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Found 6 results

  1. So after so many years I still find myself coming back to Wurm and thinking 'huh it could do with...' so I figured I'd turn some of my rambling at friends to a post.. So without further ado Customization: Probably suggested several dozen thousand times since the days of identical twins all walking around but yeah.. There is a clear need for customization in a game/ world made from freedom to play your way with maximum ability to alter things such as leveling mountains or raising islands from the sea but where 80%+ of the stuff is identical with different colours.. shouldn't need more explanation: Ship building: high shipbuilding should add options to change things like figureheads or patterns/ carvings and other ornamental changes. Fine carpentry: reasonably high levels should add the option to customize wagons carts etc by adding patterns etc as with the above suggestion. People/ deeds and/or alliances should get heraldry or 'banners' that can be displayed on wagons, flags (both on land and ships) and sails using high tailoring Also allowing armour and weapons to be customized in some minor ways such as engravings etc. Priests. I know they've had several reworks but with the dwindling population of Wurm combined with the cut off of RMT leading to accounts fading out of use instead of remaining active it would be nice to have options other than maintaining multiple accounts to use as batteries etc. The suggestion here is simple: Add the option for priests to hold charged gems in their main hand/ off hand to use the vesseled favor as though a priest (with equal favor that is held in the gem) were linked to cast spells. or add options such as jewellery or staffs/ wands etc that add favor capacity (by a balanced amount) This is said as someone with a 83 faith priest who needs to either level up a battery or drag someone (if there is anyone) nearby to cast things like summon soul.. without the need to spend weeks at a sermon party which I like many members of the game can't do due to work/ children constraining time we can play. (and lately the cost of energy to keep a pc on all day if you aren't at it) Cities with rental options: (reduced 'upkeep' but not owned by you directly) This one would be a fairly complex undertaking and require potential CA+ involvement to act as a 'city lord' or similar title.. (to avoid abuse of position and ensure fairness. This adds a niche that would benefit Wurm with it's constant ebb and flow of player engagement as deed holders or sections of a community stop playing then the others either patter out or go to pastures new. The premise is that a city of fairly decent size with or without walls (depending on the player base as a whole's preference) where plots of land were available to rent (this would be noticeably cheaper than upkeep but obviously come with constraints such as paying your rent or losing your property (it being sold off at auction should you disappear without settling you account rather than decaying to dust in some locked box somewhere) as well as having to behave according to the general niceties of civilisation. This would enable players who don't have high skills/ lots of time or real world money to invest in a deed but also add to the feel of community as people would be clustered in areas around cities. (farms etc) as well as spattered around the map in 'wilderness' settlements (what we have now) The plots could be used for personal (small and medium plots) or businesses: shops, inns, smithies etc (medium or large plots) and perhaps 1 or 2 extra large plots for a market in each city. Obviously there would be no punishment moreso than there is now for being a hermit out in the woods you'd just not have the community feel around you) Random destructive events: This will probably be a hard sell but would save every single place you go to on the map ever (even if today was your first day in wurm) being terraformed out the wazzoo. events such as Earthquakes/ meteors etc or whatever that should an area of the map have: no Highway, deed or player presence for 3-6 months or above it has a chance to occur and randomly change the landscape to be different. This keeps the game fresh and allows more people to find the wilds and make their home their own without directly scrubbing someone elses mark first. Cap/ F2P Easing: The final one I have for now is not mine but deserves consideration. The raising or removal of the skill cap for free players and funding being moved to a cosmetic cash shop or similar (although the increase in players from a more community/ new player friendly changes above.. maybe the income from silver and or premium would increase the total income) Edit to add a comment I've put below: So I get that people don't like 'destructive' events how about a more mild version such as 'land errosion/ land slides etc (where gradually the super flattened plateaus of long gone players slowly (1 or 2 dirt changes at a time over several months) change to be 'wibbly' as Olaf would say?
  2. My wife has this idea, to see if the devs could change how the chat works. we use to play another game, that had this option for the chat. ok, so i'm sure everyone in wurm, is sick and tired of tab'ing through the chat tabs. why is wurm so difficult to have all the chats in one window? ok, so in this other game we played, the chat had the ability to have multiple tabs for chats, like wurm does now, but within each window, you could choose which logs went in that window. so, we wurm has "local", "village", "alliance", "kingdom", "global kingdom", "PMs", "Death" tabs in the "Chat Window", right? and "event", "friends", "help", "skills", "support" tabs and maybe a couple others in the "Event Window", right? my wife's idea: 1st NOTE* these would be options to how the chat and event windows can work. its not changing them completely. its just added options! 1. add option to combine all possible chat/event tabs into 1 chat tab or event tab or multiple tabs. 2. add option to choose which chat options you want to see in each chat tab or event tab. 3. add option to choose a specific color for each chat option( so you can have multiple chats all in the same tab, and tell them apart ). 4. add option to change background colors of the chat and event tab windows. 5. add option that remember which chat you last typed in, and it will stay in that chat until you specifically change the chat with /local , /alliance , /village and etc. 6. add option to show which chat you're typing in as well in a small box left of the window where you type as well. 2nd NOTE: would have to change player window as well with the options above or the ability to be able to change them. one thing i didn't think about, is the player windows, and i guess you could condense the player windows into 1 as well, with the ability to change the colors of the players in the window. IE players in the same village, you choose the color, which trumps all below. players in same alliance, you choose the color, which trumps all below. players in same kingdom, you choose the color, which trumps all below.( might have to be same as players in local, otherwise could be used to quickly determine the enemy in local? ) players in local, you choose the color. what this does for players of WurmOnline: 1. adds the ability to have less tabs in those windows so you dont have to tab between each chat or event. 2. adds customization to your own interface of needed windows. 3. adds the ability to condense player windows into 1 with colors. This would not change how PM's are. those should still show up as their own chat window tab. Please let me know your input on this or if there are any other suggestions/ideas similar to this. Thank You! PS. this was the wife's idea. I'm just posting for her!
  3. As the title says... Ex. Name: Principality of Hearthland
  4. right now we can either show all buttons,only climbing or none, it would be great if we could just get an options screen like the one for the skill trackers and choose which buttons we want to show or hide.
  5. With multistory coming soon, I think we need an easier way to move furniture around. It may not be most realistic thing to move some furniture around, say a forge, but it will greatly increase our ability to customize our deeds. Now that we have rare furniture there is more demand to sell a furniture item. For the most part this should work very similar to bulk bins. The idea here is to let you pick up anything and to put mechanics in place which prevent an item's use while its not on the ground. 1. Container furniture must be empty to pick it up and you can't put stuff inside it while its not on the ground. 2. Plant it in the ground to anchor is in place. One can drop it if they don't care about securing it. a. Village mayor can pickup anything on deed regardless who planted it. b. Can house owners pick up a lamp post planted by another inside their house? c. With exception to mayor on deed, and maybe house owners, only the person who planted an item can pick it up.3. Altars stop creating area influence and priests(or anyone else) can't use the altar for anything when its not on the ground. a. There are issues with dropping blessed altars in enemy territory Although you could drop an unblessed metal and bless it all the same. To maintain current mechanics, only metal altars can be dropped within the influence of another god. Doing so will remove the altars blessing. Their should be a warning confirmation box which is mainly for folks redesigning their deed. b. Their should be a long delay before the influence spreads so we can drop multiple different altars when redesigning I'd guess that is also beneficial for pvp.4. This should apply to large magic chests. You can pick them up if they are empty and can't put things inside unless its on the ground. 5. Tools like looms can only be used when on the ground. 6. No cool down for planting furniture items. Signs would stay the same. 7. Guard towers and colossus would need to be excluded. 8. Forges become unlit and cool when picked up, or require they be unlit and cool to pick up.