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Found 6 results

  1. Stacks of Rare crude axes are labelled 'rare crude axe' Stacks of Rare crude knives are labelled 'rare crude knife' BUT... A stack of rare crude shovels is just labelled 'crude shovel'. Why is this? is it because they are made of wood and can have different types? or is it a bug with this item? Thanks. A list sorted alphabetically shows the rare crude shovels out of order (they should come after the rare crude knives):
  2. Supreme Crude Axe gained through archeology. Starting Bid: 1 Silver Min. Increments: 10 Copper Reserve: None Buyout: Contact me with offers if you wish Winner will receive the axe via CoD, so payment will be in Silver only.
  3. As in the title. I enjoy the game a lot despite not having played it for long enough to find myself regularly indulging myself in the game's more advanced activities. And despite that, I found myself particularly enjoying ditching my starter gear and starting off as the blankest of blank slates (not trying to be a special snowflake of any sort, bet there's at least a few more people who share my sentiments). Although I have taken note of the game's robust crafting system (it would be dumb of me not to), I think it falls a bit short in the "primitive" stage. There could be some more things to craft, and some more mechanics to be implemented, such as wielding a hefty branch actually allowing me to hit something with it. As opposed to, you know, holding it with one hand, and beating up stuff with the other, as I understood its actual use in combat by Wurm's mechanics. I was quite surprised to see it being the case of crude tools, especially the axe. While some of you would understandably bash the idea of adding a number of crude additions (such as weapons, armor, perhaps some substitutes for construction materials) as unneccesary clogfest, as we can already get to crafting iron stuff quite quickly, I think it could really aid an RP aspect of the game, which I also find important. If you guys find it interesting, though, let me know, so I can find myself welcome to elaborate. You are welcome to pop your own ideas, too! And yeah, a few lines of text in, I realised that was quite rude of me to pop my cries and demands in without even introducing myself. I shall do so soon.
  4. Cruding Xanadu

    This thread is for the diary or our little crudist project that started today. We will post the updates below, so that you can interspacededly comment...
  5. I kinda miss the 'survivalist' Wurm; it's become too much of a 'perfectionist' Wurm. So I'm thinking of starting a new character and try to survive with ... nothing (throw away everything from starter's kit). And I mean totally nothing; not even use friendly deeds or towers or already existing mines etc. So, which do you think is the best area in Xanadu for such a project? (starting town and general direction thereof)
  6. I've been using the new item Crude Axe and noticed that it gives PICKAXE skill, not Axe. Also that it takes damage, in contrast with the rest of the Crude items that lose QL instead. Also, all crude tools take damage while in combat, but they hardly ever inflict damage (empty hands do much more). I was not able to bury corpses with the crude shovel. The crude knife, when used for carving shows no damage or ql loss, but loses ql when used as chisel, and get damaged if used in combat. Crude shovel takes damage while digging. I cannot use the crude axe to produce kindling from woodscrap, the way I can with a hatchet. Crude axe takes damage when woodcutting/chopping. Crude axe produces Woodcutting level QL of felled trees and logs, while crude pickaxe only produces 1ql rock shards ever. The Leveling action creates much less damage on the crude tool than the Digging action, per dirt dug out. It seems that campfire made from kindling and woodscrap (crude campfire) is always 'birchwood campfire', no matter the type of wood one uses.