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Found 9 results

  1. hyenas dead

    Hi, I am not sure if this is a bug or "intended behaviour" but there seem to be masses of corpses of adolescent rabid hyenas on Exodus particularly around the NE Desert, which just seem to have died rather than being part of a hunting grind, as there are no other corpses around. Either a bug or some other mob/s is/are killing them. I have seen some alive young and adolescent hyenas but none that are older than that. http:// http:// http:// http:// Also, there seem to be a lot of dead mature mountain gorillas, again just their corpses and no other corpses around to indicate a possible hunting/FS grind. http:// Would be pleased to hear Dev comments and know the result of any possible investigation into these corpses.
  2. Today I discovered that one of my fairly new females were dead in a pen of enchanted grass, marked Aged, no fat tags.. and it definitely wasn't pregnant as I haven't been breeding. I am currently fostering a friend's horses but my deed ratio sits comfortably at 21.8... Any ideas? Suggestions.. have you seen this before?
  3. Hello, as I was mining earlier a player ran by and scared me slightly. Almost as if I saw a ghost. So I was thinking since we have religion and priest and all. Why not ghost hauntings? Maybe have ghost haunt abandon deeds and you need a priest to cleanse the area in case someone else wants to deed there. Ghost can be good and bad. Some can cut you and some will heal you. They can appear in dark places like caves or dark woods or bright places. Ghost can possess a player depending on his soul and strength abilities and possibly faith and a priest will need to perform a exorcism. I'm sure you guys can think of some awesome ideas and where I'm going with this. We should be more afraid of the dark.
  4. Just me or are all the servers down?
  5. It would be nice if we could right-click and discard corpses like we can for rock shards so that if we are in a mine or on shallow dirt we can dispose of unwanted corpses when we are hunting...etc
  6. Basically, when playing wurm recently i've been having an issue, my laptop totally cuts out (power off and everything instantly) it can sometimes take 2-3 hours of play for this to happen, or can happen 4-5 times in the space of an hour. Don't think its an overheating issue, i keep the fan uncovered and have cleaned it several times recently. I run my client on all the lowest possible settings, the reason i think its something wurm related is because i can watch movies for hours while browsing/ duel-screening with other things with no problems at all. Used to have this issue a while back but it seemed to stop until the last few months, now its really bad, i can expect to crash 3/4 times an hour when out hunting, and its almost a guaranteed thing during PvP (which is a big part of why i enjoy wurm) Not sure if anyone can help/has had similar issues and can give me some advise.
  7. Hi, now i died the second time in a row because my game crashes while i (successfully) escaping from a drakespirit. I get no crashes when i'm fighting, escaping, building or do something else but when these THINGS spawn directly nearby me, i run to the boat and i would escape. But then my game crash and i'm dead... Yours sincerely DasBreaker -> Logs/Config (sry for my english i'm from germany)
  8. I think this is a bug, not sure, unless I'm missing something about bisons. For the second time in around 3 days, an aged fat bison dropped dead. Just, dropped dead, for no reason whatsoever. My deed has a ratio of 28-ish (which is a good numbre), and the 2 bisons were in a 160 tile "pen" (full of onion fields) sharing it with around 6 horses and 7 other bisons. I'm trying to breed some good traited ones, but having them drop dead out of nowhere is a bit troublesome to say the least XP (never ever has another animal on my deed dropped dead before, on anything lower then venerable-age, not even our pigs XP)
  9. Over the last week or so a number of my villagers are complaining about dead horses, I had assumed it was due to disease as one villager had a few with disease, possibility for spreading etc. Some of these horses were /carefor too. Until this morning I entered a villagers house to put some things away, noticed an aged brown horse by the forge hitched up and well fed... I walked away to do something outside the town when I heard a neigh, didn't think much of it, less than 10mins later that villager logged in to find his horse was dead. This is on the Deli server btw. I can't find much on the forums about it, so I thought I'd throw a post up after someone commented that they've seen other people complaining about the same thing.