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Found 3 results

  1. Deed Name - Blackoak Location - y5,x27, Celebration Server - MAP Size - 39 x 33 Upkeep - 2 Silver, 47 Copper, 40 Iron per month (38 days left in upkeep) Price : Letting it go cheap at 15 sil Reason For selling - Found another spot that is much smaller and more where I would like to be. Contact me through Forum Mail to arrange a visit or to purchase. Resources Iron Veins x2 Acceptable x1 Good x1 Good w Flint x1 Poor x3 Very Good Slate Veins x1 Utmost Copper Veins x2 Very Good Tin Veins x1 Good x1 Normal Zinc Veins x2 Utmost x2 Very Good x1 Good x1 Normal x1 Acceptable Silver Veins x1 Poor The main house is technically a 9 story but has 8 useable floors. The deed is surrounded by a combination of 37% Tall Stone Walls and 63% High Iron Fences ( I haven't had time to complete the full rebuild to all High Iron Fences.) The walls have gatehouses in each corner and 2 main gatehouses that are centered. Some are unfinished due to time constraints. There is a 3x3 Workers house next to the mine entrance with bed forge oven and FSB. Lots of BSB'd resources go with the deed, including quite a bit of gold. Im only taking a bare minimum of items with me. A Catapult also comes with the deed. All statues and fountains have been kept a low QL so if you don't like them, they will be easily demoed as none are above 10 QL. All trees on deed are Walnut. Absolutely beautiful in the spring when they get their extra color. There is a large partially off deed lavender farm fenced in with High Iron fences with 3 gatehouses attached, with 284 Lavender plants. Large areas to farm directly next to main house. Very quiet area and coastal access is available by parking near the boat bridge. The hiways around the deed are covered by the deed. Pics of them can be seen here Road Pics, bottom ish of first page. The imperial road runs through the deed and was created after any other hiways in the area and after all walls were up so is not considered part of the hiway system. It is a part of the landscape design as are all paved areas inside the walls. All hedges are lavender so they will not get any higher than shown. Pics Below
  2. Now only 1 Deed up for grabs on Independance server. It is a 21x21 deed selection with 1 Spirit Guard at map co-ordinance 28X x 5Y. Has 4 buildings on deed including House, Church (with tall bell tower) Barn/warehouse Merchant and traders hut (with Trader & Merchant). 4 areas made for animals; 1 for Horses (horses incl), 2 for cows (cows Incl) and a general area for mix of animals. and a area of 50x50 for farming. 3 boats are included if wanted (Small Sailboat, Corbita & Cog) a 4th (Knarr) is half built and there is a 5th but is not ours. Asking price is 40s o.n.o. Please contact here to make time and place of meeting for trade. (map referances used are from Indemap.png) UPDATE:- ok if you can't afford these deeds with all they have we will sell items on their own. Cows, Horses, Boats, Mechant and Trader. Please contact us here as we are bouncing back and forth from Epic to Inde. Our names are Trevordent and Michelledent if you want to PM us, but better to contact here. Below Link will take you to some screen shots of the two deeds. http://www.nanangoth...wurmonline.html