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Found 1 result

  1. I don't know where this is, ask - Demonanightshade New Year, well, same me! Greetings everyone! It's Retro back with the first VI of the year! We're hitting the ground running in 2020 with some big changes (and more on the way!) I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas gift of the festive bedroll, I'd like to clarify that I did state it should be damage free, this is not the case. As it is an item with a use function it will take damage when you sleep on it as well as being prone to decay off deed or in a container (standard decoration mechanics). The craftable version will be going live along with the bugfix of making them improvable with the next minor update. This week though we'll be talking about what's going live in the big update at the end of the month, so strap in and check it all out. New Loyalty System WIP shot, prices hidden due to not being finalised. Items so spicy you won't be able to eat them! We’ve talked about it a bit in various places on the forums and on our Twitch broadcasts, but it’s almost time! I’m really keen for this to come as it’s something I worked on personally, so I’m quite proud of it (unless it breaks, then I had nothing to do with it) For premium purchases (excepting the the first 2s purchase if purchasing via token) players will receive points that they can redeem at a token to purchase items. The points awarded for the different purchase options are as follows: 1000 point - 15 days premium 1500 points - referrals 3000 points - token 4500 points - shop (per month purchased) The items that can be purchased are as follows: Random Moon Metal Lump Self explanatory, a 99ql lump of a random moonmetal -- seryll, glimmersteel or adamantine Random Ancient Jackal Moon Skin A random skin from the Jackal points list. Gift pack Open the gift box to find a random reward from the following: Sleep powder A star gem Seryll lump Adamantine lump Glimmersteel lump Imbue potion Supreme bone Transmutation rod Staff of the land Pale mask Plumed helm of the hunt Cavalier helm Challenge statue Returners mask Trader items Items such as shaker orbs, Rods of Transmutation, Small and Large Magical chests are available as well Care for token This adds another care for slot to your character, it’s limited to one per character! Golden Mirror No clue what this does, no one knows about it. Just kidding! This will allow you to change your gender AND get a makeover Affinity A random affinity is assigned to your character. Wooden Name Plate Hang this nameplate on a creature that is tamed or dominated to rename it! Magical Ink Ever had a special item that meant a lot to you? You can now add your name and a special name to the item, turning that longsword into Retrograde’s Excalibur. All renamed items will include the person's name, so GM named items will still be different. Sleep bonus This increases your sleep bonus cap by one hour, meaning 6 hours if you have not completed The Winding Path in your journal and 7 hours if you have! Note this does not increase the maximum cap of 10 hours from server based compensation. Faith Swap and Meditation path change These are pretty straight forward, allowing one time faith or meditation path swap per redemption. Magical Tome Random tome charge, who wants a red cherry? There’s a lot of variety there and there’s a lot to work towards, some of these prizes are intended to take 6-12 months in order to earn enough points to redeem, and we’ll be able to add and swap out things as we go, meaning limited edition things or even discounts! Priests After a long time of balancing the pros and cons following the priest update over a year ago, the decision has been made to remove the ability to follow player gods entirely. With Libila now a PvE god as well all spells are available and balance is much easier to work across four known sets. We also are able to bring back more flavour for the original deities and followers. This means that existing priests of player gods will be converted to their template deity with the option of a free faith swap to any template deity. Alongside this we’ll be boosting template specific favour options and adjusting favour from chopped vegetables. Although popular we would like to bring more options and variety to the choice of favour, encouraging the use of more template specific favour options vs thousands of chopped vegetables. We’ll have the exact numbers in the patch notes for the launch. Third person Wurm That’s right, you saw in the end of 2019 thread but third person is coming to Wurm! It’s a completely different feeling playing in third person and I think everyone should check it out. It’s already on the test server if you’d like to try and let us know what you think and if you’ll be playing with it when it goes live! Jackal The stronghold has fallen, and Jackal has been cleansed for this round. I’d like to congratulate everyone who took part in the final battles, and a solid well done to everyone who spent their time playing on Jackal. We’ll be winding the server down and returning players back to their Freedom servers, so if you have deeds there still remember to disband them to avoid any issues with lost silver! This is all coming at the end of January, along with a bunch of tweaks, bugfixes and adjustments, so make sure to catch us live on Twitch at Sunday, 9pm UTC to chat about what’s coming, see it all on test and ask questions! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.