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Found 25 results

  1. I was just on the steam wurm forums and saw that some new players did not know where they could find villages to join. My suggestions are: 1: most simple idea - Include a link to these forums from the steam forums. Then people can find the village recruitment section for their server. 2: In game deed advertising through a new menu box called "find a community" or something like that. With its own icon next to the char, inventory, settings....etc This menu box could look something like this: It could be around the size of the crafting window. Deed names would be on one side and information about that deed would be on the other side. People can click on a deeds name and the info on the other side would change to that deeds info. If a player wants to join a village, they can click on the "Join Village" button and then they will get a message saying that they have been put on the list of people to be accepted into the village. If you are already in a village then you can't join a village with the join button. If it is tried then show a message saying "You must quit your current village before joining a new one". Something like that. The menu would only show deeds from your server. How to put your deed on the recruitment menu: The way to get your village on the recruitment menu is: 1: You must be a mayor or the mayor must of given you permission to advertise for the village (A deed permission) 2: From the token or a recruitment board, a new menu would pop up. This menu would have the option to submit your deed to the recruitment menu. You can then enter in your information about your deed. (Best to have a character min limit too, like 250 characters or 500 characters.) Just so that people get a good idea of your deed. Once done, click on submit. The deed name and details will appear in the "find a community box.". I would suggest a waiting time when submitting the recruitment advert. Max of 24 hours. In case of server overload or issues. Etc. There would also be an option to remove the advert from the recruitment board as well. Again, a time limit. Like changing bank location Also, if a deed disbands, the advert would get auto removed from the board. Inactive deeds on the list: To make sure that the board does not get filled up with inactive deeds. The board could have a time limit for how long it keeps a listing. I would say that people should get 1 month of advertising before their listing is removed. This could be annoying though to keep on inputting advertising info every month. In which case, maybe the server could keep track of if the mayor has signed in and when. If the mayor does not sign in for 1 month then remove the advert. I think inactivity might be a problem but if you have any ideas of how else you could fix that, then please let me know.
  2. WTB Deeds

    WTB your old, stocked, ready to play deeds. pls pm me in game with location for viewing.
  3. Tents, the wonderful portable respawn that any traveler adores. Great for when on unique hunts and amazing if you are a priest wandering inland on Xanadu. Trouble is they're irrepairable and un-impable. Now I can understand why they are not repairable, otherwise everyone would just keep their tent at 1 QL and be done with it. The first change I propose is that tents can be repaired using square cloth on them (rather how one must use water to repair potted plants) and can also be improved when fully repaired (cloth tailoring seems a good skill). The only reason I suggest this is my OCD attacks me every time I see "damage 5.3" next to an item in my inventory that I cannot repair! The second change is to do with tents on deeds. Again I can understand why they are not currently droppable on deeds, otherwise you could house hundreds of alts in one village, giving them the benefit of a non-decaying spawn point without the completely unfair double upkeep. So I propose something a little different, namely a new permission "drop tent" that allows usergroups to place a tent on the deed. While someone's tent is on the deed they count towards the population of that village for the purpose of upkeep (to preventing the 100 alts scenario) and giving deed owners the option of letting players camp or not. Optional Extra : Mayors can set a price for "camping" (akin to beds) so that anyone dropping a tent will be warned and, if they accept, the tent drops and the camper will be charged the fee mentioned. Lets make a bit of cash
  4. This is a topic, an old one but with a new position.. instead of searching through the bones and cob webs i got gen x lazy and started a new thread.. to show off this deed i saw from one of our own and maybe you want to discuss what makes a good deed a good deed or a structure a good one etc..the skies are the limit... so without further ado.. the great marvels of our modern times..
  5. Hello fellow Wurmians, Since the addition of the archaeology skill I have had a wonderful time exploring the countryside searching for evidence of long fallen deeds. I've been keeping track of my findings, (no in-game journal until recently) and have plotted then on a current geography map of Indy. I have no idea if there is any interest for others in trying to put together something, so I wouldn't mind hearing from the community if you are interested in seeing where the popular deed spots were/are, where the extreme hermits used to live, and if there were many parts of Indy that haven't been settled. I have some collected data for about 200 deeds scattered across the lands. Below is a link to a small section that I have done in the area where I live; it has been popular with deeds, though from the number, they've probably been short lived. I've tried to put the deed names in the grid squares where I found them, using 2 different colours to try and keep the separate names obvious where multiple deeds existed. Skyefox Mayor Albia Estates
  6. I would like an ingame census. Make it possible that all village population counts are recorded and when you're hovering over a known town on the in game map itll say something like Active Villagers (within 30 days) Inactive Villagers (Past 30 days since last log on) Doesn't need to show players names, just counts. I can see this not being good on PvP but for pve it makes sense.
  7. I'm looking for a deed. There is a wishlist. I also dont need all points covered. Size: maybe ~10s/month. Preferably an area with varied geography. I don't really like flat. Bonus points for terraforming and structures. Semi private area. Few neighbors if any visible. Islands are amazing. Any server is ok.
  8. I prefer south coast deeds, PM me, any deed will work if the price and location is good
  9. I couldn't find anywhere in the 100k plus listings so can we merge two or more deeds in settings by doing away with one side of the outer perimeter? For instance..I would drop the West side perimeter and they would drop the East side perimeter so there would not be 10 tiles unprotected tiles between us. Reason would be mostly for creation of a Market area.. attached to the main living area. With a setting of "Merge Deed with _________ , drop West(drop down select) perimeter." Just simple and you could even charge the outer perimeter cost if you're concerned with money lost on monthly payments. Just an idea.
  10. Really haven't fleshed this out as it was inspired recently by another thread. Basically something similar to King and player titles, except they work for deeds. For example a deed, where the citizens and/or guards have killed X number of enemies in the deed proximity, might gain a title "Fortress". "Castle", "Village", and etc are other possibilities. Unsure offhand what some kingdoms call their frontline pvp deeds. War Deeds or Wardeeds may be something only certain groups do. Doesn't have to be just pvp-related titles. Crafting, enchanting, and so on can also reflect what some deeds specialize in. EDIT: Also let it be an option for the deed-holder to decide if they want it visible.
  11. My villager and I are offering our services in creating man made islands for anyone who wants one. Depending on the work you need done will determine the price of the the service. If you supply the dirt we will do it for less. At the time of this posting we both are level 70 diggers. We can't do any higher slope than 210, but it will be going up very fast as the project is being worked on. Pm myself or StoickJester and we can get things going. Also we can travel to any of the other Freedom Servers, if you want your islands elsewhere!
  12. how should adding deeds to community map work? as i see it there is 2 options: the way i used to do it,you add all deed locations anyone reports and then remove only if the mayor asks you to remove it(which lead to much more accurate maps) the "rule" people use now,only mayor can report his/her own deed,nobody can add deeds they dont own,less accurate maps but makes shrimpie happy. seems clear that i support the first one. there is also a little problem with using the second one.when i remade the current deli map from scratch,using the locations of all the deed in the old deli map,i never asked anyone for permissions to add their deeds,so if you really want to follow the second "rule" you should remove them all,or be a hypocrite. give your opinion or if you think there is another option,speak up,
  13. How about an account-wide permission block for deeds? I have 3 characters on the same account. They cannot help each other on deeds because to the game, they are just some Joe off the streets. I would love to see a permission setting for accounts as in for alts bound to the same email.
  14. I am curious as to which attributes and resources attract you when placing a deed? What are your personal requirements and which are bonuses? Any example pictures of deeds would be lovely to see too!
  15. I was thinking about abandoned boats left on people's harbor deeds. It would be nice to have a deed permission check box for village, alliance, kingdom for the ability to moor boats. This will prevent many boats from randomly being moored then abandoned on people's Harbor deeds and keep free the space for regular uses. This will allow better control over space on coastal deeds where people can and cannot put boats. currently you must submit a support ticket to a GM to move a boat off your deed if it encumbers your building process, yet otherwise is free to remain. This saves GM time and prevents many potential hassles and should be rather easy to implement.
  16. Hi I read a post by black_legion and how their deed got totally wrecked over and over again. I wont say its ok but its within the rules of the game. And afterall Chaos is a PVP server. But, attacking undefended deeds? Does that go in line with "PVP" ? and where's the fun in that? The simple problem is actually that you can destroy any deed you want when no one is online to defend it. Its not good for any kingdom, be it you have 99% of the players or 1% or your a new kingdom that want to play on CHAOS. The latter meaning its very hard for new kingdoms to arise on the CHAOS server. Hence this topic with suggestions to fix what I Think is a MAJOR FLAW with this game, attack deeds when no one is online to defend it. Here are some suggestions to stop this flaw as I call it. This is just ideas and they could be tweaked in one way or Another to make it work on Chaos server. But the main thing remains, make it very very hard to raid deeds when there are no players online at said deed to defend it. How should it work? Well we must come up with some formula to calculate when the extra defense is needed. It could be a percentage of the total amount of defending kingdoms players that are logged in Or % of players logged in at the village that are getting attacked. There should also be some kind of "abuse prevention" so the defending village cant log in, log out to get the extra defense. Lets say that when the village has reached the goal of logged in players the timer will reset to 1-2 hours Before it can be Active again. The suggestions are * 60% faster respawning times for deed guards and Tower guards belonging to the deed. * 50-60% extra damage output made by guards or Tower guards belonging to the deed. * 60% less damage made to every object on the deed, houses, walls etc. * 50% longer digging timer within the deed and its perimeters. Please post constructive posts in this topic! Lock away your kingdom vs kingdom hatred and Think Before you post, cause afterall the tides may turn, remember that! In the ends its my belief that this Changes would make it more fun for everyone. And it would actually make it easier for new kingdoms to establish on the server.
  17. Now selling 4800 planks on xanadu. 90c per 1k with pickup. 1S per 1k for delivery on Xanadu. Pm Teenie in game for information, Thanks. Sorry deed was sold already.
  18. Sold out. Close Thread. Good bye Wurm!
  19. For those of you worried there will be some huge land grab on Xanadu when it opens and all the rich old accounts will buy up all the prime coastal real estate, I sat down and worked on the math for all of you Chicken Littles. Listen, Xanadu will be 16x the size of Independence or Chaos, that's huge, so let's put it in perspective. Xanadu's map will be 64x64 kilometers, that's 4,096 square kilometers of map. Judging by the water percentages of Indy and Release, the amount of land to water is about 50%. That leaves 2,048 square kilometers of land to settle on and explore. One tile in Wurm is 4m, so that's 250 tiles per kilometer. 250x250 is 62,500 tiles per square kilometer. Okay, so that's 62,500 times 2,048 sq/km. That gives us a play area of 128,000,000 tiles. Wow. 128 million tiles, can you imagine? So if EVERYONE that plays at one time, say 1000 players on at once, plops down a 100x100 deed (10,000 tiles each) that means they would use up 0.78125% of the land on Xanadu. (1,000,000 divided by 128 million). So please, everyone relax. You'll find your place in the sun!
  20. I have three more deeds all around the same area in the SE side of Pristine. None of these are on the map and they only have 1x1 trader shacks on them. They need a lot of work so go have a look they are not just wildland....well Edgewood is but the other two have had dirt work done. This is a sale for all three together with the deed holders and none of the characters have any skills or referrals. Price: 1g (euro at a 1-1 ratio) This includes all three deeds and the deed holders. SOLD
  21. I have a suggestion about the deed cost and upkeep for it. I have found that there is a minimum upkeep cost of 1s. Now that being said when you buy a deed form it cost 10s but you can only use 7s of it for the deed size itself while the other 3s are held back for upkeep which is all well and good except the 7s is not enough to make your deed large enough to reach the minimum upkeep cost of the 1s the best you can do is a deed size 8x9 and the upkeep comes out to 64c so you are wasting 36c a month. and the closest you can get to the minimum upkeep without going over is 11x10 costing 9s66c. which means to max out your deed to your minimum upkeep cost means you will have to spend an extra 2s66c. So i have come up with the following suggestions. 1. Remove the minimum upkeep cost altogether let people make a village whatever size they wish without being penalized for not reaching the min upkeep cost. 2. Or adjust the cost per tile to found a deed so that with the 7s from the deed form cost will come out to the 1s upkeep cost.
  22. One more deed is recently destroyed by meteor. It became the next one in the number of many others. It's very rare event when meteor falls not within someone's deed. Damages from these "events" are totally deadly for deeds. Examples: Elro pls post your recent pictures in this post. Many deeds are destroyed by this bug, which always hit deeds on MRH. Some ppl quit the game because this. Deeds occupies not much land on server but meteors always hit them. This is really very strange random. Pls. Make something finally to fix it. Change meteors to make damages to buildings but not so total damages. Make them really random place to fall to.
  23. Auction is for 4 deeds in the South West of Celebration server. Most are completely undeveloped. When bidding please list which deed/s you are bidding on by number. 1 - 2 - 3(4). Each deed has its own seperate auction, but I will entertain offers for all together(they all connect). Will also entertain USD/Euro Buyout offers. Bids are accepted here, via forum messages, or in-game pms. Private bidding is allowed. I reserve the right to cancel auctions at anytime. Happy Bidding! <3 http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png 1.) Tranquility Lake Reserve - Size 73x43 Coastal Deed (Upkeep - 7s27c80i) Includes 3s39c42i in coffers. Has a clay pit just off the deed line that is open to the public. TONS of olive trees! Cost to place - 62s78c Starting Bid: 45 Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: 62s SOLD Reserve: Hidden Auction Ends: Monday September 24th, 2012 @ 11pm EST Sniper Protection: 1 Hour 2.) Tranquility Lake Resort - Size 53x79 Inland with private sandy beach Lake. Small farm house with fenced in farm space & animal pens. TONS of Olives. (Upkeep - 9s37c40i) Includes 17s44c40i in coffers. Cost to place - 83s74c Starting Bid: 50s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: 83s SOLD Reserve: Hidden Auction Ends: Monday September 24th, 2012 @ 11pm EST Sniper Protection: 1 Hour 3.) Tranquility Mines - Size 59x43 Mountain/Lake side. A few small shops with 50ql Forge & Oven. Large cart, random tools etc. (Upkeep - 6s7c40i) Includes 5s22c81i in coffers. Cost to place - 50s74c Mines include : iron: normal QL, normal QL, Very good QL, Good QL/flint, Normal QL, Good QL,Good QL, normal QL, Very good QL, Zinc: Good QL, Good QL, Normal QL, Starting Bid: 35s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: 50s SOLD Reserve: Hidden Auction Ends: Monday September 24th, 2012 @ 11pm EST Sniper Protection: 1 Hour 4.) Sulfur Springs - Size 13x21 Mountainside/Southern Steppe. (Upkeep - 1s54c60i) Includes 1s54c37i in coffers. Cost to place - 5s46c Deeds 3 & 4 are connected by a tunnel through the mountains, so deed 4 is just an add on. SOLD
  24. Can you own 2 deeds on the same server?
  25. What I propose is to allow one player to be citizen of many deeds. The reason for this proposal is as follows: easier sharing of the deed with allies, more control over deed permissions, allowing allies to do certain limited things available only to citizens (destroy bonus, sign planting), allowing members of other alliances to be part of the deed and so on. All of the above made or still makes problems for my alliance. I'm in fact surprised there is a limit like that, is there a reason for it?