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Found 16 results

  1. I went into Profile to switch off Dig To Pile as I wanted the clay to go straight into my inventory. I clicked the 'Off' radio button, but got the following event message: [08:15:55] You have switched on dirt always digging into pile. When I then dug some clay - it went into my inventory - so the display text is the opposite of the dialog box button/end result. Maybe toggle the event text messages, or whatever is appropriate. [edit] just seen this post - please link
  2. I need someone to lower a 52x48 area of dirt to 40 below sea level. It starts at the shore and goes out to sea. Part of it is on my deed, though going further out to sea the area isn't owned by anyone. Current depth is about 20. I don't have a boat, but I have a dredge and a Fo altar. I don't care if you dredge or do the dirt spell, either is fine with me. Fees to be discussed, please send me your best offers, as well as time estimates. My deed is Hufflepuff, E20 on Exodus.

    Hey Release! Have you ever been on a hunting trip and have to navigate around some long-dead badly terraformed area? Tired of rifts landing on ridiculous steeps? I have been spending some time returning the Western Steppe back to its former hunting glory. It's a great alternative to staring at a forge, and makes for a good stamina/strength builder. My next target is the often-used rift area on the map below: I would like to return it all to sand, easing the slopes to where one can easily ride across the whole area. slopes transitioning from 5, to 10, to 15, and to 20 if we must. 1-lane roads to nowhere removed Perimeters are safe, as well as established groves and natural forests.. Wild growth will become sand. Sand not used in restoration is up for grabs after the job... I have no claim to it. Doing this alone is fine, but I'd like to see what a good number of shovels can do! PM me in-game.. let me know if you need a shovel... Food and water provided. Likely time would be 8:00pm(MDT) tonight (8/25/17), but will join any group more than 3 if I'm available. Malokai
  4. Any advice? I had alts before with 99 dig and I never worried about skilling up. However, I'm now leveling my own and wish to get back to 99. I've noticed the skill ticks are few at 80, while just digging for basic teraforming. Do I need really steep slopes? Dedicate time to digging up clay, tar or peat? Thank you!
  5. I recently found two issues. They might not be bugs per-se but related to mechanics that seem broken to me. Issue #1: # What happened [12:05:54] You are too close to the bottom of the bridge to drop the dirt. # What you expected to happen The ability to drop the same amount of dirt that I just dug out of the very same corner. I figured it would behave like a fence, since I can dig on the other two corners of the tile, should I not be able to also drop dirt on it? I suppose my only option now is to destroy the bridge and rebuild it if I want to fix the digging I did, which exposed issue nr 2 (see below for details) # Steps to reproduce Dig and drop dirt on the opposite end of the same tile that the bridge attaches to. Issue #2: # What happened I cannot reach the tile that the first bridge part sits on. I tried digging the corner out to see if I could expose the tile somehow from under the bridge, only to realize 1. I could not and 2. it created issue # 1 (see above) so now I cant cover it up. # What you expected to happen Some ability to target that tile so I can pack and pave it, since apparently it bleeds through to the other side of the bridge # Steps to reproduce Just try to target this tile. (picture shows some of the bleed through of the dirt tile behind it)
  6. Someone was saying you could I just wanted to know has anyone gotten a gem digging? Oh and what determines the Qlty? Digging skill? Mining skill? Also is there a % of chance like Mining or less?
  7. Currently fully staffed. If you would like to be contacted when I have more work, please feel free to post and I will reach out when appropriate. Looking to hire a digger at Samphire (S11). Job requirements Must be able to dig at least 120 slope (40 skill).Must be able to load crates 23 body strMultiple arrangements can be made regarding payments. Options includeDirect payment per thousandConsignment salesYou haulCrates, BSBs, mediocre food, and mob-free environment (c'mon, it's Xanadu) provided. Pick-up may be arranged. Should you choose to stick around for more than diggery, I have mining and farming tiles available. Not particularly looking for villagers, would reassess on a case-by-case basis.
  8. Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a lot of dirt - probably around about 100k tops. Will be happy to buy from numerous sellers since it's unlikely that anyone has that much around (but if you do...) I'll come and pick up dirt myself. Coastal locations for picking it up are very necessary. Will travel to anywhere on Freedom. Won't do big journeys for small quantities unless I'm already over there. The best deals will win! This is your chance to sell loads of dirt at once. PM offers.
  9. Job done, please close.
  10. I would ask to PLEASE change clay so we can dig it down and continue to lower it under water, back to levels it was at under the water. From all our experiments it seems that once clay has been raised, the raised clay tile is raised forever as the clay cannot be dug down (by someone with 70+ mining only) further than how deep you can dig with a shovel under water, then you cannot lower it any further. So for clay: 1. You cannot dig it further than shovel deep under water 2. You cannot dredge it to make it deeper. 3. You cannot pack it 4. You cannot pave it 5. You cannot build on it If you can raise clay, I suggest you should be able to lower it as well. I don't mind it being difficult or need high skills (like I said 70+ digging just to get it below water level again), but please allow for the people with the skills to be able to dredge it then as well. In a sandbox game we should be able to terraform all terrain types, even clay, and in this case, both by raising it AND lowering it as low as we would like it to go.
  11. Hi, I provide a Digging Service on Independence 88 Digging Skill 1000 minimum to Dig 1,5K Clay/Tar 1S Delivery 10 Coordinates around Freedom Market free Terraforming: 10 Coordinates around Freedom Market on the Independence Community Map or Easy Access to Water and you provide a large Cart with Rafts and Horses 10i per Action or I can have the Dirt Any other Area PM me with your Coordinates
  12. My name is Thorne and I'm looking for any kind of paying work on Deliverance. I'm fast and friendly. Please post here or PM me on the forums. Thank you for your time. Currently on permanent retainer. No jobs can be accepted at this time.
  13. Hello Wurmians, I'm looking for the following things on the Inde server; Diggers - I need thousands of dirt dug & ground leveled out. Also need a path dug down until rock. Paying 1.1s per 1k (You'll have BSB's at your disposal with your name on it, so you will be paid for what you dig.) Mason - I need around 12 forges built & 2 ovens. Looking for all of them around 60ql except 4 that i'd like 80ql+. Also need a guard tower finished (320bricks) We can work out a good price. Animals - I need 4, 5 speed horses fully equip with highly enchanted WoA gear. Also looking for 12 male, 12 female horses (any traits), 6 bulls, 6 cows, & a male / female dog. We can work out a good price. Items - I need a shovel, stone chisel, pickaxe, rake, hammer, butchering knife, carving knife, saw, large anvil, & small anvil. All low ql, high CoC 80+ (90+ pref) (Looking for highest skillgain possible) You can COD these items to me, if they are a decent price I will buy them. PM me here or ingame at Cigarau. My location is 9y,32x just above Underworld (Inde). Animals to be delivered to my deed! Thanks all.
  14. Looking to maybe start a large community project, that is of course if the community wants to be part of the project. For no other reason than fascination and the desire to accomplish daunting tasks; I would like to create a very large wall made from dirt. The wall would be 600 dirts high, going up in increments of 200 dirt per tile for 3 tiles (200, 400, 600 with all slopes being at 200 value). The top of the wall could be 1 or 2 tiles wide depending on how much work is desired to be put into the wall (and if a highway road is destined to line the top of the wall). We could also add small castles or even villages along the wall at various points with pallisade gates to make way for passage between the slopes of the wall. Of course the project would take a lot of effort and would span many many months worth of work, but in the end it would be pretty amazing to see the community design such a true "colossus" of nature. If you have any ideas for names for the wall feel free to comment and give suggestions! If you'd like to help on this project comment here or message me in game: Slickshot. All help is voluntary. This isn't a paid project, only a massive feat to be conquered. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
  15. So, i have idea.I wanted to make a big cave, and there make a hideout.It will be an underground, so i dont know the rules for that. 1.Can i build house in caves? 2.What about animals and such (Horse)
  16. I have an undetermined amount of dirt to be dug up to flatten out a new housing district in my town. Currently I am the only digger and realizing its taking way too long to do it myself. So I am looking for a digging partner to help me out. Slopes get up to 100 easily so I would hope you can dig up to at least that, anything that gets higher I can dig it if you cant. price is negotiable as I don't know what the going rate is. Pricing will also probably determine how much work will be done as I don't have unlimited coin lol You will be allowed to stay in one of our rooms and use one of the beds while your working with us. We will also supply food and water. If you are interested just reply, pm me, or message my ingame name, shatalkua. Land being leveled is located on independence 31x 47y i got some diggers i will let you guys know if i need more later.