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Found 29 results

  1. The purpose of this thread is to discuss the Wurm Online market, its submarkets, supply, demand, value, population, or other factors that influence the market overall. It's a place to have a healthy conversation about changes over time that have had either positive or negative consequences on the market, players' ability to make in-game currency, get the items they need/want, etc. The goal of this thread is for the Wurm Online community at large to have a place to discuss these things and perhaps give some visibility to certain issues or problems that affect the market overall or even a specific submarket. The developers are doing a great job making improvements to the game. I believe it doesn't hurt to have this discussion though as it may guide future positive changes to the game. Share this thread and tell us what "you" think. P.S. Do not focus on the topic of selling in-game currency for real money. Keep it within the confines of in-game currency for the purpose of buying and selling in-game goods or services.
  2. Title says it all want to sell 35 silver leave a messge here or send me a forum PM Verified Paypal preferd
  3. I want to buy one gold as the title says. If you are willing to give me a slight discount that would be great as it's expensive to convert from EU->CAD. I bought plenty of times before, good standing, verified PayPal, payment before you accept CoD.
  4. WTS silver coins 1s:1e, via verified paypal. Up to 170s available, pm for details
  5. Looking to sell 180 silver, verified paypal only, preferably to established accounts. will accept sales for smaller values Selling at 1s:0.9euro ratio PM on the forums or ingame (Fooli)
  6. WTB Silver Coins. 1s:1$. Verified Paypal only.
  7. i have for sale 130 silver coins, can be sold in smaller amount 1 silver coin = 1 euro only verified paypal 40 Left
  8. Need 30-50 Silver @ 1:1. Contact me here or in game (Armetheus). I'm on eastern standard time and won't be in game until after 9pm.
  9. 1s = 1.1euro Minimum of 20s per transaction - multiple gold coins for sale! Payment via paypal, sent as a gift. Pm me here or in-game
  10. Selling 70s in any increments for 1.1 euro per silver Verified paypal is needed, comment if interested and i will message you. I've sold coins before so i know the drill. Paypal first then C.O.D (Last post got a little sidelined as i clearly overestimated the whole supply and demand situation with coins so i made a nice new clean one )
  11. Seeing how we can do things like break the server, by attempting to pick up 15k iron coins, break the client by trying to drag 3k+ coins into the bank at once, or even give coins derogatory names, I think we should change the way the ingame currency works. Rather than a quantity that physically exists in individual coins, let's eliminate the coins completely and switch to what most other games have, which is essentially electronic banking. Let the client display your banked and carried wealth. When trading with someone, you chose how much to trade them, yet no physical coins move between characters. When you die and you (or someone else) loot your corpse, you find a "bag of coins worth x" on the corpse. This will make banking and trading much easier, but best of all, it ELIMINATES tons of extra server work load. Many people I know have thousands of irons from praying. If I only know 1% of the total Wurm population, then it would be easy to assume there are hundreds of thousands of irons in existence. The servers have to track every single coin!! This seems a mutually beneficial feature request for players and Code Club.
  12. Gold coin for sale 100 euro, paypal verified only. Independence linked servers only. Please contact me here on the forum if you are interested.
  13. selling gold coin 100 euro via paypal verified only please first in first serve so get in quick
  14. As the title says, I ​have coins for sale! Gold coins for 95e each, or I can break them up to smaller amounts in silver at 1e each. Paypal verified only. Sorry guys, all sold out!
  15. You will get a faster response if you pm me I have 200s left for sale (2 gold coins) (Edited Tuesday, Nov 12th) 100usd per 1g Can sell to any server and smaller increments as well Have several dozen vouches from previous gold sales Pm me with any questions or if you would like them PLEASE PM ME (I rarely remember to check the thread)
  16. Selling 1 Gold Coin 95 Usd \ Apx 70 Eur via Paypal Selling as 1 item not in smaller increments. Have a forum history of positive Characheter, Drake and Gold sales. PM If interested. Thanks
  17. Hey guys I am looking to sell 15s at 10s for 8 Euros. Transfer money Via Paypal. You can post here or Private message me on the forums if you would like to buy some silver. Thanks, TheRedReaper *EDIT* I Live on Exodus. *EDIT* I also have a Cedar Knarr with 100 rafts and an anchor for 25s or 20 Euros. *EDIT* 15s and Knarr left
  18. As the topic says. PM if you want to sell.
  19. SOLD for buyout - Trithian This auction is for 1 gold coin (100 silvers) to any server Starting bid: 85usd (about 65 euro) Buyout: 110usd (about 85 euro) Bidding increments: 5usd Private bidding/buyout allowed: Yes Sniper protection: Yes Payment will be via paypal as gift/family (you cover all fee's if any) in USD (paypal will convert) alternate payment via amazon is acceptable (add 15% to your bid price) I have several dozen gold sales, please check below if you wish to see them Good luck and happy bidding If you buyout please PM me so my iphone notifies me that I have a mail and you can get your gold quicker
  20. Oh boy, here we go! I would love to see Wurm removed from the silver currency. This would put Wurm in a unique position for a computer game and push it yet again beyond the normal theme park towards a real sandbox. The goal of this post is not traders, so please don’t derail on that. The goal is to further the sandbox environment by putting one more thing directly in player control. The question is, how could we do it ? Here is one idea I’ve hammered out. Many numbered points will have a bullet under it to explain the ‘why’ of the number. It’s a bit of a read. I will add a section at the bottom of this post for my answers to frequently asked questions/comments. As always, forgive any formatting errors. Imagine silver as it is now doesn't exist. All currency in game is player made. Out of Game ~~ 1.) Silver cannot be purchased at the shop. Required obviously for the 'remove silver' part of this idea.2.) Traders are removed. Compensation of 50s worth of the below mentioned account ‘credits’ given to offset purchase cost.Fair is fair, they paid 50s to buy it afterall.3.) Cash-shop items are handled directly with RL money instead. All can be put on merchants.This will promote RL money purchases going to Rolf and allow people to move real money to in game money easily.4.) Premium time cannot be purchased in game except via ‘Premium Tokens’. See #5.5.) New cash shop item: Premium token. Gives one month of premium. Can be sold and put on merchants. This will allow people to move real money to in game money easily and keep the market available for in game purchase of premium time. Also, keeps Rolf making money when people buy premium in game.6.) Deed upkeep can paid via cash shop, gifted, and purchased in game using player-made currency (at whatever cost Rolf feels appropriate). Keeps Rolf's money coming in both directly via cash shop and gifts and indirectly through the removal of player-currency.7.) Silver is removed from accounts and account ‘credits’ given that can be turned in for premium time, deed upkeep, and deed worth (see below). This will allow for Rolf to set initial relative worth for player based currency and ensures no one loses any net value on their accounts in the currency transition.In Game ~~ 8.) All mayors can stamp coins out of gold. This could also be a permission. This puts currency into sandbox mode ! (The Goal) The next several #s are gonna be a bit dry mechanics btw.9.) The gold coin would bear the name of the town it was minted as well as the description wanted by the deed and the worth of the coin. Example: ‘Tap Dance Doubloon (100 worth)’. (obviously starter deeds wouldn’t generate worth, but it’s convenient for example purposes)10.) The worth of the coin would be determined when it was minted by the mayor. 11.) The coins minted by the mayor decrease the ‘worth’ of the deed. 12.) A deed generates worth based on its size and how many actions are performed on deed. It would be a ratio of about 90% deed size to 10% action timer length. This will make more active and more expensive deeds ‘pay out’ more and mitigate worth-farming.Example: If a deed has 100 worth and the deed's mayor decided to print coins worth 20, he/she would be able to print 5 of them, and his deed’s stored worth would be back to zero; or he could print a single coin worth 100, or anything in between.13.) Disbanded deeds’ minted coins would slowly lose worth (1 or 2 a week). Coin name would reflect that the deed is gone. This would promote deed longevity and provides some additional long-term inflation control.Example: ‘Tap Dance Doubloon (disbanded) (98 worth)’14.) Merchants are changed to have you set the price in 'worth' and accept any type of coins.Required obviously for the 'remove silver' part of this idea.15.) Merchants give change in the appropriate currency for the deed they are placed on. If not on a deed, merchant is exact change only.This one is pretty self-explanitory. Also allows a method for non-mayors to recycle defunct currency.16.) Merchants placed on a deed and by the deed-holder would have an option to convert coins received into raw worth for the village. This would allow recycling of worth from defunct deeds by active players.17.) Any coins can be decommissioned by a mayor to add raw worth to the village.This would allow recycling of worth from defunct deeds by active players.18.) Coins put into the player's bank would be converted to worth value and could be withdrawn from any token in the appropriate currency for where they are withdrawn.Another method for non-mayors to recycle defunct currency.FAQ ~~ See next post.
  21. SOLD TO Ratliff for 85$ (got tipped) This auction is for 1 gold coin (100 silvers) Reserve is 60.5 usd, buyout is 80.5 usd Buyer covers all fee's (if any, and sends as gift/friends if possible). Take off 50cents if you cover the mailing fee. Payment is via paypal or possibly amazon e-gift card/steam(higher price) Can deliver / mail to any server For several dozen vouches see this thread http://forum.wurmonl...about-60-euros/ if you buyout please pm me for quicker response I'm also on IRC note me your name and I'll respond there I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone I don't feel is trustworthy Not sure what current euro ratio is but its around 64/65 euro buyout
  22. 80 usd each, any server />
  23. SOLD This auction is for 1 gold coin, 100 silvers. Reserve 60usd, buyout 80usd Snipe protection included Private bids are only acceptable for buyout Payment is by paypal only or Amazon e-gift card(+25% cost) and sent as USD Buyer pays all fee's, I receive the bid amount. Payment will be upfront and as gift(gift part negotiable) with a specified note included I reserve the right to refuse bidders I feel skeptical about Thread where I have sold other golds http://forum.wurmonl...os/page__st__20 You will COD me an item for 1 gold + cod cost (10-20copper), if you wish to trade in person I may charge a delivery fee to come to you