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Found 21 results

  1. Small magical chest - checked it this morning and found heaps of items with damage in it. They are no longer working, please fix asap. Thanks.
  2. I recently mailed a nettles which had 0.91 damage (shown in the damage column of the item itself in yellow). Before I clicked "Send" in the mail dialog box I noticed that in the text where I enter the cod price, the damage column of this item showed a single 0, with no mention of the damage on the nettles. It is probably a rounding down or truncating error as the figure hasn't met the integer threshold of 1. I think if possible there should be the correct figure in yellow text in the damage column to alert the sender that the item is damaged even slightly, when adding cod cost - before sending to a buyer.
  3. I need help valuating axes in pvp! please share your knowledge from experiance! For a long time now mauls have been the meta in pvp due to their bonus against plate, sometime ago sickles were also a very common sight before the nerf. Longswords/shortswords get their love when its about going defensive as the shortsword/large metal shield combo is really hard to penetrate. But what about Axes, Huge axe is still something that can be seen in pvp but when it comes to single hand weapons I rarely see axes ever used anymore. Is the maul meta just way to good to give any room for another single weapon or is there still a pros using an axe over a medium maul in a pvp fight? In this picture you can see the raw numbers of the two weps and how they differ, maul being blue and axe in purple to make it easier to compare. Medium Maul Bonuses: Mauling damage is good vs armor units. (Anyone knows the extra dmg they get?) Great at demolition as they are akin to what we know in real-life as a sledge hammer. Damage Type: Mauling Large Axe Bonuses: Cutting damage is good vs leather? (is this still a thing, cant find anything about it?) Very effective in bashing down wooden house walls, wooden fence types, wooden mine doors, and any wood furniture. Damage Type: Cutting Thanks for reading
  4. Deleted it, stopped caring pretty quick
  5. Simplfied version with examples. Players should have better feedback of the amount of damage they do. In the combat window players are given feedback in terms of text. Below is the code that gives you a string based on the damage you do. Example You do less than 0.5 damage you will get the message You hit x very lightly and tickle it Now if you do more damage it goes up to and with a weapon (shortsword) say 1 damage. You hit x lightly and slap it This eventually goes up to: You hit x Deadly hard and damages. Now lets say that the damage threshhold to get this message is 15 damage. Anything you do above 15 damage will always have this same message. Lets say you do a 50 damage hit their is no change to this message, no additional feedback. It returns the same string - deadly hard and damages it. What i suggest is we add in new tiers for these bigger hits that allready do happen to give playera the feel good factor. E.g. You do 30 damage Insanly hard and obliterate it You do 50 damage Ubsurdly hard and annihilate it 60+ damage You hit x godly hard and destroy it. To reafirm. This is simple an improvment to the strings the game calla when damage is delt in combat within combat window. No damage buffs occure no extra damage is added. Just a more extensive and reliable feedback for combat logs. This is as simple as i can make it i hope this clarifies any miss conceptions. The code:
  6. I have some old chain sets sitting on armour stands inside a building. They've been sititng there for quite a while. I checked them today and the pieces had a lot of damage. Some pieces 16dmg. Does anyone else find the decay of armour sets sitting in armour stands to be somewhat excessive? Good thing I store my good set on my merchant. Although, it sort of defeats the purpose of having armour stands in the game to begin with. I look at it this way. Why should I store armour on a stand if it's going to decay hardcore? I just find the decay makes the item less useful overall in the game. Thoughts anyone?
  7. Today, while trying to destroy a building on deed with a ballista, I encountered an interesting issue. The ballista destroyed the upper floor fine, but when it started hitting the lower floor's Marble slab floor, it did this: [09:05:46] QL = 20.695414, dam=112.836945. (Edit: Shot it again: [09:28:23] QL = 20.695414, dam=132.83694.) The building is on deed and deed managed, to which I have manage and destroy permissions. Is there any other information needed?
  8. Heard this 2nd hand, and don't have anything atm to test it out myself.
  9. A plank repairs 10 damage to a crude wooden fence, but up to 40 damage to a crude wooden gate. I am not sure which of these two is right and which is broken, but they should be the same, right? Logs follow: A plank repairs 21 damage on a gate: [02:32:23] You see a crude wooden fence gate. [02:32:23] QL=55.238537, dam=21.473127 [02:32:32] You start to repair the crude wooden fence gate. [02:33:01] You repair the crude wooden fence gate a bit. [02:34:24] You see a crude wooden fence gate. [02:34:24] QL=55.185596, dam=0.0 A plank repairs 10 damage on a fence: [02:34:34] You see a crude wooden fence. [02:34:34] QL=50.868763, dam=21.81776 [02:34:38] You start to repair the crude wooden fence. [02:35:07] You repair the crude wooden fence a bit. [02:36:12] You see a crude wooden fence. [02:36:12] QL=50.802933, dam=11.81776 Your turn, Devs.
  10. starting bid 15s minimum increments 1s 1h snipe protection buyout: Make me an offer I can't refuse. 3days
  11. Recently got the chance to try out Firewall and despite the name it isn't very wallish nor does the fire do much to stop you passing at all. So when you place a Firewall, the two tiles on the border it is casted will cause you to take fire damage. 1-3 dmg but slowly over time aslong as you're on the effected tile. Passing through the firewall will speed this up a little but you don't get slowed/stopped or feel forced to not pass through and can easily run through with little stopping power. It does however block melee combat if somebody crosses and blocks arrows from being fired over. We did notice however that this damage will be a bit faster over time if you stand on the tile for a long period [3-4 minutes] But nobody would be stupid enough for that effect to build up [i hope] I suggest that the wall should either stop you passing or there should be an increase of damage as you pass, enough to slow you down/make passing not a walk in the park. [4-8 damage whilst on the tile and passing through the 2 tiles and the wall itself gives 10-15 damage from start to end. Because right now go ahead if you know somebody with Firewall, you can run through easily with nothing stopping you for such a small amount of damage, so small that the trade off for the debuff/karma casted compared to the other spell stone wall is kinda lame.
  12. Hi, Just noticed that some parts of the bridge (crown / abutment / support) have instant damage on crafting. [21:37:08] <Finalwolfblack> [15:36:54] QL = 61.526985, dam=10.0. Adding a plank for repairing helps ([21:37:23] <Finalwolfblack> [15:37:09] QL = 61.500313, dam=0.0.) ... so it s NOT critical... but still not nice
  13. After a discussion with a fellow Wurmian in which we were talking about equipment, I thought about a new feature (which many of you won't like, I'm more than sure, but what the hell) called "durability". What's that about? Here it goes: The current situation is "Once you've got a tool, you'll keep forever" (unless you die and lose it) and it's because you can keep going repair > improve forever and ever and ever. "It's good!" you'll say, "Taking care of your items rewards you!" you'll say... and I agree. To a certain degree. While it's good to being able to ensure that your tools or arms will serve you well for long time, it's rather bad if that "long time" becomes "forever", because there's not much of rotation of equipment. Durability system should put more life into crafting tools/arms for trade. The system itself would introduce a new parameter (called "durability", obviously) to all the repairable items, save for buildings. Durability would be a total "hp" of the item, reduced at 1:1 ratio* for the damage repaired. When the durability reaches 0, the item can't be repaired anymore. The message given could be: "The <item> is too worn out to be repaired.". * Ratio could be reduced by repairing skill. For example at 100 (or close) repairing each 1 damage repaired would drain 0.75 of durability, instead of full 1. The Durability points would be based on item quality, item material and item rarity. Note that the numbers stated below serve as refrence only and not the actual numbers that should be in game. - Iron: 2*ql = max durability. - Steel: 3*ql = max durability (note that steel damages less as well, so the effective lifespan would be even longer). - Rare/Supreme/Fantastic: +50%/+100%/+200% max durability. (If it ever gets live, a spreadsheet for all the metals and wood should be made). There is, of course, a difference between max durability and effective durability. Max durability can be gained throught improving, even if the item was previously damaged and repaired, but gaining more max durability doesn't restore the durability lost due to repairing. For a simple example: - An iron longsword of ql 50 and no rarity would have 100 max durability. Write it down as 100/100. - The weapon gets damaged for 25 damage and its repaired by an unskilled craftsman. - As a result of the above, the sword has now 40ql, 0 damage and 75/100 durability. - More skilled craftsman takes care of the sword and improves it to 80ql. - The weapon now has 135/160 durability. (Yes, I skipped the damage gained through imping fails. Let's say it'd have more like <130 effective durability, depending on how skilled the crafter was). Two things can be seen above: - Going below the max ql the item ever achieved doesn't lower its durability. If it ever had 200 max durability, it will keep it even if it goes to 1 ql. - Improving an item that has its durability partially drained, wouldn't restore the durability. It will only increase its total amount. If it had 50/100 durability, gaining 100 max durability via improving will result in 150/200 durability. This system would introduce more dynamic to crafting and trade, especially in arms department and would give medium-skilled craftsmen more sources of income when people would prefer to use a mediocre weapon/tool to save their top-tier one to serve a better purpose. IMPORTANT NOTES: - Neither "Mend" nor "Sunder" spells would affect durability. Durability is meant to be HARD item lifespan cap without the room for workaround. - Good practice for (metal) items that had lost their durability and are close to 100 damage would be smelting them, just to get some materials back for a new tool. And once again, just to be sure: Numbers above ARE NOT "THE" NUMBERS. If it seems like tools would be gone too quickly, don't downvote. The numbers would most likely be higher if it gets ingame. Sidenote: This system would neatly come along with:
  14. Libila Spells

    It seems that for the most part all Libila spells do the same amount of damage weather a person has plate on or not. I had two priests with similar stats cast spells on each other with and without plate. What I found was that Shard of Ice had nearly a 70% damage reduction from plate, Liblia not so much. I did not have a Magranon priest with similar starts as the Vynora/Libila priests but the same affect was seen with Fire Heart. Due to these spells being able to hit though plate with full damage, these spells extremely over powered and imbalanced. From what I found, if 5 Libila priests cast worm brains at the same time then they can kill a person in one spell rotation. These spells are being non stop casted in pvp fights to create a extreme advantage for one side. This can be seen in a lot of fight but most notably in boat fights. Libila priests do not need to do archery because the spells do not miss or glance off of plate and do full damage though the plate. They can ride the same speed as the other boat and non stop spam spells from a distance. The other side can try to use archery but the glance rate is around 70-80% (if not more) when the other person shield is facing the person who is archering them. What needs to be done is add reduced damage similar to the white light spells on the Libila spells or find some balance between them. The green boxes represent damages that are too high. The red boxes represent damages that are too low. The red text shows the no damage reduction though plate. This was tested on Epic on 7/13-7/14. Please do not troll and only post things that have prof or logical reason behind them. edit: I used my mag priest to test Fire Heart. The stats are different but but the damage reduction is still the same for plate.
  15. I would like to suggest some form of Repair Skill milestone, such as the ability to visually see the QL and Damage level of an item or structure by mousing over it. This would be similar to the Digging milestones you receive at skill 15, 30, 45 and so on. A mixed skill requirement would make sense for this. An example of this would be requiring a certain skill in both masonry and repair to see the QL and damage of a stone structure. Each type of structure or item, based on the material it is made of would have a similar skill requirement.I believe a fair minimum requirement to mouse over and see both QL and damage would be at least somewhere between 40-50 in both skills. Starting off at perhaps 1 or 2 tiles away and increasing viewable tile distance with increments of 10-20 skill. There should be a maximum viewing distance however, perhaps 4 tiles. Examples : (Repair 40) + (Carpentry 40) or (Masonry 40) = ability to view QL and Damage of structure or item at 1 tile distance. (Repair 60) + (Carpentry 60) or (Masonry 60) = ability to view QL and Damage of structure or item at 2 tile distance. (Repair 80) + (Carpentry 80) or (Masonry 80) = ability to view QL and Damage of structure or item at 3 tile distance. (Repair 100) + (Carpentry 100) or (Masonry 100) = ability to view QL and Damage of structure or item at maximum distance of 4 tiles. Keep in mind that these figures are only examples and are open to suggestion. This ability would further enhance the game play for players that put forth dedicated time and effort into their respective skill sets. I am interested in what everyone else thinks so please give input.
  16. When an item in your inventory hits 90+ damage it would be nice if the graphic became red or had a red background, and a similar effect for the toolbelt. This is for those inattentive people who get carried away. Yes, I've just destroyed another skiller hatchet.
  17. We have a boat. it has been fenced in for ages. 17 ql No option to repair it. It still has damage of 5 for months now. It is off deed and the owner has been gone for 2 years. I think this is a bugged boat.
  18. After the recent update to show damage on walls & fences it highlighted some walls on my deed that needed repairing, which is brilliant. I then went around my entire deed to check every fence & wall for dmg levels. I found a surprising amount of walls with dmg, varying from under 10 to +50 dmg. I was surprised because these were on walls & fences within the inner sections of my deed, myself & my partner are the only ones who live there & have access, so that ruled out animal dmg. We do live on epic however we do not believe it is raid dmg. It is my understanding that if your token has more than 30 days of upkeep that damage doesn't happen. We keep our deed topped up to the 40 day mark normally and it never falls below 30. So I went around one of the inner houses 3 days ago and repaired each wall to under 10 dmg, and we have been checking the dmg levels daily. Today some of them walls are over 10 dmg again. Has anyone else experienced this? possible bug?
  19. Came across this topic recently: http://forum.wurmonl...rotection-info/ There was some interesting discussion going on in there about the effectiveness of different armor types. As the test server gives exact number which is useful from a statistical view I decided to figure out a formula to determine the effectiveness of armor. A line on the combat tab on the test server looks something like this: [12:14:57] Damage=2043.4200261523176*0.30655867=626.4281226352826 crit=false where the bold part is the armor "multiplier". The damage done on any hit is the damage it would be without armor * the armor multiplier. I started of by testing the multipliers at varying QL for drake armor: QL(x)...Multiplier(y) 01......0.9175 25......0.665625 50......0.4625 75......0.340625 90......0.3065 Putting those numbers into formulize and giving it a few minutes spat out this equation: y = 0.9291 + 4.813e-5*x^2 + 5.214e-9*x^4 - 0.01165*x - 2.687e-7*x^3 - 2.066e-13*x^6 I then tested it with scale armor: QL(x)...Multiplier(y) 01......0.915 25......0.64374995 50......0.425 75......0.2938025 90......0.257 Putting those into formulize gave this equation: y = 0.9271 + 2.101e-5*x^2 + 5.796e-7*x^3 + 4.38e-11*x^5 - 0.01217*x - 2.32e-13*x^6 - 4.623e-9*x^4 Both these equations look incredibly over complicated for what they do, and probably are ridiculous compared to what Rolf uses in the server code, but they are very accurate given the data supplied (Less than 0.0000000000000002 maximum error). Having different equations for every armor type would be redundant, so I assumed that they used the same equation and had a separate modifier applied either to the QL before putting it through the equation or to the multiplier given by the equation. A quick division of the two equations can help out here: y = (0.9271 + 2.101e-5*x^2 + 5.796e-7*x^3 + 4.38e-11*x^5 - 0.01217*x - 2.32e-13*x^6 - 4.623e-9*x^4)/(0.9291 + 4.813e-5*x^2 + 5.214e-9*x^4 - 0.01165*x - 2.687e-7*x^3 - 2.066e-13*x^6) Plotting that on a graph gives this: Ignore the 90+ area, I don't have data for that so it does crazy things. From this graph you can see that the damage reduction does differ between the two sets at different qualities, but not by much. A 1ql drake set is very similar to a 1ql scale set, a 90ql drake set it roughly 85% as good as a 90ql scale set. The multipliers for each armor type at QL 1 are as follows: cloth: 0.9325 leather: 0.93 studded: 0.9275 chain: 0.925 plate: 0.9175 drake: 0.9175 scale: 0.915 I might look into glance rates too, but that is probably dependent on many more variables such as weapon QL, weapon skill, fighting skill etc... Edit: fixed graph, wasn't straight line, ignore what I said previously about that...
  20. The new feature to show damage on walls and fences is great and has highlighted 2 fences that needed repairing on my deed that I hadn't realised had so much damage on them! I then went around my deed checking all my walls and fences and repairing when needed. It was a lengthy process and I couldn't help wishing that when I have my Stone chisel activated, or a rock shard maybe, It would give me a tooltip showing what each wall, fence or gate's quality and damage were. So I would love it if a tooltip was introduced like this when a certain amount of masonry skill is gained. I think it would have to be when a specific tool was equipped though otherwise it would spam the screen.