in 50 to break the wall [01:14:20] <Rolf> a power 90 cast has 10% chance to be successful See the thread for more information on it.
  5. Looking to advertise my Magranon services again as the forum change ate my last thread. Prices are halved if you provide a near Magranon altar and enough items to sacrifice to cover the favor cost. I can bless a godless metal altar and convert to Magranon follower or priest free of charge. 1s minimum. Consider tipping for 1+ hour travel times. (Independence 47x 6y) Strongwall (1s/50c) - creates rock walls inside caves including cave entrances, or reinforces existing rock walls. Disintegrate (1.5s/75c) - destroys a rock wall in a 1-minute cast. Does not destroy veins, reinforced walls, or rock walls which can't be mined (no refund on unminable wall) Mole Senses (90c/45c) - Detects the depth of rock underneath the tile or border, in intervals of 10 dirt, up to 200 dirt in depth. Leave me a message in-game, per forum PM, or per thread reply.
  6. Image thanks to: Xallo Goodday Wurmians I live in Sloppy Hollow Trading Post. (46x18y on Deli) I am willing to Travel to all other non-PVP maps for larger orders but please support your local mag priest when possible. Know Priest who I can recommend (Prices may differ) Choas: Darthryan aka Accwin. Indi: Deli: Vigilant (SW and MS in the South East), Majesty (SW in the North west), Kaloth(SW in the South East) Exo: Celi: Mag Casts: (read more in post 2) Strongwall 1s under 10 tiles and 70c for each tile over 10 tiles- collapses a mine tile. Note: slopes stay so for 2 messed up corner its 2 to 4 casts Disintegrate 1s20c - For when you can't mine , Note: Does the same as mining forwards and seems like its buggy on tiles to far below water. Mole Sense 80c - Tells you how far down rock is and sometimes prospects too. Selfhealer's demise 50c each - Higher Crit Change against regenerating creatures. (aka trolls) Animal's demise 50c each - Increases the chance to hit animals. Libila's demise / Fo's demise / Vynora's demise 50c each - Higher crit chance against followers <God> - >Rather get Human's demise from a Vyn as it works on all umanoids. (Humans, trolls, goblins and similar.) Note: Due to the Small amount of Mag altars about I offer a Free stone Mag altar with any cast. Please let me Know before hand so I can bring My alt and Mats along (I pre-build them to need 2 bricks and the Bowl) Bigger Jobs will get discount