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Found 3 results

  1. The Happening is a fresh Alliance/Village based Free-for-All PvP Server with a custom map and custom mods. There is only one kingdom, Freedom. Server Map: The War of the Ancients, or just WotA, is the servers custom mingame replacing the default HotA game. Every village is fighting against each other, even alliances. The system is simple: 3 capture towers will spawn in the WotA area at the map center. Standing near a tower will capture it for your village, but only if there are no enemies around. Towers can be captured back by other villages. The first village that owns all 3 towers wins and gets a reward statue wich will appear at the settlement token. This mode is still a bit experimental, so report any bugs if you find them. If everything works as expected, more features like temporary buffs will be added to it. Server IP: Some features: - Free for All, anyone can attack anyone (villages can form alliances) - No hunted status - No fatigue system - No champions - Reduced local range - Custom supply depots - Increased timer speeds (many instant actions) - Many actions possible from carts - Custom affinity stealing system on death - Custom ranking system (use /rank, /ranks) - Faster carts and horses - Characteristics limited to 60 - Palisades built with logs - Adjusted bashing damage against structures (and disabled carving knife for bashing) - Higher BSB capacity - Guard Towers only spawn guards on deeds - Modified trap system - HotA is replaced with a custom minigame, called War of the Ancients (WotA) One of the goals is to change the classical Wurm PvP experience into something unique. To achieve this, more stuff will be customized and new features will be added. If you have any suggestions feel free to post them here. Rules: - Think twice before you name your character, any item, house, boat or your deed - Don't abuse bugs and report them using /support - Don't use any kind of cheats or hacks (all public client mods are allowed) - Insults and direct provocations are not allowed in global chat channels (CA HELP, Trade, Freedom and GL-Freedom are moderated) Staff Policy: All staff members are bound to strict rules to prevent giving them any kind of unfair advantage. If you have a problem with any staff member, please contact Army via PM on the WO Forums or contact the 'Army' account on the server using /tell Army. Just don't discuss such problems in public please.
  2. The Horde of the summoned Come join the only kingdom in desolation that contibutes to epoch advancement! We are a group of people who are mostly interested in pvping on the hota island, although we also have a few carebears on the home island, which someday will become useful! (hopefully) If you are interested in participating in the action then post a message on the GLHots, one of our members will enter in contact with you and explain to you how you can join us. Players to contact: Trihard Hakameda Badget Codeine Jaygriff Frog Plaguejuice Zentil We hope to see you ingame soon!
  3. This suggestion was mixed in with another thread involving the addition of more chaos servers to the freedom cluster (Bad idea) But i had one to improve the currrent situation and direction of the Epic cluster as a whole and the balance and relationship between the 3 Home servers (serenity, Desolation and Affliction) and Elevation. The general feeling alot of people on epic are feeling is that things on epic are on the decline both on elevation and the home servers. activity levels on both are declining, PvP is becoming stale on elevation while the flow of new players into the Home servers seems to be dwindling and exits are increasing. Currently there is really nothing on or about elevation that will attract new settlers to it from the home servers and its quickly becoming stale and listless like a game that's long ago been played out with all the major players camped in their power bases with little hope or desire to see that upended. There's not enough chaos, uncertainty or dynamic change on a large scale to keep that stale fortress vs. fortress dynamic from naturally settling in. We need something to break up and keep stirred up the windtunnel of change. Both constructive and destructive. To break the fortress mentality as well as the fortresses themselves sooner or later. Things like natural disasters. Valari mob invasions, meteor strikes, select area crop/tree/bush deaths. Magic divine events on the destructive side and then artifact duplicate drops (artifacts must only last X time no recharges), adamantium/glittersteel/high ql steel/enchanted item drops or hidden cashes that respawn to keep the pace up, magic divine assistance. On the constructive side. Also the relationship between the Home servers and Elevation is dysfunctional. In reality the home servers are a near copy of elevation only alot safer with some minor and largely unhindering differences. As a home server resident since epics launch I don't suggest substantial nerfs or further restrictions to the home servers with glee. or lightly But the fact is in order for the home servers to sustain success the system and their relationship with elevation must be sustainable. There needs to be more things that are elevation exclusive or unhandicapped to provide a meaningful and attractive reason to take the risk and jump over from a home server to residing on elevation. The only thing I could think of that fits that need without making the home servers unlivable is the priests and their spells as well as meditation. They are widely used and valued highly and thus would provide that carrot to entice hommies over. While at the same time keeping the home servers able to do what they do best. Casual light PvP, a perfect starting place for new people and a semisafe place to conduct trade, hunting, "carebearing" and other activites much more dangerous on elevation. Basically i suggest: *Nerfing the favor/power/cast ability of all priests on any home server by 1/3 to 1/2 of the current levels. priests on elevation would remain unchanged. *Either removing meditation from the home servers or limiting the progression to level 6 or 7 *Nerfing the enchantment on any weapons or equipment brought onto a home server from elevation by 1/2 to 2/3 but restoring it to it's otherwise normal level upon returning to elevation. (possible exemptions: Lurker Pendulums, maybe Coc or Woa tools i'm not sure. *Bascially carving the magic/spell content of the game as being upper tier and thus most fitting and best used on elevation while at the same time protecting the Home servers from being hapless priest target practice. *Making all artifacts have X number of charges AND once found have X amount of time to be used before disappearing and being rediscover able again by anyone. No more recharging, No more collecting/Chesting artifacts. Especially if one group has neigh ALL of them like that. *Revamp the missions so that they routinely cause large scale effects on elevation. Meteorite stikes, earthquakes, Plant/crop death zones, Valari Mob invasions, Large land Terra-forming events, glimmersteel/adamantium sprinkles, ect. The result: A) The changes only effect priest characters directly. Personally i'd consider priests (who can only become priests on elevation) to be end game or upper tier content. To have a sustainable balance the home servers cant have literally all levels of content included with elevation missing the realistic begining game space for new players. It makes elevation irrelevant and really just a place you go priest up at and return to home. It would also protect the home servers from becoming fodder for high level content by nerfing elevation players spell/magic abilities when on a home server al la CR nerf style. This suggestion would preserve the CR nerf, the fertile space for new epic players to start and become involved in epic long term and basically define what the home servers are best at and give elevation what it needs to define what its best at. B.) Other then priest/magic/spell content the rest of the crafting/fighting/farming/mining and creation content remains the same as it should. I'd even argue for a raise in the home server ore cap from 50 to 70ql. The home servers would then become a semi-safe pvp lite area where new players and elevation players looking for some quiet time can experience PvP/thievery and playing without freedoms constraints in a place where they wont be steamrolled or have the fear of such keeping them off epic. Also rewarding a home server for contributing to a mission by spawning Valari mobs on that server has to stop. in fact stop spawning them or nerf the ones on home serves since they are a considerable danger given the probably average fighting skill and gear on the home servers. C) Elevation would then become the place the upper level content is mixed with both the chaos and dynamic energy from PvP but also from PvE events designed to seed continuous new PvP chances and elements and keep that seeping staleness of over fortressing from styming further chances of conflict. Missions would come in here and need to be made relevant in the present and on the ground not on some moon game board that feels completely unrelated and irrelevant to actually playing on epic. Ex. 1. Meteorite lands near the mongol main deed demolishing a large section of their outer walls and flattening the terrain leaving an open path into the deed for a quick and aware enemy before the wall can be replaced. Or 2. A large spire springs from the ground near New Tuscany with a sizable gittersteel chunk on its peak. A group effort will be needed to reach it but its out in the open and easy poaching. D) Making artifacts rediscoverable and making it impossible to collect and lock them all up (especially by one single group) they provide a continuous goal and activity in finding them as well as almost mandating their liberal use when found especially on the battlefield.