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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to Elysium, A determined and inspiring crusade. A Kingdom of those who wish to achieve all that Wurm has to offer. Come be a part of a serious and sophisticated community striving for excellence. We pride ourselves in being an inviting down to earth people, who are united and stand as one! Our Mission is a simple one : Achieve Greatness Whether that means conquering all the land and bringing peace to the players, or building grand cities with impressive and intimidating structures that tower over our enemies. Key features of our group include: Structured systems and building placement strategy that allows PvPers to have more of a PvP setting and PvEers to have more of a safe haven for crafting and skilling. Council of 5 Members to take all of our members opinions and inputs into account when making decisions that affect the entire Kingdom Ranking System Forums (For all questions, Trading and Event Info) Diverse group accepting of all regions and play styles What we are looking for Dedicated/Committed players Players who can be respectful and accept opinions of others Players who want to have a great time and enjoy all that Wurm has to offer Code of Conduct: Respect others. Treat all other players with dignity and respect. Be respectful of other members of Elysium, their abilities, their contributions, and any extra duties they perform to keep the kingdom running. We all play to have fun. Don't ruin it for other people. It is you, and not the kingdom Leader, who is primarily responsible for whether you are having fun or not. Be mature. Immature and infantile behavior is not tolerated. This is a kingdom of adults, so make sure you act like it. You are part of Elysium. We succeed as a group, not as individuals. Self-centered and self-absorbed attitudes are not helpful. Not everyone will get along with everyone else. That's life. Not everyone will agree with everyone else. In time we hope this to be a large community and conflict will inevitably arise. As adults, members are expected to either try to resolve disagreements with other players civilly, privately and independently. Failing that, try to work around it. Approach a council member for assistance if you have exhausted all other options. Drama will not be tolerated. Disagreements or other behaviors which become disruptive are unacceptable. Elysium rules will inevitably change over time. Members are expected to accept and adhere to new rules regardless of their personal opinions. Be mindful that the kingdom Leadership tries to make decisions that are best for the kingdom as a whole and for the long term, which may not necessarily correspond to the best decision for you personally right now. Constructive feedback and discussion on all aspects of the guild and raiding is always welcome. Complaints should not be made unless accompanied by alternative proposals. All feedback and discussion should respect this Code of Conduct. Read the forums. The forums are the main way of communicating important information (as well as a lot of trivial kingdom information). Most importantly, changes to strategies and announcements are made there. It is your responsibility to check the forums regularly and stay apprised of any important information. Do not engage in any activity that will bring the Elysium name into disrepute. Behaviors such as spamming, trolling, ninjaing, begging, flaming, or other anti-social actions are not acceptable. Do not use excessive, gratuitous or explicit language. Justifiable mature language and conversation is to be accepted in a kingdom of adults. Politics, religion, and similarly divisive topics are embargoed. Abusive, threatening, discriminatory, or prejudicial behavior of any form is expressly forbidden and will be met with immediate expulsion from the guild. Intentionally vexatious, obstructive, malicious, hostile, aggressive, or insulting behavior is not acceptable. Follow the Elysium Rules and Code of Conduct at all times. This creates the infinite recursive loop of order. Rules of Engagement: Every Player is expected to do their best. We are not a hardcore kingdom, but we intend to make the most of our experience and so have high expectations of our players. Everyone should strive to give their best when doing most content. The Council are the ultimate decision makers. Follow their directions/intent. The council will discuss all concerns and use best judgement to render decisions that will best benefit the kingdom at all times. Be punctual. When attending a prior scheduled event, we ask that you are on time or send a message to the group lead if you will be late. Common courtesy rules apply here. Positive criticism is a good thing. Members should feel free to give advice and suggestions to other players to improve their play. Equally, Members should view any positive criticism as an opportunity to improve. If you are interested in joining up with us visit our web page here -------> And come chat in Discord!! ----->