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Found 37 results

  1. Right on the Lake, beautiful views, creative landscaping (lots of terraforming has been done) and easy access to the ocean. Easily expandable with room all around. Quite a bit of love was put into the design. It's hard for us to part with it. Location is O-10 (584x769 on 2 mines on property (tin, iron, zinc) 3 mines with doors off property (marble, slate, gold, silver, copper) 5 areas setup for farming (some are currently planted) 3 animal pens (various horses (some preggy), cows, bulls, sheep, rams, chickens included) Full blacksmith building (slate) 3x4x2 (2 stories) and includes 8 forges, various storage. Workshop building (wood) 3x4x2 (2 stories) includes 2 ovens and 1 food storage bin, 2 bed frames, 1 loom and various storage. 1 fountain Unenchanted mailbox Empty merchant stall Guard Tower (QL 30) Various carts and other misc items. Freeway has been started. Altars to Fo and Vynora 50 silver or best offer. (currently have some offers, hurry and get your offer in before it's gone) If interested, please contact me (Tarot) in game or leave a message here. Best time to catch me in game is after 1 p.m. (pacific). Thanks!
  2. After a long time debating I have decided to sell my deed Valyrian Farms. It's 31 x 20, has a guard, a couple of barn buildings and a decent amount of pens for livestock. As well as a herd of cattle, sheep and a few horses I will be leaving behind with it. Asking price is simply 10s (the creation cost of it). Located at 44x 51y Albia Road map or Q20 ingame map Indy. If people would like photos, I can add them otherwise I shall be about if anyone wishes to visit ingame.
  3. sold. can someone remove the topic? I can't seem to find how to do it.
  4. I'm selling my deed on xanadu, reason: I moved to Deliverance, the price is 8s- 11x21 - area with enchanted grass for horses, with a wagon, all the minerals in the back, Gold, Silver, Slate, Sandstone, Cooper. follow the photos below.
  5. The Shore; Farms as far as the eye can see. I’ve had the pleasure of owning this deed for a little over a year and a half. It was passed on to me by a player called Starr, who purchased it from Martynas originally. Unfortunately, it has become a chore for me to sail from my home on Exodus back to Deliverance to maintain it, so here is your chance to grab this awesome deed spot! The deed is located at F24 on Deliverance’s North East coast, a 15 minute horse ride to the Deliverance tunnel network, and a 10 minute boat ride from the deliverance eastern boarder. Farms as far as the eye can see. The size of The Shore is 45 by 47. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 16 silver and 16 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 4 silver and 23 copper. The upkeep will last approximately 105 days, 22 hours and 5 minutes more. Extras and Other Details: Over 50 lamps left on deed. Love tile on deed 98 cast mailbox Plenty of goodies to pick through, several high-skilled people and priests have lived here. Several forges, ovens, bsbs, crates, fsbs, rafts, buildings, and a mine to pick through Ql in stuff ranges from 10-90 Over 150 enchanted grass tiles on deed: 3 barns, each with 8, 2x1 pens, all grass is enchanted. 1 big barn with 10, 2x1 pens, all grass is enchanted. 5x11 Enchanted grass pens with 11, 2x1 pens inside. 2 pens 3x3 enchanted grass. Buildings: Workshop, Inn, Main house, Barns; East, Central, West, BahhMoo. Asking Price: 67s OBO PM me here, or ingame on Sugarfoxx This deed is a wonderful spot for shipping and farming, ideal for a mortar making mason or the tinkering blacksmith; in front of it is a large scale clay pit, so dig as much as your heart desires! The deed is surrounded by its own personal sand pit as well, and contains a wonderful boat canal into the mine [Fully Reinforced] for easy boat storage and shipping needs. Vein Info: Shoutout to @Shydow for checking some of the veins out for me, the Shydow list is: Iron; 34 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 36 MaxQL (unsure of remaining ore) 38 MaxQL (5-10k Left) 43 MaxQL (1-3k Left) 46 MaxQL(3-5k Left) 59 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 76 MaxQL (1-3k Left) 85 MaxQL (1-3k Left). 87 MaxQL (5-10k Left) Marble: 44 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 72 MaxQL (3-5k Left) 96 MaxQL (3-5k Left) Gold: 21 MaxQL (5-10k Left) Silver: 31 MaxQL (5-10k Left) Unfortunately I haven’t uncovered the others, the veins in the mine that haven’t been checked for ql and what was left are: 1 Sandstone vein, 1 iron vein, 1 marble vein, 1 rocksalt vein, and 1 lead vein
  6. If you are looking to get your farming, animal husbandry and maybe also cooking or related skills up quick, this may be a dream come true for you! I am looking to preferably rent out this excellent huge farm in the middle of Independence, right in the Grand Steppe. What it has to offer: - Deed fully fenced in by tall walls and hedges around the tall walls - safety through deed guard - 41x41 tiles mostly flat farm land (about 90% flat and farm) - bsbs and fsbs scattered all over the farm for congenient farming - sandstone and iron mine - buildings with beds, forges, ovens, and some tools - trees on the property, mostly oaks - several fenced in fields so you could easily breed animals - several enchanted grass tiles - absolutely awesome hunting territory all around the deed - trader access if you want - several sorts of seeds available to start your farm - and of course you can keep and even sell your crops and whatever you produce here! What do I expect from you? - Basically just that you diligently pay the monthly upkeep each month in advance so that it never falls below 28 days ! Currently it is 4 silver 47 copper per month. - no terraforming please! It should all stay nice and flat. Additional fencing allowed though if you want. Partial rental is possible too. Arrangement can be made for several months up to a year. I am currently stuck in an important RL project and can not spend time on this deed. Try to bribe me to sell it though, I might just sell it to you. Looking forward to your PM here on the forum :-)
  7. ***POSSIBLE TRANSACTION PENDING, SALE ON HOLD UNTIL WEDNESDAY 1/11/17** ~ Sugarfoxx 9:35pm PST Coastal Deliverance Deed Misty Moon Terrace In-Game Map: H26 Community Map: x-50, y-16/17 Roughly 10 tiles from the Eastern Deli Border! Settlement Information [17:41:27] <Moonfoxx> The monthly cost is 1 silver and 74 copper. [17:41:41] <Moonfoxx> The settlement has 10 silver, 88 copper and 35 iron in its coffers. [17:41:53] <Moonfoxx> The upkeep will last approximately 175 days, 3 hours and 16 minutes more. [17:42:09] <Moonfoxx> The size of Misty Moon Terrace is 30 by 29. Deed Images A view of the front of Misty Moon Terrace, featuring five 70 QL brazier pillars at the front. A view from the Southeast. Two of the four buildings on-deed. These crafting buildings have BSBs and forges included, full of materials that will come with the purchase. The courtyard. There are five altars (blank one in the mine) and an 83 cast mailbox on deed. The house to the right, and a view of the deed from the top. Fenced in grape orchard in the SW Corner of the deed. A view of the deed from the bottom farm area. 4 The farm, which is 200 tiles, or 8x25. Another view of the farm from the top. The enchanted grass pens; there are 40 total enchanted tiles on deed. The road from the docks to the two tiers of the deed. The building on the farm tier. Additional Information: Access road from the mainland. Southeast from Trinsic along the mountain's edge. Price: 30s or best offer. Please contact Sugarfoxx in game via PM Or SugarFoxx directly on the forums. PM Joelle for Emergency offers.
  8. Deed for sale on Xanadu. Inland. It's 43 E/W by 70 N/S Monthly upkeep is 6 silver and 2 copper. Lots of pasture and farm land Right near a large sandy area 1 inn, stone first floor, timber top floor 2 4-story gate houses overlooking the property 1 3-story stone workshop 1 small wooden house 1 2-story timber-framed house Lucrative mine 16 iron veins 2 gold veins 1 silver vein copper tin iron zinc Note: There are currently no animals on the property, but there are lamps and some furniture. The bell tower is still there. I think people can download the deed planner map by clicking this link: Workshop From top of workshop over looking property: Inside workshop Timber-framed house Inside Timber-framed house Inn East Gatehouse West Gatehouse Wooden house Other images around the property
  9. The size of Stars Hollow is 20 by 22. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 1 silver, 58 copper and 74 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver.The upkeep will last approximately 44 days, 10 hours and 43 minutes more. The settlement is granted the following faith bonuses: War (0) damage: 0% CR: 0%, Healing (0): 0%, Enchanting (8.257512): 2.752504%, Rarity window: 8 bonus seconds. The tile per creature ratio of this deed is 15.172414. Optimal is 15.0 or more.This is a good figure. In my recent travelings i have fell in love with a new location where I'm looking to create a home and settle down, therefore need to sell my old deed. Server is Release, Coords are M15, StarsHollow is the name, bigger lake on ingame map. Deed comes with a cave (very good silver vein) and loads of mines closeby with more silver and iron veins various QL (up to utmost) ; minor pen full of black sheep both male and female, aswell as a breeding pair of unicorns and its baby ; altar of Vynora that gives 70,5 faith bonus ; house-guest house and workshop furnished + Love tile made in the courtyard. I have off deed rice farm and animal pens(hell horses/bison/ cow/sheep/deer) that buyer can take over aswell There is resource tiles nearby : tar, peat, moss, clay. Alliance membership is to be discussed with the members if wanting to stay in it. PM me here or in game for more information or to set up a tour. I'm currently taking offers Pictures or it didn't happen: courtyard with love tile and altar area Guest house and views from bottom and top of it Main house and view from its balcony Workshop Pens with sheepiieees and uni Ask for more pics and/or any additional info i forgot to put up
  10. Going to try and auction this deed off due to new projects. I made a small tour video of the deed, which is a bit laggy and dosen't really show the potentional beauty of this place until you take a walk up and down it to look for yourself. The size of Lofotr is 31 by 31. The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired. The settlement has 2 silver, 11 copper and 34 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 1 silver, 92 copper and 20 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 30 days, 18 hours and 55 minutes more. The deed is an old wine farm in the south west with all the tree's you'd need to start production, it got some farm land down below and a mine with lead vein and iron (not tested the ql), the deed has huge potentional in my eyes and is not finished, nor do I have the time due to other projects going into motion. Price suggestions, bids, etc are welcome. >
  11. DK Forest (X25Y7) - looking for 25 silver or best offer +5s extra if you'd like a deed holder that has been premiumed in the past (so account won't get deleted due to inactivity)
  12. Thank you to everyone that showed up tonight to purchase Items, Food, Building materials, Ect. And to the people that helped with the loading as well. Thanks to your generosity I was able to make far more than I was asking for the deed itself, And in turn could allow a lost player a place to use his deed form. And also get my upkeep back. So I am very happy with how things turned out. To those that tried to ruin this auction, Keep On Trollin. I think it's starting to pay off.
  13. Ziemie Kompanii Wykletych - Deed on Deliverance (D18) We have just made entrance to mine, so we don't know any iron veins. But when we prospected rock tile... [17:26:22] There is zinc ore (utmost quality) nearby. Guard tower is in port(outside deed) Mailbox in main building [17:58:46] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [83] There's 440 walls on deed. Materials for these walls are worth 44s. With deed, you will get: 5 beds floor loom 50ql 12x iron candelabras 15x bsbs 2x Large crate 3x Large Barrel 3x FSB 2x Small crates 700 logs Some screenshots Night: Main Building village storage mine North Gate Mine outside deed Port Day Start Bid: 10 Min. Increment: 1s Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  14. This deed has now sold to krieger. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone! I've moved to the Epic servers and I'm having a hell of a lot more fun so I'm looking to sell my deed. I honestly don't want to just disband it and would love to see it passed down. I've been playing alone and I've done everything in this deed myself so It's hard to throw away that much time and effort. The deed is currently named Lanilor and is in the north east (D21) and resides on the waterfront. The deed is a fairly large plot (61x38) but a lot of this simply covers some of the tree farms and can probably be reduced a lot. Current upkeep is is 5.63 Silver and there is enough in the coffers for another 20 days. The following images backup what I have stated above and prove that I am in fact the Mayor and own all appropriate Writs within borders of the deed. The Village of Lanilor The Village itself has plenty of room for new buildings to be constructed and sits on a man-made shore at the foot of a large hill and mountain. It consists of a lower sector (the habitable area) and an upper sector (farmlands). Here are the current structures for the 6 Writs seen in my inventory above which are A small stable (with animals)A Barracks/WorkshopMy current houseAn unfinished stone houseTwo public material sheds Farmlands Lanilor had a great emphasis on farming and producing decent foods. Primarily meals bulked out with dough. We have many crops growing and a couple pens left waiting for crops. Tree Farms We have Apples, Cherries, Maple, Walnut, Grape, Rose and I've just planted our first Lemon Tree that I recently found. Resources I've forgotten to take images of the Silver and Lead, but I can get them if proof needed. Regardless of that Lanilor has access to all resources you could possibly need including TarMossPeatClaySandWaterIron (Plus an utmost)LeadSilver Additional stuff I built a Guard Tower in the very center of the village making it a safe place to live. There is also a second Guard Tower up past the Farm just beyond the peat where there are even more off deed rose bushes, grapes etc. As I am not intending to stay on the Freedom servers I have no need of anything, thus, you will also attain my Supreme Cart, Rare Archery target, row boats, sail boat, everything, right down to my inventory. There is also a mail box gifted to me with some cast on it. Oh and an Alter of fo sits above the village in the grass also. Business I will accept either real-world currency or Wurm Silver I don't know how much, I'm fairly new to Wurm and I'm looking to at least see a few offers. I also appreciate this being my first post isn't going to do me any favors, but I have a TeamSpeak channel we can talk on if you want, I can invite you to the village for a guided tour. Please PM me if you want to do that and I'll organize it (GMT, I'm in the UK). Thanks!
  15. Looking to sell my beautiful deed on the coast. Here are the details: The deed extends a few tiles into the ocean, so the dock is on deed. There is also room to expand to the east (current perimeter extends to a highway). Deed highlights: Private trader in a 3x3 secure building (tax rate is 0, 6 tiles from token)3x3 'foundry' with a rare forge and two additional forges upstairs2x3 'bakery' with 5 forgesanother 2x6 building used as a warehouse and sleeping quartersLove tiledozens of enchanted grass tiles in small and large pens200+ tiles of farmland currentlyspirit mansion with [83] courieron deed mine, well planned with 8 iron veins and 7 gold veinspublic mine close with numerous zinc veinsclay along shore in perimeterlot of oak and willow trees on deed51ql guard tower in the center of the deed (deed is completely fenced)2 - 1x2 gate houses on the east side of the deed (sleeping quarters)most of the deed is well groomed with tons of treesvarious mats in bsb and fsbseveral cows and bulls will stay behind2 horses and a cart will be left behind as well Dock and coast Bakery (right) and foundry (left) Warehouse and Trader building Large pens Small pens farm on east side of deed With only four buildings (excluding 3 gatehouses), there is a ton of space to do what you want. Being a coastal deed, there has been some mild terraforming done, but it is natural looking. I enjoy the open space and did not feel the need to fill each tile with a building. Looking for 45s. Send PM here or catch me in game. Thanks for looking!
  16. I have 3 deeds with traders on them i'd like to offer for sale. I"m not good with pics, i can struggle to make some if absolutely necessary for serious buyers. 2 deeds on Deliverance, Both deliverance deeds have been sold - lots of inquiries..thank you A. 1s upkeep cost per month, has one building on it..but lots of place to mine, n forest 35s + upkeep in Bank B. approx 1.5s upkeep cost..full village of buildings with loads of bsbs 36s + upkeep in Bank 1 deed on Exodus Deed with trader and market approx 2s upkeep per month, has mine, guard tower, market stalls main building, breeding stalls, lots of room to build full village n forest n mine. 35s +upkeep in bank pm me in game or leave me pm on forums they still yield approx 5s per month each in income yet i predominantly play on xanadu now and would like to lesson my sailng trips
  17. Oracle Bay at J-11 on Xanadu and is 66x64, a lot of work has been done, and there are a few villagers that are active. However not much help is given around the deed, they like to work on their plots. The deed has 7 iron veins exposed already and at least one of them is 80+ ql. I have not had the rest prospected. It was fun at first but day by day it just gets to be more of a headache. I am wishing I had just gotten myself a little deed and built a little house and spent time having fun doing what I want rather than trying to get a huge deed worked on by myself. My initial investment was around 55 silver, maybe a little more. There is about 35 days of upkeep left. I am willing to sell for 40 silver, no less. I will keep it if this price is not met and just deal with the headaches. Feel free to message me in game as I do not check my forum PM's often. Here are some images of the deed currently: Regards, Caly Reduced due to horses being stolen.
  18. The Sanctuary Coastal Property Asking 10 Silver Deed Size: 7x7 (15x15 tiles) Location: x23, y46; the whole square if you include perimeter I have an alt for you to log in and see the property for those who live far away. Deed Perks: · Leaving all animals including bison, cows/bulls and some 4 speed horses. · On the water, 3 tiles outside of perimeter. · Fo, Mag and Vyn altars with Vyn being the dominate at 40 ql. · Tar in perimeter. · Well in perimeter, 4 tiles from deed. · Ocean 3 tiles outside of perimeter. · Trash Heap. · Path of Love between deed and ocean (just outside perimeter). · A well one tile off deed in fenced perimeter. · Path of Knowledge just north of the deed. Mine details: Only a few of the mine tiles are on deed, the mine is in perimeter and trails off deed. Gold – Normal Quality – "The ore is starting to deplete" (between 3000 and 5000) – Deeded Several Slate – Very Good is the max. Iron Veins – Most are adequate but the max is Very Good Quality. Lead –Normal Quality is the max. Zinc – Acceptable Quality, only one vein, “You should start to prospect for another vein of this ore†(between 1000 and 3000). We have not mined this since finding it. Coffers as of 6/5/14 I am leaving the server and only taking with me personal tools and a few other items. We are a conservative group so there isn’t a bunch of unnecessary items stored. The deed has three buildings on it with one in perimeter. Deed is stone, perimeter is wood. · Main House – Downstairs there is an oven, 2 BSBs, FSB and a large barrel for water. Upstairs there are two beds and two large chests. · Workshop – This building is single level with a forge and three BSBs and 1 large barrel for water. · Gatehouse into the deed. Please message me, Harvest, here or in Game. Part of the perimeter is fenced in “the backyardâ€. The tall iron fences in the perimeter are all at a minimum of 40 qualities. This is the area where the abandoned house resides. There are two mine entrances. One entrance is in the fenced in perimeter and the other is at the front of the property on deed.
  19. I am looking to potentially sell my deed. It is located on the northern edge of lake Wyvern. It is a 25 x 39 deed with 2 spirit guards Settlement has 6s in it and upkeep is about 4s. There is an UTMOST iron on deed with 9000+ actions left on it. There are also a poor and very good iron in the mine. There are 6 silver ranging from poor to very good. There is a good and very good slate. Clay is a 2 minute boat ride or 10 minute walk around the lake. Copper and zinc are a few minutes around the lake as well. Will include 4 5 speed horses and 4 3 speed horses. 3 cows and 1 bull, and 6 3 speed bison. I am looking for 50s. Below is the olive farm with 30+ trees in it. Below is the cedar farm. Space for the rice farm. Freshly flattened and converted from marsh. Open to be anything needed. There is also a love path in the corner. This is the crafting / apartments. There is a loom room, a forge room, and a kitchen. above are 3 apartments with beds, chests, and practice dolls. Below is the storage building with 2 stories. 8 BSB inside. Farms with 5 speed horses, cows, bulls, and bison. Please let me know what the value of this deed would be considering the UTMOST iron on deed. Thank you in advance.
  20. Hello everyone. I'm moving out of End of the Road. I bought this property from Maah about two months ago. What can I say? This is a great property and has tons of functionality. With the announcement of Xanadu, I came to the decision to move out and try my luck on the new server and start from scratch. Being on this property for two months, I can say with all certainty that this is an all-purpose deed that could meet anyone's needs. Whether you are just starting out or if you are a small village, this could be the place you're looking for. It has TONS of storage. With over 20 BSB's and coffins, you'll never have a lack of storage. It comes with some animals and some vehicles since I'm moving from the server entirely. Also, it has some of the best neighbors I've ever played with that are very knowledgeable and helpful. Without further ado: Name: End of the Road Description: Light upkeep coastal deed on Release (with trader) Size: 19x33 (e-w x n-s) Perimeter: 9 Guards: 1 Monthly cost: 2s 57c 40i Funds: 12s 06c 99i , 131 days upkeep (atm of writing) Deedholder: No Natural resources: Iron, tin, zinc and slate veins, on-deed or very close. Tree farm on perimeter. Communications: EotR is strategically located in order to have a good balance between maritime and inland trading routes on Release while not being too far from Pristine. There is a straight highway leading to Poolsclosed (south point of Spawn Lake) which allows seamless travel to the rest of the continent. Extras/Details: 1x Trader (0% tax)1x Guard Tower on deed area, 5 kingdom guards.1x Mailbox (02 enchantement, hamster powered)25x BSB's - Average QL 20, one rare BSB24x Coffins - Average QL 402x Ovens - Average QL 516x Forges - Average QL 5190-tile flattened area used for farming6 pens of varying sizesTwo rowboats, one large cart, one small cart, and catapult includedTwo horses average speed included Screenshots: DeedPlanner file: Provided as orientative reference, please come see the deed in person. Slopes are not exact. Wooden parapets represent camellia hedges. Annex: The EotR project I made EotR the pillar of my gaming experience but didn't have the time to finish it. The idea was to have my very own place which I could share with others (citizens or not) in an easy to manage way, while still open to almost any activity. Cheap upkeep combined with a private trader was a great decision. DeedPlanner file: Facilities: Manor: Home of the main characters (same or different players).Ground level: Kitchen and immediate needs.First floor: Living room, social meetings.Second floor: Bedroom.Private livestock pen.Tradehouse: should call it Trade®house? Can host personal merchants too.Workshop: for crafting and improving items without having to move.Ground level: 5x forges, 10x bsbs for sorting resources by QL, coffins for tools.First floor (2 tiles): Array of coffins for product storage, accessed from ground level.Second floor: Looms.Storehouse:Main hall: direct access from cart/wagon to 3 levels of storage.Top room: for anything that doesn't need a cart to be managed.Open roof: nice view.Pen for dedicated delivery livestock, wagons/carts parking.Factory: protected building for vehicle construction (ships, wagons, carts).Farm central: tools and storage, oriented to farming and natural activities. Controls access to the basic farming pens. Parking for farm carts.Controlled access areas: 2 different livestock pens allowing inner modularization. Fields area also customizable."Guard tower": an annex to the real guard tower acting as an Inn. Capacity for 3 beds. Emergency exit to avoid being trapped inside.Guest houses: bed and coffin for rookies in training. Forge, bsb, fsb, etc go outside.Marble square: golden altars here. Auction details Starting bid: 65sMinimum increment: 1sSnipe protection: 1hLength: 3 daysBuy out: NoReserve: NoRaw value (settling cost): 67+s * Deed size: 15s 74c * Guard: 2s * Trader: 37s 50c * Funds: 12s
  21. What? Silver Mountain. Formerly known as 'Wyvren's Retreat'. Actually it's quite a bit bigger than that one was, but it's in the same spot. Location: Y22 X13 on the community map.'>> When? Goes on sale @ Midnight tonight, EST. Why? I'm playing less now. Spring and Summer and early Fall are my busiest times of year, and I won't have any real play time on my hands until late Fall or early Winter. It's simply too much for me to keep up with two deeds. This represents one heck of an opportunity for someone who wants an incredible established property at the top of the mountain. Anything you don't like about it can be easily reworked in short order. It's either a great starting-over spot for someone who wants to be left alone and 'hermit', or a great spot for someone who'd like to have a mining/hunting camp. I would not however, recommend this for a new player. You'll die horribly. Very often. Or you'll fall off the mountain and lose your corpse. This is recommended for someone who already knows how to play the game and is familiar with it. Also, as a point of note, you will also control the dead middle of the 'Tunnel of Unrest'. Pros: Monsters out the yang. (Depends upon point of view.)Connects with the Tunnel of Unrest. Easy (but sometimes dangerous) access through said tunnel.At least one iron vein, one 'good' quality gold vein, and a half-dozen or so silver veins, some on deed, some in the perimeter. Quality on the silver ranges from poor to utmost.) Two buildings:Silver Mountain Depot: a 3 x 4 wooden structure with a wooden 2nd floor and ladder. All kinds of possibilities to build on up there, whether to make a crafting station or a nice deck to hang out on. 3 bsbs, 2 large barrels full of water, a bed, a chest, and other misc. Makes a great little warehouse or storage depot. Silver Mountain Lookout: A smaller, cozy wooden building (3 x 2+) with a forge and bed, two fsbs, a bsb, a coffin, and a loom. It also has an additional 3 story lookout tower above it. Great view of the valley below and/or monsters. Cons: Monsters out the yang. (Depends upon point of view.)Part of the property is on the side of a mountain. We're talking sheer cliff here. It IS fenced in currently, but if the fence wasn't there, very easy to fall off and die if you are a new player or have no idea what climbing mode means. I've put over 20 additional silver into the deed expanding the size of it alone. This does not include the countless hours fencing it in and fixing the mines. Oh, yea, mines. Plural. Two of them. One with an exit I dug to Wyvren's Rest. Price is 15 silver, firm. PM me if you'd like to purchase, or contact me in game. If you can survive the trip up here on your own, I'd be happy to give you a tour. But I'm not babysitting. If you can't get up here alive, this property is definitely not for you. View off the balcony. Low res.
  22. Bella's Hideaway on Exodus This deed for sale is 30x30 (61 tiles x 61 tiles). I am accepting offers. Located at x35, y44. It's the old Wolfbane deed. Please view pictures here or below. Deed Perks: Utmost Quality Iron Mine (on deed) Several other Zinc and Slate mines, (totalling approx 26 veins) 5 speed horses Cattle and Bison Working fountain Fo, Mag and Vyn altars, all low quality so you can choose your domain. Rowboat and Cog included A note about the mine: The entire mine is on deed. Only about 1/3 of the deed is mined. Here is a picture of the deed and the mine for you to see it better. Coffers as of 5/4/14 Hunter is leaving the server and will not be taking much with her; starting anew. It will take forever to list what the deed holds so it's best you just come visit. Here is a small list of what she is leaving behind. OK, Harvest has suggested listing some of the items that I am leaving for the new owner. iron pickaxe W66-c55 ql 64.75 iron scissors c40 ql 26.78 iron stone chisel w84=c73 ql 75.58 iron carving knife w87-c60 ql 50.12 Iron hatchet c75 ql 35.50 iron saw w59 ql 35.50 iron shovel w90 c69 ql 80.27 iron lg maul coc45 ql 46.88 iron il maul n50 c64 ms60 ql 48.36 iron maul lt 52 ql 58.73 iron sm axe c72 ql 69.99 iron sm maul c11 f-f-69 ql 30.25 iron sm maul c22 f26 ql 30.40 iron sm maul c13 c66 ql 30.31 iron pickaxe w67 c64 ql 60.55 iron sm anvil w74 c83 ql 86.61 iron sm anvil w63 c90 ql 88.72 iron stone chisel c63 ql 49.59 iron pickaxe coc65 ql 65.42 iron pickaxe w79 c69 ql64.59 iron pickaxe c46 ql 40.97 iron shovel w93 c48 ql 75.72 iron pickaxe c81 ql 13.10 iron pickaxe c80 ql 20.21 iron pickaxe c84 ql 3.80 iron pickaxe c86 ql 21.17 iron shovel c67 ql 3.74 iron shovel cc68 ql 4.03 iron rake c38 ql 3.76 iron rake c62 ql 3.91 iron rake c61 ql 3.92 iron rake c88 ql3.75 iron rake c57 ql 3.89 iron rake c54 ql 4.15 iron rake c58 ql 3.08 iron rake c67 ql 31.33 iron rake c56 ql 4.13 iron rake c41 ql 4.23 iron rake c32 ql 4.29 iron hatchet c89 ql 1.38 iron hatchet c78 ql 1.06 iron hatchet c64 ql 30.26 iron hatchet c88 ql 31.32 also have small quantities of healing item that are 90 ql hides, charcoal some furs. i have mid to upper ql items of different things as well as some more metals of different stuff To save you time in travelling, Hunter has an alt on deed that she is willing to let you log into to have a look around. Please contact Huntgrem in game or on the forum. I am just listing the deed as a favor and I am not the seller.
  23. Deed size is 27 by 25. It sits between the ocean and an inner lake. Very nice location. There's a church, stables, blacksmith, and bakery already on deed. Plenty of room to build more. Docks are clear and ready to be built. Lots of raw materials, bsbs, fsbs, crates etc...all staying. Lots of iron on deed and in the area, all the way up to utmost. Tin on deed, zinc in perimeter. PM for more questions. Asking 18s. EDIT: Here is a dropbox link for the images:
  24. I am looking to sell my first deed. It's a waterfront property on lake Wyvern. It is a stone's throw to the canal that leads out to the ocean. It is located at x14, y9. I resized it as small as possible to reduce upkeep, but it has unlimited east west expansion, and can increase 2 more north - south. The mine has 2 exposed iron ores. One is a normal iron that I have mined from and the other is a Good iron that I just exposed and never mined. There are also many marbles. Two marbles exposed are very good. There are a good deal more behind section that collapsed recently. Inside the mine is a forge and a small cart. The house is a 2 x 2 by 2 story wooden building. Inside is a forge, an oven, three chests, and a BSB. Upstairs is a bed. There are two large farm fields in front of the house. Nearby resources - There is a clay peninsula a short boat ride away. There is also a source of zinc and copper just a few minute walk from the deed. The Auction starts at 8s. Increase by 1s. Buy out at 20s.