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Found 12 results

  1. Storm's End is a 51x35 village located close to the northern shore of Crystal Lake on Independence. I've recently returned from hiatus and expanded the deed to continue projects on site. Storm's End is a member of the Storm Lands alliance, which also includes neighboring deeds; Yoggster's Patch Returns, An Unusual Place, Haven (the Hunting Lodge deed in the Grand Steppe), and Fafnir. The local area around Storm's End is fairly quiet, except for the alliance members. We have space for a few new villagers if anyone is interested in settling down in a new neighborhood. We'd prefer experienced players to apply, however we don't discriminate against the newbs either! If you'd like a nice village to settle into and hone your skills or work on projects then Storm's End is a good fit for you. We have a rare guard tower, a mailbox, an extensive mine and close access to the waterfront. Leave a comment here or pm me if you're interested in joining. Have a blessed day!
  2. NEWLY UPDATED: March 29th, 2016 Storm's End is located in the north shore region of Crystal Lake, about 1/3 km from the shore line itself. Our deed is located on the community map at 43x33y. We have recently expanded once again, and we now boast a size of 51x35. If you are interested in joining Storm's End, please PM me either here on the forums or in-game, and I'd be happy to give you a tour!
  3. Up for Auction - Hedon. I have moved to another area. Nice deed 43x36 size. The deed is fenced on all sides. There is currently almost 10 silver in the upkeep. There are not a lot of resources or tools left on deed, but the Forges, ovens, and many bsbs were left behind. The mine is well developed, it is mostly Iron, with many good, VG, and one Utmost iron vein on deed. There are also a lot of off deed iron veins in the mine. Location: In Game Map N21 Forums Map: 50x, 43y I am asking 20 silver to start, i think it is worth more than that, but hard work and time developing deeds doesn't translate into more silver. I took plenty of pictures take a look. Starting Bid will be 20 Silver Buyout 30 Silver Bidding Increments 1 Silver 2 Day auction If you have questions just ask here in the forums please! ">http://
  4. Hello. Leveling out my deed is generating stupid amounts of dirt. I have honestly lost accurate count of all the BSB's full of dirt I have, and I'm getting to the point that I cant find baby horses and chickens cuz I'm having to start building bsb's on my farm fields, my shop and town feels like every tile has a bsb full of dirt. Im gonna be generating a lot more dirt and I'd like to get rid of the dirt I have so I have room to dig more. Can I deliver? Well, I have 2 knars (1 is for sale actually wink wink nudge nudge), and someone made 43 large crates for that I need to go pick up from halfway across the server, which I am more than willing to rush to grab if the amount of dirt sold makes the travel time worth it. I am willing to work with someone that is interested in purchasing a lot of dirt. I'd rather the transaction not take a whole day of my time unless its profitable of course. Less effort on my part (not lazy just busy) of course is ample reason for me to give better pricing. Buy your portable bits of independence today! P.S. I'll try to be on in a couple hours to check on responses. Need catnap... or catnip... maybe coffee...
  5. Live about 5 mins down the coast from Oak Harbour , at Grey Havens on Crystal Lake. The foal is a brown female with 4 traits. Pm in game or on forums (Cuddlekinz).
  6. Have a surplus of pumpkins, cotton and wemp for sale. If you are looking for a mass quantity of either of these crops just place an order here, and your in-game name and I'll contact you and we'll negotiate a price. Thank you for your time!
  7. Hello! I've been a proud owner of this patch of land for almost 2 years now, since it was just a hellishly difficult patch of marsh on a hillside. However, it's time for me and the Guild to part ways, as I spend most of my playing time on Release and can't afford to upkeep two deeds at once. I will start with just a 5s starting bid, with minimum increments of 1s. I don't have a buyout. Auction will end in 72 hours. Edit: there will be 12 hours anti-snipe protection. The basics: The size of Guild Of Artificers is 31 by 51. The perimeter is 5 and it has 1 guards hired. The settlement has 4 silver, 96 copper and 23 iron in its coffers. The monthly cost is 4 silver, 16 copper and 20 iron. The upkeep will last approximately 33 days, 9 hours and 13 minutes more. This settlement has acquired knowledge that increases the productivity bonus of its citizens by 1.5%. (don't even know what this means to be honest!) Location is 41x 45y on Independence. There is no trader. However the following key features are included: 1x Merchant (currently holding various ropes and sails) 51ql Mailbox with 89 strength courier cast 1x 60ql guard tower 1x cog 1x sailboat 5x rowboat (most commonly used as part of a boat bridge) 1 altar of each religion Many iron veins of varying quality (I think at one point I counted 15 of them, but some of the tunnels may have collapsed) 1 silver vein Many large and small carts 11 (lol yes, eleven) forges of qualities between 50 and 70 15 bsbs, some full of items, some empty. 2 fsbs with various ingredients, including somewhere over 500 veggies 75 tiles of farmland/pasture 20 cattle (cows+bulls) 1 5-speed horse with full 70-80ql horseshoe set and 80ql chain barding 2 other 5-speed horses 30x beds 2x 9-tile buildings 7x 4-tile buildings 1x 15-tile building 1x 10-tile building 2x 1-tile shacks 1x 8-tile building 1x 15-tile building 1x multistorey with 15 tiles + 15 tiles + 9 tiles + 1 tile + 1 tile + 1 tile all sat on top of a 687 dirts tall tower ~over 100 tiles of unused space I consider the best features of the village to not be as straightforward to value as a trader or whatever, but it is in a fantastic coastal location and while mostly developed, the village still has several areas left growing wild (of course, since you will receive all the writs you can just as easily tear it all down and start again if you want!). There is a large public space that was twice used for a Summer Festival and so there are high quality forges, plenty of fuel, and various other useful bits, however don't be expecting a great hoard of high quality materials - these leftovers have been returned to the people who supplied them. Here are some pictures (I'll probably retake them in better weather/time hehe):
  8. Storm's End, located in the North Crystal Lake area, is open to citizenship. If you are passing through the area or would like to join a deed, stop by and say hello!! You can also reply to this so I know who you are if you need help finding the place! Here is some of the land we recently finished terraforming. It was all hills when we established the deed.
  9. As the title says I'm looking to buy a mid-ranged quality mallet, with a decent CoC level and WoA level cast on it as well. Not sure what I'm willing to spend yet, depends on your prices and negotiations. Hit me up here with the details, I'd prefer if you are on Independence. Thank you!
  10. If any other deeds in the North Crystal Lake area would like to join an alliance reply to this. We have several deeds on this alliance already, figured we might as well cover the entire north coast of Crystal Lake.
  11. I would like to buy 1000 planks delivered to Southern Crystal Lake for one silver.
  12. Greetings fellow Wurmians. Please indulge me while I tell you a story about a particular situation I have been involved with for the past month or so. Background Have you ever gone through the Cave Canal on foot? There's a wonderful footpath through there, with some torches and informational signs and everything. It's wonderful! However, you exit at the Crystal Lake end and where does it lead? Here's a picture to give you some idea: The distance between the Cave Canal and the end of the road is 40 tiles, at least half of which was not paved or even remotely even. I had some other concerns that related to this - namely that I lived on Maple Island and could do with some more neighbours, and that people starting from The Howl struggle to find space to live, despite me knowing several areas near me that were wonderful but just too hard to reach! Finally, I was fed up of struggling to swim round the coast from near the cave canal whenever I couldn't use a boat. The Situation And so, I can reveal that I have created a road (not a highway - i don't mind people modifying this as needed!) which I have been calling the Crystal Coast Trail. This now extends from the Cave Canal, south around Crystal Lake staying to the coast where possible, for a total of approximately 920 tiles to Harbor of Life (conveniently close to my small boat bridge to Maple Island). It is entirely passable by a horse-drawn cart (though there's one spot where you will need to be paying close attention!). Here's a map to give you an idea: The Awesome Club I would give enormous thanks to the following people for helping me each in their own ways: Amberflame/Ruriko - Collapsing some mine tiles to make the small tunnel near cave canal passable in a large cart. Anesita - Providing some bricks for paving the road. Cheshirekat - Helping with surface-mining, providing carts, and generally being very considerate to my pet project. Difrost - Providing several hundreds of dirt for flatraising, and helping create the tunnel. Eleangel - Providing carts, and helping with the tunneling work. Hauler - Providing severl hundreds of dirt for flatraising. Kristoff - Creating bricks, doing lots of paving, and helping with signs to save people from getting lost (also putting up with my obsession in village chat!). Pingpong - Helping with surface-mining in one, frankly mind-blowing, afternoon. Queenrocks - Part of the excellent tunneling crew, and creating all of the support beams for it. Snoopy - Helping with some of the surface-mining I missed on the first pass. Conclusion and Pictures So basically, I invite everyone to come wander the trail, and enjoy the scenery! Here are some pictures (sorry for my poor photography skills) to tempt you along. A crumbling fortress The hardest part - this is where you will need to pay attention! A Tempting Road? What a wonderful woodland path!