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Found 3 results

  1. Cape Nevermore is a private farm near the Isle of Unicorns at N-19. While it is not a public location, we have a great vendor in Sonata, and can send things via courier as well. Check out our wares. If you'd like something sent to you instead of picking it up, please contact Siminary or Reaperith Cape Nevermore Market Vendor Locations Sonata Ironhaven Farm Market (O-19) Delivery by mail or Wagoneer Pick-up at Cape Nevermore (N-19), Sonata, or Encore Discount on multiple items Buyer pays delivery charge included in grand total price. IRONHAVEN FARM MARKET (Look for the big pasture of Unicorns. We're not on the highway yet. It's slow going. Will trade labor for goods) Purchase key for container or stall from the vendor. Use key to open the container to take the items from it into your own (You may take the crates with you or empty them after unlocking) Drop used key into bucket in front of vendor. Items available at Ironhaven Farm Market (O-19) Animals Available Items available in Sonata Items available but not on a vendor (CAN BE MAILED. PM SIMINARY): MTO: Made to Order
  2. Sale of 30x full sealed cedar 45kg barrels of 100ql Sheep milk, for sale as 1 lot Buyer to pick up from Southport U18 Deli at a time to be arranged, or barrels can be mailed at 10c extra per barrel. PM offers please, or message in game [SOLD early 08/11/17 please CLOSE]
  3. Main suggestion: All female mammals should be milkable. Cows should produce the most milk while other mammals should provide less milk, with cats or rats producing the smallest amount. Extra bonus optional more-realistic suggestion: Female mammals should not be able to produce milk until after having given birth once. The amount of milk produced per milking should not be static and should vary slightly per session and decrease as the animal ages, possibly disappearing entirely at venerable. As an animal ages, it will become less economical to keep it around, making culling them before a natural death for meat and leather an attractive alternative. Culling animals will counter the over-population problem being required to breed to get milk will cause. As culling will play a greater role: Instead of beating animals to death with a weapon, there should be slaughtering knife you can use on any non-hostile animal that would insta-kill it. The success rate of insta-killing an animal should be based on your butchering and possibly animal husbandry skill, while a successful slaughter will award butchering and possibly animal husbandry experience instead of any fighting skills/subskills. Failing to slaughter an animal properly will just inflict damage against them and make them go hostile (forcing you to fight like normal as you can't slaughter a hostile animal).