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Found 8 results

  1. Ok so I'm sure a lot of you know of LIFE IS FEUDAL your own and the mmo. The devs for it abandoned the game but what if wurm and life is feudal MMO merged. So like wurm picked up the great parts of it and discarded the bad parts turning it all into wurm online. Now don't get me wrong I love wurm it's great, but life is feudal was supposed to be the best medieval game but didn't have the client base and wurm has a client base and I feel like if there was a merger it would attract all the people who would like a game like wurm life is feudal and mount and blade. Again just an idea
  2. Looking for new players and experienced players. Located at S12 , top of the mount. I am a solo player, who would like to share the view and build something awesome. Please p.m. me in game for more info. In game name: Puffington(Mayor)
  3. Yep, I joined the huge amount of bloggers out there, just today and mainly out of completely selfish reasons ;P I'm probably not the only one here who wants to make their own games and hopefully make a living from it, so I thought I should share my blog and maybe there are some nice conversations coming from it feel free to tell me what you think but be careful with criticism, I'm actually reading what people say and probably take too many things quite serious. So who else is out here wanting to make games or already did some ? some recent screenshot of my "first" game:
  4. The newly opened Orient Express canal on Crystal lake on Independence - Stretching all the way to the east coast! Hi Everyone! As you all know by now, the cooking revamp is well underway, with testing ,tweaking and delicious smells, Tich is working hard, We have a loose release date, and will let you all know once it's set in stone, expect it in time for some delicious Christmas feasts though! The cookbook. With the cooking update, there will be several hundred recipes available, with only a tiny few visible by default. This week we'll be giving a short overview of just what you can expect to see when exploring this new system! The initial page of your cookbook allows you to select what recipes to view, Target action - these are the ones where you use one item on another, e.g. grinding cereals to make flour. Container action - these ones are when you use a tool of some kind on a container to change the contents of the container into a different item. E.g. using your hand on a pottery bowl which containers flour, water, salt and butter to make pastry. Heat - these ones are your basic cooking recipes, where you put ingredients into a food container, and put in an cooker and after the ingredients get hot the container items change to the result, e.g. putting maple sap into a saucepan in a lit oven, will result in maple syrup after sometime. Not all recipes work in all cookers. Time - these ones are used for brewing. Also on the initial page you also have links to view recipes (that you know) by Tool - this gives a list of the tools that you know are used for cooking, selecting a tool from that list will give you the known recipes that can be made using it. Cooker - this will give a list of cookers, and selecting a cooker from that list will lead you to a list of known recipes that can be made in it Container - this will give you a list of containers that can be used by known recipes, selecting one will then give a list of the known recipes that use that container. Ingredients - gives a list of all your known ingredients, and again selecting one of them will then show a list of known recipes that use that ingredient. From any list of recipes, you can select one and view what you think is used to make that item Note that there are optional ingredients, and unless you have used them for an ingredient, then they will not show in your version. Note that some recipes may use any type of meat, or fish, or veg, or herb, or spice, when you attempt the same recipe with a different type, your recipe will be updated to show that information, Refreshing Of course, many of you know that the Path of Love ability, and the rare item sacrifice refreshing grant instant max nutrition, food, stamina and water. A lot have asked about whether there will be changes to how this current system works, and in short, the answer is yes: Refresh will now, most likely, give less than 99% nutrition, but will still fill your food and water bars and your stamina bar when it used to as well. PoL refresh will set you to 50% nutrition when you first get that ability, and will increase by a further 5% for each level after that to a max of 99%. (e.g. Refresh at level 8 gives 50% + 20% (5% for every level above level 4) Sacrificing: A rare will now set you to 50% nutrition + half of the QL. A supreme will now set you to 70% nutrition + 30% of the QL. A fantastic will now set you to 90% nutrition + 10% of the QL. Some other ways to get a refresh will now give an extra random amount on top of their base 50%. After considerable feedback we have decided to not go ahead with these changes, refresh will still give 99% nutrition, but there will be other bonuses and incentive to cook. Each meal, when eaten, will normally give a timed skill bonus, the skill can vary from player to player and due to the ingredients and cooking method of the meal itself Meiyeeer joins the team This week we took on a new volunteer developer! Meiyeeer has joined our team and will be working with us on various projects, so be sure to give her a huge Wurmian welcome, and don't harass her too much! Milosanx returns! Another of my favourite youtubers has returned to making videos, and this time with a quick refresher of his deed, before jumping over to Xanadu to give a tour of Glasshollow Markets, a thoroughly impressive marketplace in NW Xanadu. Another video series that caught my eye this week. Could you last with just a steel & flint? That's it for this week folks, we'll have more info on cooking as we get closer (we're close as it is already!). Let us know what you think of the changes and what you'll cook first thing!
  5. Hey Everyone! The team has been working very hard this week to make sure that bridges are as good as they can be before their release in mid-April so there are no major gameplay announcements. The art developers have been working on some snazzy new weapon models (see below) too! I can also reveal that we now have a Community Manager in the form of Retrograde who will be the main link between the community and the developers and handle feedback, suggestions and more. We wish him the very best of luck in the role. And with that said, here's the news in full! New Community Manager We are pleased to announce that Retrograde will be stepping into the new role of Community Manager and will be working with you all on the forums and in-game. In his new role he will act as a link between you and the development team to discuss suggestions and changes, collect feedback, and provide feedback from the developers when possible. You'll also see him in-game from time to time and in IRC so don't hesitate to drop by and say hi! Map Dumps By popular demand, I asked the developers about the possibility of a fresh set of map dumps for all servers. Each map dump takes some time to produce so we are aiming to release approximately two per week until all servers have been covered. So far I have been provided with fresh map dumps for Xanadu and Chaos. I expect to release the map dump for Xanadu as soon as we find a reliable place to host it. The maps are very large files and so this is a lot easier said than done! Releasing the map dump of Chaos is still under discussion because it is a PvP server and some people there may want to remain hidden in the fog of war. However, I am also aware of recent forum polls which show overwhelming support for a map dump. Either way, I'd appreciate feedback on this from Chaos! Here is a preview of the Xanadu map dump. The full quality dump is more than ten times higher resolution than the preview. Bridge Progress Continuing our recent pattern, the developers have spent most of this week working on straightening out a few stubborn bridge-related bugs here and there. Just to give you a flavour, one of the bugs this week involved players teleporting to ground floors when they entered buildings from a bridge while on a cart or horseback, and some other minor bugs related to mounting and dismounting on bridges. We are still confident that these kinks will be worked out very soon and bridges are on track to be released in the spring update in mid-April. New Weapon Models The Art developers have been working hard on new models for various weapons. Progress is coming along extremely well on the new small maul (pictured below). They're also working on updated models for the medium maul, and axes. Treasure Hunt On Saturday 28th March, the Game Masters' monthly treasure hunt will begin at approximately 03:00 (am) GMT at Esert, the starter deed on the Exodus server. There are a number of valuable prizes to be won by being one of the first to solve the treasure hunt and we're sure it's going to be a lot of fun! Further information and clues, once released, can be found in this thread. That's all for this week, Happy Wurming!
  6. Friends, Wurmians! Lend me your ears! Last week Johan (RedBaron) gave us some very sad news. After a couple of years as our PR Officer, he had to leave Code Club. During his time here he gave us excellent news and did a great job, with plenty of wit and humour thrown in along the way. He will be sorely missed, but I am sure I speak for the whole community when I say a massive THANK YOU for everything, Johan! But the show must go on. Earlier this week, Rolf asked me to carry on Johan’s good work as Wurm’s PR Officer. This is a huge task, but one I am more than eager to embrace! For those that don’t know me, my name's Ross but many of your know me as Wossoo. I first joined Wurm in late 2005, and I have been on the Wurm team since 2008 as a Player Assistant all the way up to Game Master. I was also PR Officer here before Johan joined us. So, for some this might be a little deja vu! It is going to be hard to follow in Johan’s footsteps for many reasons. However it is now my quest to make sure you all get your news fix every week, and some other things along the way such as a monthly email newsletter. The format may change slightly, but only for the best. This week I am going to try to keep it as close to what we're all used to as I can. None of this will be possible without a strong PR team, so along with Retrograde and Atazoth, I plan to recruit several new PR Assistants. I will be releasing details about how to apply for that very soon, so watch this space! And with that, it’s time to... Carry on sharing news! Bridges The team is still very hard at work testing and debugging bridges. We want them to be as polished and bug-free as possible when they are released which is why they are taking a bit of extra time. Our new collision system, which bridges use, is a massive technical step forward for Wurm and will open up a huge range of new opportunities for development. It's going to be pretty revolutionary once it's done and everyone is very excited about it! Otherwise, progress is coming on very well. A new bridge type is in the works and I hope to show you some more detail about it soon. New wall options The coding for the new wall options we announced in Week 9 and last week is nearly finished and we expect to release them soon. We also have a couple of new screenshots of them - an oriel window set in a plain stone wall, a door with a canopy, and a wide window with a small roof above it. The new wall types will provide new and interesting options for the architects among us to make the perfect creation! We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! Banners Everywhere Work is now under-way to implement the new tall banners into the game. Player-made Kingdom leaders are encouraged to submit their banner designs to us using the templates available here. In-Game Valrei Map We now have an in-game version of the Valrei moon map under development by the art team. I hope to be able to show you some screenshots soon! For those who don't play on the Epic cluster, Valrei is where the gods battle it out during scenarios. Players on Epic help their gods by completing certain missions and can even directly influence their gods movement. At the moment it is only possible to view the current position of the gods on the Valrei map in a web browser so an in-game map is much needed! Elevation Poll Recently we asked the people of the Epic cluster to provide feedback on how we can improve their experience. One option which was discussed included a potential reset of Epic's main PvP server - Elevation. We are currently running a poll in-game to find out what players who live on Elevation think about that option. If you'd like to vote on that poll you must be on the Elevation server. Please note the poll ends today and the results will be announced in due course. Challenge Accounts The accounts everyone used to play on Challenge should now be returned to the Golden Valley server where they may be accessed. I hope you have enjoyed my first Weekly News post! Until next time, Happy Wurming! EDIT: Thanks go to Samool for finding a fix to our slight image problem just now!
  7. With the popularity of video-cast-blog Servers Are ( the idea of a podcast is up for consideration. Would enjoy listening to a regular Wurm Online-based podcast? Please touch base if you would like to participate in the creation of the podcast! (* In any way! )
  8. I was just curious if this had ever been considered. I think it would help a good deal in making the game more usable as player could access the full wiki (which is a fairly comprehensive documentation set) in game and see how to make all the sub components for making things and follow hyperlinks without having to jockey windows or use multiple monitors. It would also let players better multitask when performing repetitive tasks in game. Additionally there are open source java based web browsers out there that you could probably acquire usage rights to at a nominal fee (if any) to minimize development time, such as Lobo or more commercial options such as JWebEngine.