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Found 12 results

  1. Heal cannot be used on an undamaged player anymore so first jumped off a first story and then cast heal. the tiny wound was gone, but the disease remained. As far as i know heal was the only way to cure disease on player.
  2. Ok, since this is the second time this has happened this way, I figured I'd ask.... Just what are the ways you can catch disease over & above what's on the wiki, if anyone knows? Granted, it's a few months between so not like it's frequent, just curious. This time, I was on my cart so technically (I think) not on same tile as the horses. No other animals anywhere near me and haven't seen a diseased animal for at least a week (rl), longer I think. I was in my cookhouse unloading grapes into the fsbs and had been in the building for at least 10 minutes so not near any animals at all except the 2 pulling the cart. (edit: food level was at 77% and nutrition was 96, water was full) The last time it happened roughly the same way. I don't remember exact details but remember being very puzzled since I was nowhere near any animals at that time either and not near any diseased animals in a very long time. So, is there a randomness where disease can just hit our characters out of the blue, arbitrarily, and for no reason whatsoever? I sure can't think of a single reason I should have caught a disease. Not a huge deal, of course but inquiring minds want to know. Anyone have any reliable info on this?
  3. Recently changes were made to healing so that channeling affects the power. It also appears that the "heal" spell now no longer cures disease. Or, possibly if it does cure disease it requires an extremely high cast power to do so. Please update the disease page so that us poor players won't go around thinking there's a way to cure disease other than fattening yourself above 90% "food" rating and sitting on an enchanted grass tile. broken page: inaccurate info: testing done: I cast "heal" several times with 20 channeling on several diseased characters, none of them were cured. (re-logged in to check for client bugs) I asked in CA help, no one there had heard of a recent disease cure through "heal". I cast "humid drizzle" on diseased characters to be sure that also didn't work. Also note: It seems my characters are also remaining diseased (with diseased text at login) without having the diseased icon showing up or sometimes the icon shows up a few minutes after login. Makes it very difficult to be sure when I am or am not diseased, though I can be sure no heal cast caused the "disease is gone" message. Thanks,
  4. I have 4 horses in a 3x3 area of mostly enchanted grass. All of the horses were on enchanted grass. Yesterday, one lost fat and got diseased. I moved it off by itself. Today, a second lost fat and got diseased. The deed ratio is 25 (15 optimal). We also had 3 die today and 2 yesterday. All of them are on enchanted grass.
  5. In mines, we are often forced into very tight quarters, working on projects. It is a shame to have to have a Fo along, which can't do a thing to help on the project, other than cast humid every 30 min or so, when everyone gets sick. Would love a Mag spell of similar effect, that ONLY works underground. Conversely, I think the Fo spell should only work above ground.
  6. Posting for my friend because she is too upset atm. She got diseased while mining with me and my alt. Per wiki it says keep food above 90% and every 30 min it will reduce in power by 5. (her's was at 18 power) she stood at the beginning town of Newspring in Xanadu for 3 hours.. eating to stay at 99% food and 50% nut. and full water. (she is still new status) She suicided to get to town so that didn't drop the disease. Instead of getting better.. it was getting worse. She went from it saying 1h3min for disease to wear off to 22h3min. And in 3 RL hours of just standing there eating.. it never once dropped below 18 power.. At this time she has now logged off. Sadly a GM was unable to do anything for her. So i'm posting this here for her in hopes no other new person gets this uncurable and according to wiki debilitating disease at it effects skill gain. I don't think having no way other than a priest to cure someone of disease is fair, or good. Especially a new person. Who now feels they must make a new toon just so they can have fun again.
  7. Dear, fix horses AI plz. Any animal in real life knows how to behave in herds. Why do Wurm horses don't do the same? Such grazers as horses should place themselves naturally no more than 2 per 1 tile to prevent diseases. If they have some free space, why woud they group and become ill? Any normal animal (led by instinct) will normally do the same. Just look at this. Lots of grouped horses that are diseased now!
  8. I have a horse that was diseased that I isolated and moved on deed to care for, grooming regularly, and today it showed as no loner diseased on either mousing over the horse or on most events. However, when mounting/dismounting it still refers to the horse as diseased: [16:48:13] You start leading a mature fat huntingraid. [16:48:16] You mount on the Mature diseased Huntingraid as the driver. [16:48:16] You stop leading a mature fat huntingraid. [16:50:44] You leave the Mature diseased Huntingraid. [16:55:50] You start to tend to Mature fat Huntingraid. [16:56:02] You have now tended to Mature fat Huntingraid and he seems pleased. [16:56:16] You target Mature fat Huntingraid. [16:56:30] You are now too far away to Attack Mature fat Huntingraid. [16:56:16] You try to hit a Mature fat Huntingraid. [16:56:20] Mature fat Huntingraid takes no real damage from the hit to the calf of the right foreleg. [16:56:24] You hit Mature fat Huntingraid very lightly in the chest and slap it. -Michael
  9. The player disease mechanic needs to be reviewed (or removed, in my opinion). The implementation is seriously broken currently, in that it's possible to become effectively permanently diseased, in spite of (or regardless of) isolation and micromanaging food/drink/nutrition for hours on end. As for why I think it should be removed entirely, I think implementing something that actively penalizes players for being near other players in a multi-player game is self-defeating if not outright retarded. Skren
  10. As my title states I wouldn't mind getting a cure for disease! It could be an alchemy made item like making healing covers but instead it cures an animal of disease. with the recent changes with animals and the fact that disease will happen more often now, i think this would be great. especially for those living off deed. fight for a cure! o/
  11. Hygiene & Soap idea: Low personal hygiene would increase susceptibility to disease, decrease healing rate, and lower nutritional value of food when cooked or eaten. Bathing or washing with water would increase hygiene and using soap would increase the effectiveness. Hygiene would decrease when performing certain tasks such as digging or mining for instance. Soap would be made by boiling lye with animal fat. The natural substance skill or a soap making skill would be used for this.
  12. The problem I am having is after the last two restarts my dog has kept getting diseased. The first time it became diseased it was probably due to having 3 animals in one pen. After that I put the diseased dog into a pen by itself and had a friend cure the disease with their priest. Since then, after the two restarts, the dog has became diseased again ( the first restart I had a priest cure the dog again, she is still diseased atm). I was able to get a screenshot on the second one of server shutting down within 5 minutes and then once server was back up dog was diseased. It may be a spontaneous problem and difficult to repeat, however I believe the dog, once cured again, will be come diseased upon the next server restart. Let me know any ideas to try and resolve this problem. Thanks