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Found 4 results

  1. Hey there! I have been watching forums lately filled with a lot of threads with similar mood and message; what is wrong with the game or what could be improved. So I decided to make a counter-thread for such movement! This is the thread, where you can memorize and share one particular, lovely memory you remember when you played Wurm and something good or absolutely funny occured, or you can point out some feature of the game you waited for so long and you felt super-satisfied when it came out and loved to use it. Or you can give just positive feedback for the community, devs or some individual, who has been doing well or you feel has succeeded in some matter, like helping others, being a trustful friend in all turns in Wurmian life... sky's the limit! Only demand is that this thread is filled with the positive posts. Because when you feel down and need cheering up, you can read this thread and identify with the feelings others have shared. Or you can go to the thread "that thread about cats". I have plenty of good memories and a lot of to thank to many people, but I think yesterday happened something that made me feel so happy. That thing was, when I announced our alliance's advertisement post and I got not only so much support from my alliance friends as a bunch of supportive posts to the thread itself, but also personal feedback about how amazing job I had done with it. I felt like, man, this is why I play this game and truly enjoy it after 4 years of playing it; because of the best community. Okies, it's time for you to share a positive moment!
  2. This is a letter to the Dev Team. I know this is an old topic but new to me coming back to Wurm after a break. I did look on a few pages and it has not been mentioned for a while. I would like my say in this matter. Going back to my beginnings, sometime in 2017 ( do not ask me Wurm dates lol ) I landed in Wurm, with many possibilities and paths to explore. So much to learn and do. Many people to meet. And taking my first steps to becoming self sufficient. How I live my Wurm life is, well that I live it. I do not grind every skill. That would, to me at least be like work, and when that time does come, when Wurm is more work than fun for me, I should not be here. I grinded skills that I deemed necessary.. like farming... and getting my cooking high enough that I did not kill myself with my own cooking. For other things like Armor and Weapons, well those things can be bought from many of the skilled tradespeople in Wurm. Until one day, I seen a horse go by soo fast I was amazed and made my horse felt like a snail. I realized that I needed a skill level of 50 in Animal Husbandry. So I added it to my list of morning chores. I would boot my computer up, and grabbed my first cup of coffee before the sun came up. Waking up in Wurm, I started tending my crops, riding around the starter deed of Glasshollow.. those where the days when you could not sneeze with out attracting attention of an aggressive mob. Oh I have stories to tell about all that, but that may be for another post. I had my cart filled with corpses, going back to my deed to butcher them all. Then, I started grooming the animals. I took in all the greys I could find, I held on to a friends animals nearly over whelming my deed. Then I moved to New Spring. That too is another story. Joined a settlement. Tended their crops and groomed their horses down to the hide, so I could breed 5 speeds. I learned to keep track of parentage and traits etc...Till one day, I hit that magic number of 50! This was not a week or two in the making but months, due to my real world schedule and all. I was diligent on grooming and sheering when I could. Even though 50 is the magic number.. steadily breeding 5 speeds happens when you got a sold hold in the 50's and that was fine.. I still made it. I was in Wurm on and off for a while, after that, do to real world crap. Now, fast forward to today. I have a AH level of 62.74 ......Then I was told, that the whole thing had changed. All my blood sweat and tears for naught. I heard that about 65 is well loosely not solidly the magic number. That there were Speed and draft traits and that my old 5 speeds were NOT 5 speeds any longer. So it was a kick in the teeth, and the rug has been pulled out from under me. Reading through the Wurmapedia, trying to make sense of all of this, did little to help, me understand just WHY, this has happened. I heard that this rose a big stink.... and rightfully so, as far as I am concerned, especially those of us, who pour our selves into breeding 5 speeds. For me it was an accomplishment and to be able to breed for a settlement. Others, was a source of income in Wurm. No matter how one plays, it was not fair. Sure I can grind the few levels that I need... but even with sleep bonus ( no I am NOT doing the coffee thing. I am not taking more time out of my day to do that and NO I am not spending money on coffee). You do not get ticks that often. I can groom 6 animals and get a tick of .0012 with out sleep bonus and .0053 with it .. and being in the favor of my deities alter. I hope that no one says it is more a realistic breeding program.. It will be realistic when I fight Trolls at Walmart. ( ok bad analogy cause I do sometimes) but there are no hell hounds, huge spiders or goblins in my real world. So to be realism does not have anything to do with it. I know we probably cannot go back to the way it was, I would love it if it were possible. I would like my old 5 speeds to be 5 speeds. I would like this system to be tweaked to where is not so insane. Yes, I realize that this is all general, but I am not a Dev, I know crap about scripts and coding and the like. I understand change has to happen but this is a totally drastic overhaul that is unfair to the older players of this community. I would suggest that you, may be revisit this and see if there are any changes that can be possible to even it out, between what it was and what it is currently. May I also suggest, before doing these big sweeping changes. Make a poll, or do it in gradual steps so it does not feel like all that we have done up to this point has been for nothing. Thank you for listening. Now I have to get back and brush the hides off all the critters in Xan again. Respectfully RavenLure
  3. Dear Developers, As we all know Wurm (both Unlimited and Online, but Online is better) is little known to the major playerbase. I know plenty of people that would gladly play a game of Wurm's likes but just can't ever find one. I don't know if something like this has been suggested before but I will anyway: start advertising How many times did you people bump upon World of Tanks' ad when it was in earlier development? It started out with a rather low playerbase too and look at it now. Same happened to a lot of games and as much as I do realise that newcomers might make some problems every now and then like griefing, building shacks all over the land and leaving to never return again remember that the more people get into the game the more people keep the development up. The more people keep the development up the nicer stuff we can have etc etc. Create some ads, speak to the peoples' dream of freedom, tell them the world is theirs. They will come. PS: Remember to state that it's indie or they'll go off about poor graphics (whatever). Sincerely, Like over a half of Wurm's community I'll leave this thread open for discussion as I believe this is worth looking into.
  4. WARNING: Can't set attitude of creature 57031343997184 because it doesn't exist Null tile type: 32 at (314,91)! Please let client developers know! Null tile type: 32 at (240,23)! Please let client developers know! WARNING: Cannot play animation for 161467097678099 because it doesn't exist. WARNING: Cannot play animation for 557325274317058 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 1389527549609218 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 419934907663618 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 3125377287324930 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 2688327505413378 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 2330414190429442 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 2688348929918210 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 2866737410213122 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 2855020739429634 because it doesn't exist. Can't add effect to 2866712680596738 because it doesn't exist. Null tile type: 32 at (240,23)! Please let client developers know! I'm guessing it needs a fix