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Found 3 results

  1. Trying to liquidate some relatively valuable items and willing to cut deals to get them sold. Coming to deed to inspect items is always welcome, but current items of note include: 1x 70+ quality knarrs. Atleast one is runed. Looking for 6s per knarr. 6s 50c for the runed one. 2x Rare Forges. 40 and 80 quality and both are runed with the fuel reduction rune. Looking for 4s and 7s respectively. Several wagons of varying quality. Some up to 70. Others as low as 10. Looking for 50c for the nicer ones and 10c for each of the creation ql ones. Food Storage Bins completely full of assorted meats and vegetables. Looking for 1s each for those. Rare Cupboard 60 quality. Hoping for 4s. Rare 80ql Pickaxe with 90+ CoC and WoA. Hoping for 6s for that. 73 quality Blue DragonScale Sleeve. Asking 20s for that. Rare 88 quality iron hatchet. 82 WOA, 78COC. 6s. 2x Rare 90 quality pickaxes. One with 85WOA, 94COC, the other with 91WOA and 90COC, both have 10% quality increase rune. Both are 7s. 85 quality iron longsword, 83LT 82COC, 77MS. Selfhealer's Demise. Looking for 4s. Willow bow, 50 quality. 86COC, 85N Rare 50 quality ivy seedling. 5c. Rare 4 quality pinewood longbow. 2s. Rare leather piece. 28 quality, 30 damage. 20c. All prices are negotiable. Feel free to send me a message on the forum or PM me ingame @BDCKoolaidwith the item you want and what you're willing to pay for it. Trying to move and it would be much easier to move coin than items. Thanks in advance!
  2. If you're on the fence, maybe because of the price, then check out the deals here... I use the site to watch the games I want to buy and to get better prices and thought I'd share to help the community grow! Come join in the fun! If this in any way breaks the rules (and I don't think it does) PLEASE let me know and I'll remove it. Thanks! --Lurendt
  3. I want to sell low quality bricks and mortars. Lumps, Rares, Gems. Plenty in stock atm, fast build times if I sell out. send PM on forum. Pick up preferred or can deliver to coastal release if I'm not swamped, cost depending on distance. my coordinates are approx. x24y38 Slate Shingles 4s per 1000 LQ(<20) Bricks. 1s 75c (you pick up at this price) per 1000 LQ(<20) Mortars. 2s 75c (you pick up at this price) per 1000 Level 50 Blacksmithing Items 20c per item Level 70 Blacksmithing Items 40c per item Level 40 Weapon Items 20c per item Level 70 Iron Lump 90c per 64kilo Level 50 Iron Lump (500k stock) 50c per 64kilo Level <49 Iron Lump (1k stock) 25c per 64kilo A whole mess of gems 1c per ql lots of low ql's Ruby (16)-206.76ql Sapphire (18)-226.87 Emerald (13)-200.75 Diamond (12)-192.19 Opal (11)-241.87 Salt (21) all ql <20 5c each BULK Frying Pans Level 50+ 2s per 100 BULK Large mauls 40q+ 20c each, 10 for 1s BULK Medium mauls 40ql+ 20c each 10 for 1s Iron/silver/gold/zinc lump, pm me for availability and QL's high and low Rare Items BSB Medium Maul Bricks: 20c each Clay: 20c each Mortar:10c each rare iron lump: inquire on stock I do get supreme units quite often, please inquire when you order. I can fill various different materials/ Items, send a pm and I can turn out cheap goods! I do take Euros/USD through verified paypal instead of silver. TeamSpeak as well if you'd like to chat Send me a PM on Forum, you can try in game as well.