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Found 14 results

  1. Recently I started getting that well known gamer fatigue. After a year playing this game, I started wondering what I kept logging in for. Happens to most gamers I suppose. Everything starts to look the same and you get bored. With console games, most simply start a fresh game from the beginning and just re experience those things that made you fall in love with your game. For us Wurmians? Well there are other servers, or clusters. For me it came in the form of a character I bought. I took my character to Epic with no tools, no weapon, no gear, and went slumming it up with a friend. We had nothing on us, just the skills our characters had. First thing was to get geared, right? So we found an open cave near Strongbox and looted some abandoned stuff. He found a 20ql large axe and a shield, and I found a medium shield and a shovel. Armed with our new found weapons we were chased around by spiders and bears and nearly died twice. Our screams for help to guard towers made the locals wonder what the heck was going on. Eventually we stumbled upon an abandoned deed with some base tools and an outmost vein, so we were able to make weapons, tools and armor from there and get set. Our adventure on Epic had just started. Needless to say this rejuvenated our interest in the game. This is how I did it. How about you? What keeps you toiling on when your interest wanes? How do you revive that feeling for this game we all love?
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome everyone to The Wurm Chronicles! It is my hope that this new development will bring people in the community a little closer together with a stronger bond by allowing us to dig deeper into the lives, attitudes, inspirations and hopes of others by way of good ol' fashion conversation. These interviews are legitimate, and the responses from the interviewees have not been altered by myself, except for the occasional period or question mark where one was intended. Moving forward I hope to interview more staff members as well as players, no matter how popular or unknown they are. I'll keep you all updated on who the next interviewee is when those details become available to me. So, without further ado, sit back and enjoy! --------------------------------------- Index of Interviews --------------------------------------- The next guest for The Wurm Chronicles will be: CA, Zenity! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interview with Head Game Master, Enki! Introduction: Slickshot: Hello Enki, thank you for joining me for this interview and welcome to the first edition of The Wurm Chronicles! Enki: Thank you, I would have been here sooner but I had to make a few "insurance" stops along the way in case this was a trap. Slickshot: I hope that life insurance policy pays well! Let's start with a few basics to warm up shall we? Enki: Alright, just don't ask me about my age and we will get along quite well. Personal Segment: Slickshot: Alright first question; you are indeed Enki right, the real deal, the man himself? Enki: Yes! I am the Enki. That one over there in fact. The one unique Enki amongst several hundred other cyber Enkis. Slickshot: Enkis, plural. Must be a species I've never heard of! Jokes aside, how old are you Enki? Enki: ...Hmmm, how do I answer this... Well, I do not know. Truthfully! I do not. I have been hit by lightning is what I usually tell people who ask me about my age, which is true, though I do not know if I even knew my age when that incident occurred as I cannot recall ever needing to know it to begin with. I can narrow it down some as I was not born during this century and I can be fairly certain I was in fact born in a previous century to this one, assuming I was actually born at all. Which century though is any ones guess. Slickshot: Ok, so you're mysteriously aged. I can dig that. What country do you hail from? Enki: I never really looked, but most of our hail in the United States is imported from China these days. Slickshot: Unfortunately that's true. Hopefully it's safe to assume you're a working man; what kind of work do you do for a living? Enki: I trained myself as a computer technician, unfortunately most of my work involves anything but computers these days which I guess technically makes me a real life jack of all trades. This has had the unfortunate effect of people constantly mistaking me for some kind of genius as people bring me everything from clocks to computers, chainsaws to heavy machinery, and more to repair. No Mr. Musk I am not going to Mars! There are no women over there! No women, no colonizing! Slickshot: Ah a jack of all trades you say? I too, have a variety of work experience, and consider myself a jack as well! In your free time away from work and Wurm Online, do you enjoy any hobbies? Enki: Define 'free time'? Is this one of those fancy foreign phrases? Like I told Rolf when he mentioned this strange thing he had called a 'vacation' , my only dictionary is from 1917 and does not include these particular vernaculars, so all I could do was wish him a speedy recovery. Let's see, hobbies... well, I do try to eat once in a while, and I do have this unfortunate habit of drinking water at least once a day. I even try that sleeping fad everyone keeps talking about, but I must be doing it wrong as I seem to lose track of time when I try and the next thing I know it's time to do more work. As for actual hobbies, I do like to bid on and collect anime. Original anime, not Americanized for children type stuff, but original as the writers and artists intended anime. I would like to collect manga too, but not with these local environmental conditions. Don't laugh... I have found more artistic and social value in the ideas and stories put to anime than that portrayed in the stuff hanging in museums. Slickshot: Nothing wrong with liking classic work. In fact, I believe there are quite a few players in this community who share your love for original anime as well. You fit right in. Alright so we've shed a little bit of light on the mystery behind the man; is there anything else you'd like to share about your life outside of Wurm? Enki: Life outside of Wurm? I have been shot(x2), stabbed(x3), poisoned(x3), paralyzed(x1), electrocuted(x??? lost count), set on fire(x2), hit by lightning(x1), run over(x1), run into(x1), and much much more... Wurm is kind of my Life away from that hell waiting for me outside the door. I live in a strange hellish place called Tornado Alley. Oklahoma to be precise. The tornadoes used to be plenty bad enough, but no, that wasn't good enough for old mother nature, now we got super tornadoes, unholy winds, enough lightning to power the world for centuries, and droughts with temps reaching well over 120F in the fields. It gets even better, this year we get extreme flooding! On top of all of that, below actually, we now have earthquakes gradually climbing in severity. We now get regular quakes over 3.8. I would move, but I really can't think of a more stable place to live. Though that second Earth like planet that astronomers are talking about I might consider depending on the weather...or the women.. Sorry Texans, I know you are suffering just as much as us up here, and sometimes even worse! Oklahoma is a great place to live.(avoid if possible) So yeah, Wurm is more umm..more 'safe' than life outside. Wurm Segment Slickshot: What you're telling me is to avoid being any kind of friend or acquaintance with you because you're bad luck? Good old Tornado Alley is the place to be. I've lived much of my life in Kansas, so I'm familiar with the blatantly ridiculous weather changes. I'm glad you've found safety in the sometimes volatile community of Wurm, and speaking of such...Let's talk a bit more about this wonderful game we all share in common. Are you ready for the hard questions!? Enki: Do I need a lawyer present? Will there be ice-cream if I pass? Slickshot: A lawyer can be provided if necessary. If you pass you won't go to prison, and that's worth about as much as ice cream I believe? When did you first start playing Wurm Online? Enki: I have every log and action from the beginning archived, and according to my archives I began playing in April 2005, though some of my files have dates in 2004, which I think might be in error. Computers were not as smart back then and some even had a hard time keeping time. Slickshot: Oh my you've been here since the beginning! I consider myself a veteran of this game, having started over 6 years ago, so that must make you an ancient elder of the Wurm ways by comparison. And if you had to call one server home, which server would that be? Enki: As a player I would say Chaos. I am a big supporter of PVP and enjoy it a lot, it can be a lot of fun, especially if you are mentally tough enough to accept that you can lose a lot during PVP activity. As a Game Master, I would say Golden Valley. I spend a lot of time running tests and overseeing a lot of background activity from there. Plus it is a good place to be just in case I accidentally ban everyone... again... Slickshot: Oh wow, we could probably have a full interview just talking about the banning incident, but maybe another day we'll get you on record for that. Do you have any fond memories from your early days through the portal? Enki: Well, I think so... Keep in mind, I was hit by lightning during my time in Wurm so my memory is a bit on the hit and miss side. In fact I have been writing a novel about it in order to try and jog my memory. The founding of the first Kyara on one of the beta maps. The raid on The Shroud when the guards were released and chased everyone all over the map for days on end. The introduction of tree types. (that was the hardest I had laughed in a long time).... There are a lot of memories, and I have met a lot of people, and lost a lot of people. A surprising number of people over the years have passed on, and often we built memorials to them. It actually bothers me that I can no longer remember them all. Slickshot: I can only imagine how incredible it is for you to still be here today as part of the community after so much has changed over the years. As mentioned I've been around a long time, but not long enough to have experienced the first tree types. What a laugh that would have been I'm sure! As far as losing people goes, it truly is a sad fact of life. I've had neighbors near Storm's End that have ceased playing in recent years and I've wondered if they moved on with life or passed away. I suppose I'll never know. Sorry for your losses, in any case. With all of your experience and time put-in, surely you have at least one proud achievement you'd like to brag about? No worries, a humble brag is acceptable every now and then. Enki: Oh yes, yes there is... As a player, It was something I worked a long time for over several maps. My arch-nemesis, the first generation arachnids, had conspired against me to make my artifact hunts a virtual living hell, but eventually I became the first person in normal post gold release game play to hold every artifact in my inventory at the same time. In the end it took a team of people to make that happen, and I am thankful for the opportunity they gave me to complete that one task. Once I was chosen by the Moderation team as a team member my ability to play at the level that I could accomplish that task had diminished significantly, but the others from Kyara and other villages made it possible for me to complete it and take a screenshot of the moment. Wurm Staff Segment Slickshot: If you have that screenshot we'd all love to see it, as that is very impressive indeed! Apart from being a player, you're also a staff member. In fact, players probably most often associate you with being the Head Game Master. Would you mind if I poke and prod a little through your history as a staff member serving this community? Enki: I have nothing to hide so I suppose not. In fact I (Classified) with (Redacted) and I often (Censored) with them. Should you find any skeletons in there let me know, I could use a few replacement parts. Slickshot: Ah, so the zombie apocalypse IS coming soon, noted. What was your first staff position for Wurm Online? Enki: My first position as a volunteer was Chat Moderator. In fact my very first action was to have everybody muted. If you gotta make enemies, do it right! Slickshot: Sage wisdom right there, folks. Did it take you long to become the Head Game Master after making many enemies? Enki: I am not sure if it did or not? I think I am the third Head Game Master for the Wurm Online project following Unforgiven and Oracle unless there was another in the alpha stage I did not know about? I no longer remember exactly when I was chosen to succeed as Head Game Master, I do not think it was too long ago, and I am sure Rolf won't be making that mistake again, as I think he mistook me for someone highly intelligent and wise when sadly I was probably just afk, but I am glad I was able to step up when needed by Oracle and Rolf. Slickshot: I do remember Oracle as being the Head GM for quite a while. Regardless of being afk or not, you've done quite well...for the most part anyway. As a community we can sometimes be a bit rough around the edges, but I feel we all have a shared passion for this game that binds us even during periods of frustration. With that being said I can only imagine the kind of stress, as well as joy that comes from being the leader of the GM team and being able to assist the player base. What would you say the experience has been like for you? Enki: Our community here is quite a challenging bunch. Wurm Online itself is an environment dissimilar to any other game and it has its own set of challenges both mechanical and social. Most people will not be able to appreciate just how much we deal with as moderators and masters on a daily basis. This does create a level of stress that may not be present in any other gaming community that I am aware of, but we recognize that Wurm is different and should not be run by the standards of other properties. As Head Game Master I spend most of my time delivering bad news to people rather than the outcomes they hope for, so I do get the brunt of the complaints and verbal abuse. That is simply part of the task that I have volunteered to undertake. I am at the same time impressed by how international and varied our community is. I have encountered people from many walks of life in most countries via Wurm and have had a mostly positive experience when dealing with everyone. As far as joy in the Head Game Master role? Just as there is a satisfying feeling when you accomplish an in game task like building a large structure or massive terraforming project, there is satisfaction in being able to successfully help each person when they need your assistance. I would say the best part of our Game Master role is being able to collate information and see the Developers correct the issues in their patches knowing that we have played a part in getting the issues addressed. As Head Game Master it is really no different, although there is one iota of joy, sick and twisted it may be, when I get to sneak up on some unsuspecting person in a deep dark mine and make myself appear instantly in a flash of fire and light. Some of the reactions can be absolutely priceless! Perhaps unrepeatable in polite society, but priceless. Slickshot: Well it's certainly a relief to know that you're not a maniac with permissions on a power trip, because that could so easily be a major bummer fest. I'll try to keep my eyes peeled for you when I'm lurking about in my mine, but I feel as if the effort would be lost on me, as I usually alt-tab mine.] Without naming any names, do you think you could tell us a short story about one of the more memorable support tickets you've handled? Enki: Memorable? That is a very disturbing way of putting it. We have handled so many issues that it is not easy to choose one. Our tickets have ranged from the normal and informational, to the bizarre and surreal. As a team we are well aware that our community has its normal share of issues on a personal level and sometimes some of the more extreme cases do crop up. From time to time someone will argue that they have mental issues which prevent them from following the adopted rules and should be allowed to continue with their rule breaking behavior. One in particular was spouting racism and told me that there was nothing they could do about it, so I did something about it. Another memorable incident which was actually rather hilarious (you had to be there) was a young player trying to weasel his way out of being banned by claiming his relative did the crime, and he actually kept logging in avatars to pretend to be his own mother, brother, a cousin and so on. In the end it was his lack of networking knowledge that quickly brought about our ban-hammer. There have even been some really disturbed individuals who will go so low as to claim they have committed suicide only to be caught in the lie fairly quickly after. These are issues that do not ever sit well with us and lies and deception towards the moderation team is a very certain way to have us show you the door. Slickshot: It certainly appears as if you've had your hands full over the years directing your team and answering support tickets, as well as dealing with a few crazies here and there. I've seen my fair share of ridiculous behavior, and all I can say is thank God for the ignore feature and support tickets! In recent times we've seen some pretty magnificent - if long awaited - features added to the game that have really solidified Wurm as being quite the exceptional sandbox experience. You've been behind the scenes for quite a while now, but certainly many of these updates have been surprising or exciting for you as well. I'd love to get a few of your own opinions on the recent updates and the features still to come. Enki: Let me start off by stating that when I was first introduced to Wurm Online the game was still not far out of its infancy. Most models were still the infamous '? bags' and a lot of activities were very basic. No gravity, no caves, no spiders, lots of instant death. I was fascinated with watching Rolf and his team develop Wurm. They talked to us players a lot in game and we could watch the progress as things were added and improved. We as players were always providing feedback to the Developers to help them balance things out. Watching Wurm Online develop was always a wonderful draw to me, but it is the challenge of Wurm Online's open world that really kept me hooked all these years. No other game has ever kept my attention like this. That said, Wurm Online is a far far superior property than it was when I began. Even though starting the game is easier now than it used to be, there are so many new features and additions that while it is great for players, it is very stressful and at times overwhelming for us mods as we too must learn how these things work and interact. That leaves us pretty much on the same level as any player when an issue arises. We often do not know the answer immediately, but we will find out as we document the matter for the developers. There is a lot of discovery involved in Wurm Online and that is wonderful in my opinion. For example; long after the addition of the cave system most people overlook some of the basic yet important facts about them that affect the way they behave, surely I am not the only one to have learned of some of their secret behaviors? There are items in game that have functions yet to be discovered. Add to that new features like multi-story structures, and bridges, and Wurm Online evolves into a massive world of creativity and discovery. No person's individual experience is ever really quite the same as another which is a very positive aspect of Wurm Online. Future of Wurm Segment Slickshot: I don't believe I could have said it better myself, bravo. I hope I can speak for us all when I say we, as players, really enjoy the input and opinions of the staff and developers, especially when it comes to improving this game. With all of the numerous minor features and a few major features added to the game recently, would you be able to pick one or two that you really liked the most? Enki: Bridges, hands down it has to be bridges (we have far fewer homeless trolls now), and of course the newer terraforming options. Slickshot: I thought you might say so. Those bridges sure are impressive, and players continue to become more creative with them and use them in unimaginable ways. Do you think the team overall has been quite innovative in their efforts to maintain and produce an even better Wurm Online year after year? Enki: A lot of people try to compare Wurm Online to other game properties and think Wurm has been slow to develop, but if you really look, Wurm has not been that slow in development and at the same time it has not benefited from a large development team like the others. The fact that Wurm Online evolves a lot of features and additions from the suggestions of the players is a big detail that should not be overlooked. In my opinion Wurm Online has continued to improve year after year. We have come through some really rough patches in the past where a vocal part of the community would deride changes, but in the end people would come around and finally realize that it really is much better than it was before the change. Slickshot: Personally, I'm grateful for the continued efforts and updates of the development team. Sure they aren't the most perfect developers in history, but they certainly keep producing results week after week. I've often felt that many players judge an update or feature too quickly without having the necessary facts to form a valid complaint, however the developers keep on plugging away and still manage to give us exactly what we need...most of the time. If there was one idea or project you'd personally like to see implemented in this game, what would it be? Enki: I have a few ideas. I would like to see the basic raft changed into an actual sail-able vessel. Harpoons or nets added to ships for deep sea fishing. The water wheel for some advanced smithing or even more complex food production. Aqueducts powered by waterwheels or animals. I am unsure my ideas would fit well with the overall time period of Wurm Online, but I really would like to see rafts removed as a general storage container and made into a sail-able vessel especially for newer members, even if limited to not being able to cross servers. Slickshot: Those are quite fantastic ideas actually, and many players I'm sure have also had those same concepts in mind. You're right, by the way, rafts are quite silly as they are and definitely fall into the "wogic" department. What is your hope for the future of Wurm Online and its incredibly loyal player base? Enki: My hope for the future of the game is the addition of more discovery. As in new lands and ways to explore and colonize that will enhance the progression and size of the world. Perhaps even some form of rotating temporary access to non standard lands with unique resources that can be harvested and brought to the main lands. I know, that sounds a bit much, but one of the most alluring parts about Wurm Online is being able to explore lands not settled or traveled by others, and some way to maintain that ability would be a real asset for the game in my opinion. Of course I do want to see the player base continue to grow and above all else I like it when our members bring in new blood simply because they enjoy Wurm. Though it would not hurt my feelings any if they recruited just to build the largest kingdoms so they could overwhelm and attack other kingdoms. Conclusion Slickshot: I've often dreamed of truly massive wars taking place between kingdoms. I'm sure that's something we can ALL get behind and support! Thank you very much Enki for giving me your time and patience today. I hope I can speak for everyone when I say how thankful we are to have you as the Head Game Master for Wurm Online. Here's wishing you well in your eagerness to support this community for as long as you are able! Close us out with a personal favorite quote, would ya? Enki: "To get more work done I added more hours to the clock. Unfortunately, it just made time fly by even faster." - Enki (HGM - Wurm Online)
  3. Today I bring you all another controversial point of discussion: name changes. With so many sales, and so many characters changing hands, I wonder why aren't name changes allowed? I suppose reputation would be a thing, but really, once a character changes hands, reputation is meaningless. It's not like I can buy a character, and instantly become the most trusted person on Wurm. Financially speaking, I know a lot of people who would be super excited to be able to sell their characters they are holding onto just because they have their name. Even if Angelklaine was a more powerful character, I would never let it go because that's a name I have been using for many years. Some of us grow attached to a name tag I suppose. Here's what I propose could be a good option: Allow players a name change every 6 months - 1 year. This would prevent or reduce the chance of people swapping names on the fly to avoid consequences, such as on deed thefts, betrayals, etc. while still allowing those who buy accounts to change the names. Give every character an Unique ID number that is publicly visible. Same reason as above. People would be able to attach the Unique ID to the perpetrator. Put an real world currency cost to the name change. Paying Euros for the name change would cover the costs of extra work on the GMs. For reference, other games charge something in the vicinity of 20e for this service. Or make it automated with an in game item sold by a trader, then add a debuff that prevents you from using it for the amount of time specified. Limit the name changes to a lifetime amount. If you feel there is a problem with account hoppers, then limit it. 3 changes lifetime and done. I can't think for a reason to do this but there it is. What do you think? Please comment below with your opinions, thoughts or ideas.
  4. Guys, I think I have a problem. I am addicted to this game. So much that whenever I am at work I troll the forums looking for threads to participate in. I realized the problem is the lack of community, not in a cultural sense but in a quantity one. I am used to large communities. My EVE corporation houses over 4000 accounts, and my alliance has nearly 20,000 with about 9000 individual real players. There is always someone to talk to, and someone to hang out with or something to do. Here I often find myself alone, sitting on my own discord, with no one to talk to. Does anyone here feel that way? How do you deal with your solitude in Celebration? Give your thoughts below, and help me deal with this nagging feeling of being alone.
  5. As of now, theres less than a week to go until the 10th birthday of Wurm Online which is supposed to bring the new and highly anticipated new renderer which is already running on the unstable client for several days now. Many people tried it, encountered a lot of issues, and some of them have been solved. But with the time until the current ETA becoming less and less, id like to hear an opinion of those who tried it whether they think it should make its way into the client stable or be delayed further. While most people in my alliance used to run the unstable client before the new renderer, most of them refuse to touch it at all now, and i think this is no pointless refusal for sure. i myself have been running it pretty much every day since the new renderer went live, and i for one strongly suggest to delay it making its way into the stable client for the time being. why? well, random reconnects, mirrored horses, mirrored players, a number of people not being able to even start up the client at all, opening a bigger number of bsbs/crates leads to crashes. i could continue this list for several more points but a quick look at the client bugs section while give a good impression of why i suggest this. while i do enjoy the new light rendering, i think leaving it the way it currently is for an indefinite time is best. the stable client using the old renderer and, for those who dont mind the occasional crash, reconnect and what else might happen, the unstable client offering the new renderer. another point i might see a problem with is news announcing wurms 10th birthday. some people might see it and return, or just want to give it a try. having to bother with problems like not even being able to start up the game at all will probably drive off quite a few of the potential new players. but i still want to hear from other people who used the unstable client. whats your opinion? think the new renderer should go live on the 6th, or be delayed? maybe we could even get a statement from retro about the current plans regarding the full release?
  6. The financial state of Wurm Online has long been a topic of debate and discussion among players. We've discussed premium costs, free to play models, and cosmetic items. We've argued about multiple account functions, advertisement, and currency exchange. Some of these discussions have devolved into verbal warfare, but one thing typically holds true no matter the direction of the conversation: as a community most of us love Wurm and want it to thrive. Some suggestions and ideas about the future of Wurm have been thoughtful and motivating, while others have been erroneous and unrealistic. We all have different ideas with where Wurm should be heading, and the path it will take to get there. Amidst our differences; however, one simple fact remains true: as a community most of us love Wurm and want it to thrive. This isn't to say that it is failing by any means, as we don't have the financial data to support such a claim, but we do want the player count to grow. We have the required components for a well-rounded discussion: an extensive group of varied people and opinions, a passion for something bigger than our individual selves, and a common end-goal. I'm no expert, but this feels like an opportune time to put these components to good use. I'd like to plan a discussion about what money options we see--as players--for the future player growth of Wurm. I specify this as players because while we may be the life-blood of Wurm, we certainly aren't the creators. Respectfully, we have no right to tell the developers what to do with the game they've designed, as it is ultimately up to them where this journey takes us. That being said, I firmly believe we, as a whole, are well educated, well-versed, and experienced enough to create an atmosphere of positive creativity to discuss the continued evolution of something we all love. The discussion I mentioned would take place on IRC, and/or possibly TeamSpeak depending on the feedback garnered in this thread. The atmosphere of this discussion should be surrounded in maturity, friendliness, and most importantly, effective communication; which means listening to the ideas of others just as much as you'd want them to listen to yours. I won't proclaim to be a highly intellectual individual who casts shadows, as many of you are much more educated than myself. To that end I won't limit who can and cannot attend this discussion, as I am the superior to none of you. Everyone is invited. Those that attend are encouraged to offer their own ideas, listen to the suggestions of others, and respond with constructive criticism where they see fit. If you don't have ideas of your own to share then by all means show your support for ideas that you do believe in. I fully understand there will be drama, but I expect civility amidst any dramatic differences of opinions, and hope that we'll maintain a professional and friendly atmosphere to produce growth. However, if there are those that only attend with malicious intent then they will be removed from the discussion to be fair to others who are serious about the topics at hand. By the time we finish the discussion, and hopefully reach an encompassing consensus, we could very well have something of merit and structure. Try not to think too much about the outcome of the discussion, but instead think of the journey getting there. I haven't set a time and date for this discussion, as I'm awaiting feedback to this first before moving forward, but rest assured the plan is to move forward as soon as possible. I have no idea how long this discussion will last (whether it be a couple hours, or a couple weeks), but it will last however long it is desired to continue. Thank you for those who have taken the time to read this entire post, and I'm looking forward to hearing back from you. As a quick request I ask that you DO NOT start a debate here on this thread bringing up your suggestions or ideas for the possible topics of the discussion as that is not the purpose of this thread. Please limit your responses to support for or against having the discussion itself. This thread was designed as a heads-up and to receive a feedback count for what to expect when planning the IRC channel, and I do not want it to devolve into a forum war. With the proper feedback taken into consideration I'll later announce the time, date, and location (IRC/TeamSpeak) of the discussion. Below is a list of possible topics to have in the upcoming discussion. This list is not exhaustive. Please do not discuss these topics in this thread, as we will discuss them at length in the future at another location and add to the list as we go: Premium rates Payment model Upkeep rates Multi-character accounts (subscriptions) Player currency business (silver for money) Cosmetic shop Shop currency exchange rate (silver to euro) A few people have been confused as to the goal of this conversation, so I want to be clear: this is not a pitch to Rolf. This is data collection, research, and understanding of the monetary structure of the game compared to various suggestions that have been kicked around over the years. I do not have financial data for CC, so this will not be about whether they are thriving or not. This will exist to discuss in detail and educate ourselves on the possible benefits and deficits of suggested ideas such as F2P, cash shop, variant premium rates, etc. I hope this has cleared up any confusion.
  7. Okay, after seeing the whole explosion on IRC last night, it seems that weapons are being altered more on people being hit by something new or by opinion, so lets run through logically what weapons should be good at and less proficient with. Pole-arms: More reach - bonus against horses (impaling) and rider {& maybe should reach second floors?} Long and cumbersome - small weapons and close fighting is difficult and incurs a penalty. No shield - hello arrow pin cushion. Two handed - unweildy on a horse, should be penalised. Can reach across between ships - bonus. Slow Huge damage. Low parry 5 against and 3 for it. Medium weapons: Shield Moderate damage Medium speed. Moderate parry No mounted penalty Don't bridge between ships well. No defense penalty against small, huge or pole arms when on the ground. 1 against, 3 for and 3 neutral Small weapons: Shield Smaller damage Faster Parries more Bonus against huge weapons and pole-arms if on the ground and in their ideal range. Bonus on horses, easier to balance. Penalty on ships, almost no reach. Penalty if huge weapons or pole arms are in their perfect range (can't reach them well) 3 against and 5 for it. Huge weapons: Arrow pin-cushion. Slow High damage Low parry Mounted penalty - pulls you off balance using two hands and heavy weapon. Bridges ship gaps okay (neutral) Bonus against small weapons at ideal range. Penalty against small weapons if they are too close. 5 against, 2 for and 1 neutral. Axes - higher damage, low parry Mauls - moderate damage, moderate parry Swords - low damage, high parry. The blunt forte of a sword is a lot of weapon to block with, a mauls head can be thrust in the way to block somewhat. Offensive large weapons put you into a kill or be killed situation. They are heavy and should tired you out more, thus they should require lighter armour or incur further penalties. Small weapons are defensive, you weather the attack and try to exhaust your opponent before going in for the kill. Now you lot can argue the numbers and I will update this post. Edit: Tactics Neutral First bonus of using a formation, is that if a few singular people step up close or run through, they take all the damage of the group in one hit, i.e. SPLAT! Secondly, some of the damage is spread across the defense. Aggressive formation gives you a bonus to attack but penalises your defense (Can your 2 handers punch through those shields before they die to break the formation?) Defensive would be something you do in reaction to an ambush, multiple formations or aggressive ones, if you can with the timer to make one. Obviously, you get defensive bonuses and offensive penalties. Speed reduced. Ambush speed bonus, use a few front ones to take the brunt of the arrows, could rush out of a mine, slaughter some innocents or rush out of a back gate, whip off a few arrows and run back inside. Notes 2 handed fighters get a small defense bonus, so long as they are sandwiched by a shield fighter on each side. Attacks against a formation, the damage falls on the front lines, your shields, then 2 handed fighters, take the arrows protecting the poles, ranged and priests. (There would need to be some facing, three point calculations to make sure they are shooting the priest from behind.) Obviously, poles and melee can all hit the front lines. They can also help heal up the front line. If the front three of an aggressive formation dies, the formation collapses, needs to retreat and reform. If 60% of the shields die in a defensive formation then it collapses. If 50% of the neutral formation dies, it collapses. If the front two of an ambush die, it collapses. Being mounted, damage would be split, maybe 70% to riders and 30% to horses. More poles, more counter to horses, so ratio alters. Weapons determine position, at the time the formation is put together, so, if you want the priest position equip a statuette. If you are a combat priest then have the right weapon. Game mechanics Ships have formations, we can already move in groups that are controlled by a team leader. The shapes are simple, we have collision control from houses. Ultimately, formations would help to reduce the hokey-pokey, put your right foot in, take your left foot out dancing around that we have for "player versus player" combat of today.
  8. Well if you have not seen this post then i suggest first thing you do is go look.. Okay now after seeing this it makes me wonder how secure we are here. We have volunteer staff for just about everything how do we know this will not happen in the future? Not saying anything bad about any of the people but like for instance the website getting reworked is it wise to use a player volunteer to do that work? I would feel safer if Rolf himself was to handle the critical parts of your sites and security and not delegate it out to players.
  9. Hey guys! I feel really bad about creating the probably 9001st Xanadu-Topic. (like, seriously!) When I talked with a few friends of mine(some of them playing, some not) about Xanadu and a new start over there, we came to the conclusion that we probably just move there IF it's a new cluster. I'm talking about no way to move high-skilled players from either of the old clusters across the border, or items for that matter. The reason for that is that in our opinion Wurm is the most fun when everyone has the same chance to accomplish things/establish a business! There's of course the argument "High Skill players mean better tools for cheap for everyone" But what if new players don't want to spend x€ on silver, or grind stone bricks for player y, just to have a chance to be on par? Take a low skilled player and his dream of his own little village in a valley.. then make him travel through village z which features QL90 Forges/Ovens, a 7 story tower and whatnot, a few days/weeks after release. One might get pumped up because he wants to accomplish this too Other people might get frustrated because he'd need months to get there even on a new server. There were a lot more things mentioned in Freedom chat about that, but I want to keep the OP just about MY opinion, please comment your thoughts and why you'd choose either of the options. Greetings, Nachtmahr EDIT: TL;DR: Xanadu, New Cluster, more fun for new players
  10. Hi all, At the beginning of the year, there was an article released which describes the writer's belief in-which a large impact of the change in discussions (especially on the internet) is the change in understanding of the value of expertise on any given subject. Now before anyone assumes otherwise from my posting the link, this is not intended as a slight towards anyone posting on any forum specifically, just looking to get opinions on the point the writer makes. In an age where "sense of entitlement" is considered to be a growing "epidemic", might it be more that the changing way people perceive each other and their experiences is actually the larger issue? We have a level of access to not only information, but each other, that as recently as a decade ago was unthought-of by a vast portion of the world. The younger generations are growing up in a world with such immediate access to information, where the "older" generations are adapting to these changes and many still have "old world" views, so that it might not be a "sense of entitlement" but rather a change in the understanding of expertise's value on a given topic. Thoughts?
  11. It has come to my attention many times, all I've seen through Freedom chat from Independence. Players losing items of fair to greater importance via the "SELL" feature. This feature is a great idea, yes. I can easily earn money now, with slightly limited gains per hour per day so I've heard, as could anyone. But! I am here to express my concern for the safety of the players "Investments" be it time, or of greater importance their monetary investment through the purchase of silver coins, which in turn grant the ability to buy expensive items. I feel there needs to be a protection implemented before more and more players get too stressed and ultimately decide to quit and lose all they worked for because they sold something important. As things are now we do need the protection, 8 seconds to realise your selling an important item is a tight frame- Heck not always do we make the proper click because of mice cords nudging your mouse, ever accidentally click sell and not realise it, when looking at your token options? THIS STUFF HAPPENS! Selling the wrong item isn't always about stupidity, forgetfulness, or just a double click not going through, it's a multitude of things. And the protection has to be there. (I'm pretty sure the GM's wouldn't be happy after my 376th /support if I ever lost something bought silver obtained through $;P ) Why do i say this? Why am I posting my thoughts on the matter? I have a lot of reasons, many I feel would throw me off topic to long. But you would be surprised how simple the protection made for players had been in other games, and could possibly be done on Wurm through simple menu options or other ways. **The actions I've seen done are in game reimbursements/recreation of the item, but not always and only if the logs prove it legit on the servers side. **The more effective efforts I had seen are- Allowing players Lock items making them unsellable, non-trade-able, in Wurms case they'd remain drop-able if you die. **There are a few more methods of protection as well, such as a pop up warning stating the item you are selling may be important, double check immediately and try again. 1 pop up per visit to a "SELL" enabled token or merchant, and repeat the message if time last visited greater than 5minutes. I was just thinking, we could allow the "SELL" to have a trade window and, as per the norm of wurm- We drop the items we want to sell, and if accidentally throw in something we want, at least we can take it out. once the windows closes- the items are deleted. As to not fill up any merchants with garbage. I'll conclude this post here, I said what I could however I can't trail long with these thoughts well, but thats the gist of it. Hope we can get some idea's going and draw some attention to this. It's a great feature it gives us a source of income, and ability to earn that 5c without the need for selling half our cattle stock to a random traveller. But the risks are many. Signed- Meyfei the concerned.
  12. With the popularity of video-cast-blog Servers Are ( the idea of a podcast is up for consideration. Would enjoy listening to a regular Wurm Online-based podcast? Please touch base if you would like to participate in the creation of the podcast! (* In any way! )
  13. To those it may concern, I hope that you are willing to talk. My friend (Novatic) and I (Jadedragovan), had found a little bit of land we were hoping to cultivate to our own uses. We realize it is fairly close to your current territory, as well as near Hope. We're not looking to start any quarrels or trod on anyones toes. We've already been okay'd by Hopeians, even helped with our initial building. We've noticed your very recent extending of your perimeter right up to the small mining shack we've erected. While we do understand that you feel impeaded on, we'd like to assure you we have no intention of extending back further. But with your 'land grab' it really cuts into the small bit of land we had intended on using, which would be more towards the road down by us, not pushing into your area. We even took your settlement into consideration when mining. Aside from a small 2x3 'lobby', we wrapped the tunnels back under the flatland area between the shack and 'Oak Veil Winery'. We are more than willing to talk this over with you, in hopes that you might retract your recent expansion of your perimeter enough to allow us to place down an appropriate sized claim of our own. We're on mostly in the evening/early morning EST and you can talk with either myself or my friend. Again our names are Jadedragovan (myself) and Novatic (my friend), and we hope to work things out and be pleasant neighbors~!