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Found 5 results

  1. How often does the dedicated server write to disk? I read somewhere that it keeps things in virtual memory and I got it into my head that it doesn't ever write to disk until it shuts down, but that wouldn't really make sense, would it? The question comes up as I'm trying to figure out a backup scheme for my server and it'd be best if I didn't have to take the server down every time I wanted to do a backup. Thanks! -Llurendt
  2. I would like to the the server graphs go back further than 1 year, perhaps 5 if possible. would be nice for spotting longer term trends. Also some good economic info would be debits from bank tokens, separating out direct deposits into deed upkeep, debits into premium time, debits for mail costs and debits into inventory.
  3. All tiles currently have data as to who passed over them and when for tracking. I am not sure how long this information lasts. I propose a second set of data be added to keep a log of the last 15 people to pass over a tile (ignored npcs stores name and time), lasts forever until overwritten. I also propose that every edge tile has an extra bit of data kept, when the last wall on it was destroyed (a date) and possibly what destroyed it (though this is not necessarily needed). (Note, this could also hold the name of the person who constructed a wall if a wall is present!) This would aid in protecting enclosures and also identifying if a player or npc destroyed an enclosure wall. How does this work? Person A breaks into person B's enclosure. Person B calls a GM, a GM turns up and looks at the tiles next to the broken fence, looks at who has been in/out and looks at the name/time and compares it to the time of the fence destruction. A simple comparison that could easily identify a thief and (also) give solid evidence as to the original owner of the enclosure (as they will always have an earlier datestamp than the thief).
  4. I noticed the wiki does not actually have much information about fishing on it. it is still missing data like at what fishing lv you start catching certain fish more regularly water depth information as I discovered deeper does not mean better I will begin posting my findings here if you have any information you would like to contribute please do so below.
  5. I doubt many people will have this problem but it may also help thoes with lag. Ill have to look up lag solutions after this. I dont have lag but I wanted to play while on the road, in the bushes. I purchased a limited data connection a cell phone company and connected my phone to the laptop. I get 5 gigabites per month. My question is... what settings can I change so that the data sent to and from the server is as low as possible. Ive moved out to an area that has few visitors so that I wont get them in my local and hear them work. what else can I do? thank you