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Found 5 results

  1. Selling deed, Homestead Oasis right by the desert on exodus! This is prime hunting and located right by the water. It is a basic 10x10 deed. No guards currently. Includes the 2 horses as well . Bsbs have a couple things such as hides, some coal, bit of iron lump, nails xD. Forges(3), and several beds(6) inside of the main house. Coffers (5 silver, 1 copper) which lasts 140 days . No mine on deed, as rock layer isn't existent by here, but there is mountain nearby. Starting bid: 10s/10e Increments: 1s/1e Buyout: 20s/20e No reserve Duration: 1 week Any questions let me know
  2. Seaside Desert Big village for sale! Seaside Desert is a village on Exodus server, part of Exodus Republic (former Freedom and Cheese) alliance, designed to be a "main" deed focused on both aesthetics and practicality, located at coordinates: Ingame map: g22 Community map (link): 40x 13y Screenshots What are the advantages of living in Seaside Desert? List of the most important things: almost limitless possibilities to expand village in any directionproximity of the desert - ideal place to hunt and gain FSproximity of the forest - good place for ship building and other labors which require a lot of woodproximity of the sea - good place for trade, large port with trading post which can contain up to 27 BSB'stwo guard towers and closed center of the village to provide security while crafting outdoorsmine which contain many iron and slate veins and some lead veinspublic forge connected with small iron mine, farmhouse and village storage3 on-deed farms: 13X12 main farm and pen, 12X4 secondary farm and 6X4 underwater farmvineyard, many tree farms5 houses including one huge which can support 2 or more playersAuction details Starting bid: 30s Increments: 1s Buyout: 45s No reserve Sniper protection: 2h I can also accept Euro payment, 1s=1E ratio If someone want to see village from player perspective, please send me PM.
  3. The size of Draenor is 33 by 37. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 6 silver, 42 copper and 42 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 2 silver, 44 copper and 20 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 73 days, 15 hours and 50 minutes more. Located at x41 y8 on the celebration map the deed has no animals so just for fun i will include this "The tile per creature ratio of this deed is Infinity. Optimal is 15 or more.This is a good figure." the deed includes 5 buildings building 1 5x8 with 5x2 enchanted grass pen building 2 3x6 with 5x2 enchanted grass pen building 3 2x3 and a 1x1 trader hut ondeed mine with several veins can that be expanded below the whole deed and beyond(white highlight marks the deed limits,perimeter is included on the mine map,cave tiles mark the explored sections of the mine) the deed also includes this extras: ondeed 50ql guard tower 65 ql wooden vynora altar 65 ql wooden mailbox with 86 power 650x 47ql cotton 100x 50ql wem plants 30x 90plus ql logs 250 70plus ql oak logs 300 75ql logs 2 floor_looms 79 and 72ql 11x old or older oaks and some younger ones plenty of bsbs,coffins,beds,forges,etc I will consider any serious offers.
  4. The deed Vulcan Outpost located on the south east coast of Deliverance (32x 46y on (Low Res).png) is for sale. Its size is 51x29 and surrounded on all 4 sides by Palisades. The deed was planted a few weeks after Deliverance was opened. The deed is surrounded by a small desert and right at the end of the huge steppe, so its a great place for hunting. The mine has plenty of iron veins and a few silver veins, but its not expanded very much and I know there are many uncovered silver veins in the western part of the deed ("Prospected" with a priest of Magranon and the Mole Senses spell). There are also 10 forges for fast smelting of ores inside the mine. The deed also has a trader and a large magic chest. The chest has 6 damage due to 1 months inactivity, but if you make sure to open it occasionally it will last forever. It was bought 9 months ago. There are a 110 tiles farm, a 70 tiles enchanted animal pen, and a rather large area currently unused next to the 30 tile large BSB storage house. There are 5 buildings. 1 is the 10x3 storage building, 1 farm building with 3 forges, 1 6x6 house originally made to be an inn, a 5x2 smithing house (5 forges, 7 coffins and 5 bsb's) and a 5x5 house with the trader, large magic chest, and 3 beds. Feel free to ask questions. Starting bid: 50s minimum bid increment: 1s Hidden reserve: Yes Buyout: 1 gold 50s No private bids accepted except buy out. The auction ends March 13, 20:00 GMT (1 week from posting).
  5. Black Pearl (South Exodus) Recruiting Coördinates on map: 23-44 Black Pearl is the oldest of all the Pearl Villages. Founded by Shadowwolf in the winter of 2011/2012 it has prospered and is grown to the village it is now. http://www.plaatjesd...bbc62491cc3.jpg Black Pearl is the center of the Road-project in South Exodus, so that South Exodus and Central Exodus finally get a good overland connection, suitable for travellers on foot and traders of all kinds. http://www.plaatjesd...8514bb23c8e.jpg North of Black Pearl is Skeleton Desert, a big desert suitable for hunters of all types. We like to keep this area free of villages and settlements, so that hunters from all Exodus and the freedom isles are welcome to hunt here. In case of emergency... we did build some towers for safety. http://www.plaatjesd...bd6863d42e8.jpg Also around Black Pearl are some towers http://www.plaatjesd...f165a52194f.jpg http://www.plaatjesd...d734ebf67a5.jpg Although Black Pearl is a fairly big village, it will always remain a village in appearance. We like the open countryside, so players can travel and move without hinderance. Only the deedborders are fenced with a nice hedge, to keep the animals out. http://www.plaatjesd...3be7a2b7bff.jpg We are looking for players who want to join a village to experience the joy wurm has to offer. Also we are setting up some off-deed area's for players (about 100 tiles big) who dont want to join a village, but do like to play in a more or less safe surrounding and learn wurm without any obligation regarding to village-support. Players who want to join us, please contact me (Brocules) or Beka.