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Found 4 results

  1. we all know that if you disband a deed without preparing for it it takes 24 hours but if you kick out all citizens and resize to minimum sized deed it takes only 1 hour but why? why not just make it always be 1 hour? Edit to respond to comment: when choosing to disband a deed give people the option to do it in 1 hour or 24 hours, so its clear that you have that option if you want it.
  2. This is something I been wanting to bring up. I'm semi new and wasn't sure how the community would react. For some reason it does not seem right to me that when someone's settlement disbands the whole server has to be notified. Within a hour you have several people showing up looting the place. I think it would be better if players had to go out and explore to find run down deeds. This will get players out of their deeds to go for a real treasure hunt. Maybe even make a devise/enchant like my pendulum that will locate disbanded settlements withing a perimeter and withing a certain amount of time after it was disbanded. I've heard of people coming back to nothing but what's in their inventory and this will also give a player a chance to come back and his stuff is still there because no one ever found it! That would be cool. It sucks to see settlements disband but at the same time i don't like that people are waiting like wolves for settlements to go down. Treasure should go to the Indiana Jones of the server.
  3. So Black Legion did not survive the attacks and its last town was drained disbanding the PMK today at around 6p.m. GMT. After PMK disbanded all Black Legion wagons, banners, tall banners became freedom ones, and all the flags became white. I bet some of us are worried whether it will all come back to black legion template, even without an existing PMK, or will stay as it is after disbanding. The kingdom was not 2 days or two months old. It would be nice to keep some history alive and keep items alive after the PMK disbands. Your thought please.
  4. The McMansion

    I would like to know who is the owner of The McMansion on Xanadu located at D10/11. It is a none deeded house next to my deed and I would like to see if the owner can remove it. I will offer 1 silver for its removal please. Aareleb