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Found 238 results

  1. Looking for some people on SFI to play with, you will not be expected to pay any costs toward the deed and experience is not required you can be a new player or an older veteren. The deed is in a good location by the water at P20 on Deliverence. Recently the village has been redeeded so there are alot of repairs and rebuilding to do, the restoration is being streamed on twitch. The village has a docks, 2 large farms, lots of enchanted grass and areas for animals, plots if villagers want to build their own houses, 2 pre-made houses for villagers, a crafting building and a sermon hall. For more information contact Joemog ingame or Raxi#5613 on discord.
  2. I am selling my last deed: CAMP D. Server Deli - Koords U12. Quiet, far away. Utmost iron opposite on the mainland. Size 11x11 and therefore inexpensive. With everything that can be seen on the video, except account and rowing and sailing boat. Including tons of material, horses, ships, wagons, etc Please don't ask why I'm leaving wurm, I don't want to be banned here for the last few days - thanks! Starting bid : 1 silvermin increase: 1 silverBuyout: -Reserve: -Sniper protection: -
  3. Merchant Stock: 07: hatchet, tin - 90 ql - 90 c 23: longsword, iron - 74 ql - rt72 + botd43 - 50 c 24: longsword, iron - 61 ql - fa85 + coc87 - 50 c 25: pumpkin shoulder pad leather - 51 ql - 50 c 31: sapphire staff, oakenwood - 27 ql - 40 dmg - 50 c We are at Deli (Ingame-Map: U 12)
  4. I am unaware of mob counts on other servers but I would like to see an increase in mob counts or a faster respawn on Deli. I have spent several days "hunting" and literally have to do alot of traveling to find a decent amount , barely justifies turning on SB.
  5. Welcome to The best Market in Deliverance:) Asgarnia Home of the White Knights City of Falador! Here you can buy all sorts of things from Produce to Services and more ~~PRODUCE~~ Item / Current Stock / Prices ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small Barrel of Milk - 7 - 20copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small Barrel of Honey - 1 - 25copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meat - 1000 - 50copper (QL dependant ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~MATERIALS~~ Item / Price per 1000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rock Shards - 1silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stone Bricks - 2Silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SandStone Shards - 80copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SandStone Bricks - 2Silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cotton - 90copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~ANIMAL PARTS~~ Item / Price per 1000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wool - 80copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eyes - 1silver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~WEAPONS~~ - Imps Price Dependant on current QL and Item / metal Type ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imps to 70+QL - iron / steel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Knives to 70+QL - iron 15copper/steel 25copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1h Weapons to 70+QL - iron 25copper/steel 35copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2h Weapons to 70+QL - iron 30copper/steel 40copper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~ENCHANTS~~ - Enchant Price Dependant on Power of Cast Not Responsible for shatters of under 80QL items ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animal Demise ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monster Demise ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nimbleness ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FrostBrand ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aura of Shared Pain ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Circle of Cunning ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wind of Ages ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mend ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opulance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are located on the coast of deliverance. we offer free shipping to any coast and will also take in orders for wanted items.
  6. My farm is at Inner Sea Sanctuary 27 x 36 y on Indy or L/M 14 / 15 ingame map I'm selling in bulk. Delivering is FREE on Freedoms servers except Chaos. To nearest coast, not inland. For Chaos residents the delivery will be at at Delis west coast. (unless other agreements) After your order is ready to be delivered I will post you "something" for payment, as soon as I got the payment for the order I will start sail to you. Unless you got a fsb/bsb on your deed, that you give me permission to drop in I will place one of my own fsb/bsb, and then change ownership over to you. I will then post you the key to the lock used. (That wont cost extra for you, I said Free delivery didn't I ) When ordering please write: The server you are on The coordinates of the location you want the delivery at The name of your deed (if you have one, or nearest one) Don't forget to tell me your In game name too Smallest accepted order is 5 silver Mix as you like, Price : 1 S/K Currently total stock: Pumpkin Ql 0 Onions Ql 0 Potatoes Ql 0 Garlic Ql 0 Cabbage Ql 0 Carrot Ql 0 Cucumber Ql 0 Letuce Ql 0 Pea pod Ql 0 Sugar Beet Ql 100 0 Tomato Ql 0 Oat Ql 0 Wheat Ql 0 Barley Ql 0 Corn Ql 0 Rye Ql 0 Rice Ql 100 0 Strawberry Ql 0 Cotton Ql 0 Reed Ql 0 Wemp Ql 0 Welcome with your order Maiya Made reservation: ....................................................................................
  7. Looking for a vyn priest to make a priest converting, preferably at the west coast.
  8. Looking to buy 1~2 pairs of bison on Deliverance, will pickup. Open to offers.
  9. Seeking a mag follower convert on deli. PM romeo if online or shoot me a message here. Eventually seeking priest conversion. Thanks in advance
  10. Quality of the felled logs do not matter to me. Please pm me your price
  11. WTS rare rowing boat 50 ql only 10 silver pick-up deli u12
  12. The humble village of Port Catnip on Deliverance is open to new members. Experienced or brand new players are both equally welcome. The deed is owned by myself (Hexd) and right now I am the only active villager. We are however part of an active alliance, so if I am not around there are always others to talk too in the area Port Catnip is a fairly new deed. Aside from a couple of houses we have a warehouse/crafting area which is still a bit of a work in progress. The deed has a nice sized farm, a field of cows and sheep. It also has some horse breeding pens and will be able to provide 5s horses to anyone who would like to join (or help with the breeding!) We have a mine and I am in the process of building a boat cave which will hopefully open up the option to build a nice row of houses/buildings underground as well as an underground docks. Having voice comms (discord) is very nice so you can join in with us when we are doing hunts, rifts or just general banter. Also we are an english speaking group. The deed and the alliance is currently home to PVPers from Chaos as well. So if you are interested or curious about PVP then great. If not then there is absolutely no pressure at all! I'm mostly looking for some buddies to play with when I'm on freedom. However for anyone who is interested joining Port Catnip is a great way to get a foot in the door on the PVP scene. We can always provide you with all the tools and help needed to get you PVP ready. If PVE is your main focus that is great too and I will do whatever I can to help you out. Just let me know what skills you wish to work on and we can get what you need. Right now I have a house that is empty that a player can move straight into. Or if you prefer I can give you a plot of land to build your own (underground or above). Deed is in the SE of Deliverance. On the coast of Dragons Cove. P20 on the in game map. If you are interested drop me a message in-game on hexd. Also accepting forum messages or leave me a post here Feel free to ask all kinds of questions!
  13. New deed Kredik Shaw is now recruiting. We are located in Southern Deli just north of Port Catnip whom we are allied with. We have a very large area with multiple building projects going on and a vast mine. Our alliance is very active so there's always somebody online. New or experienced players welcome, will be adding in pictures soon. Pm milksteak in game or post here if interested.
  14. WTS (all items are on deli) Rare Willow Longbow 40ql - 4s Sold Rare Maple Ropetool 40ql - 3.5s Rare Mortar 27.60ql - 20c Sleep Powder x 10 - 1s each Seryll Lump 92.07ql 0.27 kg - 3s Star Diamond 13.74ql - 3s Black Opal 25.00ql - 3s I also have 3k silver ore for sale mostly ql ranging 15 - 22, some are 50-70ql message me if you are interested in working out a deal for it.
  15. WTS coastal deed Deliverance SE Windigo size 17x33 + a large extension on west side monthly cost 1s12c upkeep for 48 days guard tower enchanted grass house furnished (oven, larder, food storage bin, beds, tables, chairs, rope tool, loom, spinning wheel, chests, racks, lamps...) work house and storages (forges, smelter, kiln, full Bulk storage bins) many pens with animals (horses 5 and 4 speeds, cows, sheeps, pigs, chickens) docks (with 2 lighthouses) Path of Love on deed Mine entrance (Tin very good Qt, Iron Ulmost Qt, SaltRock Very good Qt, SandStone Good Qt mostly inside) Altars of Vynora and Nahjo Spirit castle enchanted courier 99 + Magranon rune on it +5% size Clay, sand and Tar just outside the deed Stepps on deed's border Orchads and fields Transporters PM offers please The deed has been sold, thank you for your offers Pryss
  16. Arrrr!!!!Plate smithing & Bulk manufacture. Hi, I want to offer you my Plate armours and bulk materials. If you want to order a plate set or some bulk material's PM me! You can pick up orders at "Arrr" village (d19) on Deliverance, I can send or deliver my goods too. You can offer me high ql/rare/enchanted tools or other stuff for my work and I'm open for price negotiation Just look on my stuff and prices. If u need something that is not avaliable in my storage, just talk to me. Probably I can make it on demand. Plate Smithing: (50, 60, 70,80 QL) You can order any parts of plate or I can imp yours! PM me. All price's for full armour set (9 parts) QL: price 50 70c 60 1s 70 1,75s 80 2,5s My skills: Mining 62 Wood Cutting 56 Digging 47 Masonry 43 Stone cutting 27 Carpentry 50 Bulk prieces: Other things for sale: Potion of fletching 85ql-1,5S Potion of flething 94 ql-1,7S Blue dragon blood-1s Dark ring 75 ql dmg 1- 1,5s Steel Blacksmithing tools 50ql-15c Rift items: 2x left elaborate shoulder pad, leather, 75 ql-50c ea Right layered shoulder pad, 75 ql 1,5s neacklace of protection, seryll, 25 ql 50c soul stealer neacklace, seryl, 75 ql 2s ribonned shoulder pad 50 ql 1,5s curved shoulder pad 75 ql 1,5s Rift materials 10c/ea: 24x 21ql rift stone shrads 4x 29 ql rift wood Food: eggs-400-1s/100 Lumps: 85,9ql 0,33kg glimmersteel - 3,3s 84,9ql 0,30 rare glimmersteel -3s 89,69 ql 0,35 kg adamantie lump-3,5s Others: Active Bee hives -30 ql- 2,5s Bees wax- 100x- 40ql- send an offer You should also see our master chansmith page:
  17. Will consider anything, paying with silver.
  18. I have passed the torch for the map on to Daash! He will do a great job and be able to maintain it much better than I will. Ty all for your support while I worked on the map! HELLO DELIVERANCE! I will be taking over the Updates from now on for the Deliverance map :-) I would like to thank Akaryd for all the hard work he has done the past year in keeping this map alive and updated, and for asking me to take over this position! Please post all updates here and do not pm me with updates. Original Map(recomended): (updated 18-Aug-2016) Modified Map(new map dump): (updated with Original Map Outdated, update pending) General Instructions Just post the following information. And do not PM your update requests. You may however PM me the deed/s you own if you DO NOT want them added to the map! Thanks Settlement name Location (x,y) If posting new roads/tunnels/bridges, then please include an image with your post. Use an image hosting service such as As I travel around Deli I will try to update roads that I travel along. I will be trying to keep up with deed disbands. If I miss one please let me know in this topic(coords are apreciated)! For suggestions on features of the map, or changes to the way things are done, please PM me to discuss! You can also make a thread in the deli forum with the change suggestion, makes it easier to gauge interest in the change, as well as keeping this thread for updates to the map! Credits: Tpikol for making the map, Akaryd for maintaining the map till I took over.
  19. Hi all, I am returning player, started to play some 5 years ago (don't remember fully), stopped few times, latest on Jan 16 and now returning back. My old deed is still intact (not claimed though), but I find it awkward to start 3rd time at the same place, also last time I stopped due to lack of company. I would like to join thriving active community. I am playing mostly nights (21:00 - 4:00) and I am in GMT +1 (CET) My char is premium and I am at some 60+ skills, see the dump with skills above 50 only: I am friendly, fluent in english and I love to adventure, hunt, chat and hang out. I gladly participate on any bigger projects and I also like to help newbies. PM here please, I will not be playing until I know where to go, as I have packed my sailship with leftover stuff and now I am waiting where to set sail to. I am currently on Deli, but I saw from activitiy PoV that Indy is very active so I will preferably move there. Cheers, Tom
  20. You heard that right deli, I'm back! Last time I set foot on you was in 2013 and here I am again! Returned to wreak havoc as Orias The Deranged only could! Alright well maybe not havoc, build up a little off deed place, pester the usual oldies I know. Probably do some masonry work for a person or two. You know the usual. Might start up the delivery service from a ways back. Who knows eh? So who're the main blade and tool smiths now in case I need to start ordering stuff to get going... I'm a sucker for good tools... I only ever bought my tools from Nicrolis in the past, so who's who and what's what?
  21. Selling Necklace of protection. This item was won as a reward from a Rift event. Upon examine: This necklace is adorned with symbols of protection. Has Hurting time reduction. 50QL Seryll. Starting Price : 5smin increase : 1sReserve : NoBuyout : Open to offers. SOLD!
  22. As title says, I'm in need of 5 speed female horses on Deli. Please PM me prices, etc. Thanks in advance.
  23. I need casting mailbox on Camp D on Deli with courier. PM me please - Thanks!
  24. Rare ShipMaterials (pegs,tenon,plank ect...), - 30c each Rare Plate Gauntlet 49,5ql - 2,5s Rare Plate Gauntlet 76,3ql - 2,5s Rare Pate Leggings 71,3ql - 5s Rare Carving Knife 21ql - 6s Rare Hammer QL 92,84 CoC 91 - 9s Rare Pickaxe QL 38,07 WoA 95 CoC 96-14s Rare Pickaxe QL 34,88 WoA 86 CoC 99 - 14s Rare Pickaxe 67ql C72 W71 - 7,5s Rare Pickaxe 41ql - 5s Rare Pickaxe 43ql - 5s Rare Long Sword 91ql NN87 C55 MS 58 - 8s Rare Butchering Knife 73ql W51 C82 - 7s Rare Butchering Knife 87,21ql W69 C84 - 8,5s Rare Small Anvil - 5s Rare Rope - 2s Rare Lock Pick 57,92ql - 2s LOCATION: 34x5y Deliverance.
  25. Hello, I am looking for a Nathan priest so I can priest in Nathan. I can travel to you. Thanks