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Found 3 results

  1. notice there are only two deed government types when placing down a deed for villages, dictatorship or democracy, if there are anymore that are PvP exclusive I wouldn't know, I only play on PvE. my suggestion is a Republic style deed governance where instead of 1 person being leader, the duty is split among the group. All deed decisions would be held to vote by the massed of the deeds, meaning also the switching of the deed government type would also need a vote, preventing any 1 person from stealing a deed by simply coming into power. deed expansion would also need to come to a vote as well, with the person wanting to expand (or persons) posting the request at the deed token with the money on hand to expand it, and the rest of the members of the deed placing vote if they want it expanded, all these would be majority vote rules. though there would not be taxes to keep the deed running upkeep, instead it would be left to the people of the deed to decide that. so the only drawback would be that some people might not want to expand or pay into the upkeep, and again, that would be for the people of the deed to handle. if anyone is interested in enhancing this further I would love to brainstorm and refine it more thoroughly.
  2. I am the mayor of my village. I am trying to remove citizens from my village, and I can't do it. I think there is supposed to be a button on the manage citizen permissions list, but I don't see one when I open that menu. Please help. thanks.
  3. Instead of renaming gates using the deed form which gives no indication of which gate you are naming, can we rename the gate at the gate and it be reflected on the deed form?