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Found 5 results

  1. I understand that speed is king in Wurm Unlimited, and that difficulty doesn't seem to matter, when it comes to grinding your skill as efficient as possible. However, I've heard that HFC is an exception? Can anyone confirm this to be true or not? Currently I've pan filled about 1000 pans with 1 garlic + 1 onion for stews. On my particular server, this took me from 20 to 50 skill using SB. I'm wondering if it would make any difference if I now switch over to a more difficult meal in each pan or just continue with whatever materials I have on hand?
  2. There is a tradeoff between the difficulty in creating/crafting certain types of goods, and the market for those types of goods. Obviously people would prefer things to be easier, but at the same time people want those same things to keep their value. Over the 5+ years I have been here, I have seen this game become far easier and less demanding, while at the same time seeing the value of many things fall. Of course, some fall in value is due to the silver coin to Euro exchange rate change, but some of the overall decline in item value is simply due to the fact they are easier to create. Take boats for example. Many of you will remember the time when materials were lost on item creation failure. This meant to build a boat, you not only needed ship building skill but also real good cloth tailoring and rope making, not to mention a good sized resource farm. Making a boat bigger than a sailboat was not a good idea for most people. However, making a boat was more rewarding due to the sheer difficulty of the task. This created a market for boats, and people wanting to buy boats were creating other markets so they could afford boats. The question to the player base is this: Are we better off with more self sustainability and less need for specialization and economic interaction? Some players get enjoyment from relying on no one (was still possible a while back, just couldn't have everything), while others enjoy the economic interactions or others still who preferred local gift economies (villages). Over the last 5 years it seems to me the game has tilted towards the self sufficient lone mayor type, at the expense of the other preferred play styles. Some other points to consider: Has the mailbox killed the local marketplace? The effect of BSB on the market for bulk goods? Material loss on creation failure: other market consequences? I am hoping to get a real discussion going on these and other issues. Which direction should wurm take and why? add in: I should note I am using the term 'economy' in the traditional sense, meaning the volume of silver coins exchanged for goods and services over a time period.
  3. A little change to priests Allow priests to cast using gems. Essentially if a gem has been vesseled up a priest can use it to cast a spell tapping the favor stored in the gem directly. When spells are cast this way only the favor stored in the gem can be used, it will not stack with the priest's own favor. I feel this mechanic would be quite interesting as it would allow spells that normally require linking (ergo running 2 priest alts, lets be honest here) to be cast at the expense of a material component (a QL60+ gem).
  4. Channeling, the bane of life for priests. Essentially the only skill most of us grind alongside favour. The rate of gain is quite nice, but it does not feel too rewarding sometimes as there are no real "landmark" unlockables. This suggestion contains a few ideas of useful unlockables that might come in handy. Quick Casting Unlocks at : Channeling 35 Notes : Toggled on/off by body, reduces spell casting time by (channeling/4)% at the price of increasing the difficulty by ((100-channeling)/2)% Casting using Hands Unlocks at : Channeling 50 Notes : Casting difficulty (200 - channeling skill)% of casting with a statuette Cautious Casting Unlocks at : Channeling 65 Notes : Toggled on/off on body, reduces spell difficulty by (channeling/4)% at the price of increasing faith cost by ((125-channeling)/2)% Flow Of Power Unlocks at : Channeling 85 Notes : Increases faith regen rate by 10%
  5. Throwing this one out there and it is not about the hardest skill to level. We all know the candidates for that title. Instead this is about the hardest skill to to reach 100% chance in crafting its most difficult item. As a starter I'll offer up Ropemaking -> Cordage. 81 skill, 95 wemp and 83ql ropetool gives me 83% chance to create. Now............... Who has something that is even worse?