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Found 1 result

  1. Solace PvE Beta Testing RELEASE Date 15.09.2017 @8pm CET Live Release 16/10/2017 @4am CET DISCORD INFO (has patchnotes and all live data): What is solace? Solace is part of a new cluster of servers we plan to release, it is the heart, soul, and beginning of the cluster. It is a Pure PvE server built around the idea of bringing value, balance and a reliable economy to Wurm Unlimited. It is expanding as a heavily modded server, created for players that want a long term play style, no quick gains here folks. How do we intend to create a unique experience and achieve the goals above? We plan on using a few tools that will be made public on our website to track the creation(faucets) and the destruction(sinks) of the resources in the game. This will be supported by more mods as we go along and interest continues to rise. The core principles to achieve this are all built to ensure longevity and counter the inherent inflation that Wurm. We will do the following to support our: Economy Money Creation Treasure Map chests PvP server Donations Money Destruction Expansion of deeds (variable costs as money supply inflates) Purchase of Trader goods via Merchants (money is destroyed) Stable Master costs Mailing costs Money Circulation Player to player trade Bounty mod (from kings coffers) Cross server trading Value Rare Ore creation Low chance on mining Treasure Map chests PvP Server Rare Ore Destruction Nerf to repair skill (removing More ql for repair, requiring more to re-improve) increased decay off deed Increased channelling difficulty Dragon & Drake creation Untampered drop rates Keep what you loot on events(rather than all being gathered and made into sets then full sets handed out) Sole source is killing dragons Dragon and Drake Destruction Increased Channeling difficulty Increased decay off deed Rare Creation Decreased the chance to create Rare items Low chance to attain bone from sacrificing a rare. Low chance of bone in treasure map chest Balance Farmed goods creation Reduced farm yield via lower skill gain(mod will replace this) Slower crop growth(encouraging larger Deeded farms) General Item abundance (Reduces item recycling via old deeds disbanding) Decreased Building decay off deed Increased item decay Weapons and Armour Rebalanced Weapons to fit different styles Improved viability of all weapon types Armor rebalance DR v Glance/evasion system. Iron plate added Added speed boost to cloth and leather boots (protected feet are reassuring to run in) Steel weapons have a 5% damage bonus Addy Bonus buffed to 25% Bronze gives 5% reduced attack timer. These are only a few of the methods we will employ, and a general idea of how we intend to manage our economy of items, money and rare goods. Some of these changes may seem strange or do not make too much sense here, but there will be a Q&A section on our website to expand on the reasoning behind this further. We aim to create a different approach and style than most Wurm Unlimited servers, i expect more changes will follow to enhance this further. The Server 200 slots 4096x4096 60k mobs Discord: Armour & Weapons Mod Extensive and Ongoing balance work to: Rework of all weapons Damage (generally increased) Swing timers (generally slower) Crit Parry Rework of all armors DR v wound types Glance/evasion rate v wound type reworked damage armors take from wound types Increased Glance/evasion greatly on lower armors Rework of all spells Reworked Costs Priesting now starts at 10 faith Reworked the difficulty of spells. Exclusive Mods Combat Flavour Text Mod(Combat Log enhancement) Added new Tiers of swing strength Added new Tiers of damage Upcoming Features GM transparency All GM actions recorded and Uploaded to website GM accountability All bans publicly recorded Economy & Item Graphs Monthly graphs for Silver/gold in circulation Public data on economic numbers. Currently Available on discords Economy Breakdown channel Monthly graphs for items on server Features & Other mods Starting skills: 21 all body stats 25 fighting Starting Gear: Longsword 50ql Large Wooden Shield 30ql Leather Armour 30ql(minus chest) Chain Jacket 30ql Toolbelt 100ql Backpack 10ql Hand Mirror Flint & Steel 50ql Pottery Bowl Rope x2 10ql Compass 20ql Tent Deed stake Hatchet 30ql Carving Knife, shovel, saw pickaxe and rake 25ql Cotton x3 10ql Skills & Crafting: Custom Skills (slowest is repairing) 4x action Iron plate added to crafting option(has own stats) Priests: Unlimited faith gains 20 minutes apart Disabled sermons Priest restrictions apply (adds more value to enchants). Meditation: Skill Gain lowered. Unlimited mediates per day 10 tiles apart. No failing. No timer to advance. Storage, transportation, and movement: Bulk Storage capacity Increased Bulk Sorting Mod added Bag of holding spell added Boat speed increased Larger boats benefit more from the wind Cloth and leather boots increase movement speed Stable Master mod for converting animals to tokens Unlimited size buildings for maximum storage Farming: Skill gain reduced 6-day growth cycle(17 hour pwr tick) Never Rot Mining: 45 Actions per wall Chance to mine Rare Ores Chance to produce Treasure Map Treasure Maps: Quest driven style of following the map to the treasure Ambushing mobs drop loot at higher tiers Money reward(Faucet) Loot increases based on ql of map Rift Creatures and Rift resources All rift resources spawn on the map All rift creatures spawn on the map Unique Slaying Events Currently building a Colosseum to house the found uniques and slay them publicly Anti-leecher mod to prevent alt spamming to claim more dragon loot Keep what you get from dragon kills, NO collection and rolling of sets