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Found 7 results

  1. WTH Digger(s) at D12 Xanadu. Paying 1.1s/1k 40 skill+ diggers only! Food, Water & BSB's will be provided! Contact Cigarau or Unclerusty ingame for more details. Thanks!
  2. Hello folks, just started a deed at Xanadu, and since i'm the only one here, i would need some help to terraform these lands, basically, a 12x12 area, so i've decided to search "hired shovels". I don't have tools or shovels, lost my boat too so you will have to bring your own. Post here if you interested and we can talk about prices. PS: during the week i'm pretty busy.
  3. I am looking for a few diggers to flatten my property ShoKo, located at q11 I am paying a silver per 1000 dirt. if questions please contact me Ingame, Huntgrem, HuntersMoon, ShoKo, or Persistence. This is in Xanadu. Thank You
  4. A team of highly skilled diggers looking for large digging jobs. 1 silver per 1k dirt dug, willing to travel cross-server if need be, no job too big. We're here to drain your wallet dry so be a chum and let us dig for you Any queries dont hesitate to contact me.
  5. Short and sweet...Tanelorn is hiring diggers. We will provide you with a BSB and you fill it. We keep the dirt of course. We will pay you 10 iron for each dirt you put in the BSB. Work as little or as much as you want until there is no more money or no more dirt needed to be dug, whichever comes first. Speed or skill is not an issue so all can apply. Please message Harvest in game or on this forum. You may also message Lucard in game only. We have no limit on the number of applicants who can apply so don't delay because once the work is done there is no more. Talk to you soon. Blessings, Harvest
  6. I'm in "need" of some diggers around the village. This is fairly noob friendly as the slopes are not too bad, but you will more than likely need 15 skill in most cases. I am offering 1.5s per BSB filled. You will be paid after each BSB (Your name will be on that BSB). I am located on NE Exo on Lake Olive. Food and a place to stay will be provided if you need. Send me a PM if you are interested. Thanks!
  7. So i'm looking for Diggers to do some terraforming and digging jobs. The place is named Skylit Shore Located at : 20x, 39y in Independence.png map. This job require some dedication, since it's a large project, it will be seperated in small or larger jobs (this is up to your choice ) and will be done by diferent diggers who accept it and will work together. Optional Work Offers 1 x BSB filled - 1.20s. (Looking for 5 people) 2 x BSB filled - 2.40s. (Looking for 5 people) 3 x BSB filled - 3.60s. (Looking for 5 people) 5 x BSB filled - 6s. (Looking for 5 people) As for travel I will pay you 30c as soon as you start digging aka accpet the job and turn up. Details Candidates must have a 50+ Digging QL 40+ Meals & water will be provided during your work; Payments only after you finish your job; The dirt you dig must be stored by yourself in Bulks, provided by us with your own name on it. (I will make the BSB's prior to your arrival.) Post here which of this offers you would like to take and your Digging Skill please! I DO NOT want people to come in and out. If you want to do the job you must stay until it's finished. Everything you need (Meals, water, carts) will be provided! I'd like this work started ASAP.