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Found 3 results

  1. If you're a fan of Marvel and superhero/hero movies, comics or tv shows, then I'd suggest checking out the new Netflix series, "Marvel's Daredevil." "A blind lawyer, with his other sense superhumanly enhanced, fights crime as a costumed superhero." - IMDB Marvel's Daredevil premiered on Netflix on April 10th. True to Netflix series fashion, the first season was released in full! If you haven't checked this out yet, I highly recommend diving head first into this kickass, crime fighting series! For those of you who have watched it, feel free to discuss here how wonderful this show is. Just try to put spoiler tags if you can.
  2. Sometime between yesterday and today (July 28) someone came to my deed on Exodus, Magnus Opus, took my unlocked wagon off-deed (my fault I know) stole the 4 horses named: Bloodtess (gold, full rare enchanted set), the other 3 have full enchanted sets, most over 90 WOA, Jollypearl (brown), Fleawest (white), Sweethappy (black), all are 5 speed+1. out of the wagon they took 2 rare rocks, 1 rare brick, 2 MR banners, 6 concrete. The horses were branded at Magnus Tere and were cared for by nesgamepro and nesgoat I thought deed settings would have stopped them, but it didn't. UPDATE: I did a support and the horses are dead. Wagon has been recovered. It's my fault I left it unsecured and I don't need to hear the obvious again. If anyone knows about this incident please contact me, there may be a reward if the rare horse gear is recovered. 1 rare saddle enchanted 4 rare horse shoes enchanted signature will be either, nesgamepro, woad or peanutbse
  3. Lynching

    This is not a happy or fun subject. But since the Wurm community is usually very vocal and have no problem with sharing their personal convictions, I supposed I could make this topic. I live in Argentina, in the far south end of South America. Lately there has been an increase in crime, violent and otherwise. Also, not long ago there was a police strike, in several provinces, wich allowed for people to literally raid supermarkets, and shops in general. This has left the country with no sense of respect for the justice institutions, and as crooks are each time more bold, people who live in fear end up having extreme violent bursts. During the last months, 9 people were lynched by mobs, after they attempted to rob someone. One of the most publicly known cases, was an 18 year old kid, who, while riding his motorbike, snatched a purse from a 21yo girl, who was holding a baby in her arms. The girl screamed for help, and a car that was passing rammed into the bike, after that, the people around gathered and kicked the 18yo kid so hard, that after being in the hospital for 3 days, he died from the injuries sustained in his head. As usual, the subject has polarized peoples opinion, and both sides ask for diferent aproaches to the rising problem of crime. Some claim that society brainwashes people to consume goods in order to establish their own identity, the lack of education (he was a school dropout), and the marginal way of life he was raised in lead him to acept robbery as a natural occurance. While others claim that in a country with free education at all levels, job oportunities and an over-protective state, a person who steal to buy a new cellphone or fashionable sneakers "had it coming". So, Wurmians, have you whitnessed cases such as this in your countries, do you have any particular stand or insight on the subject ? EDIT ADDENDUM: Some general news on the subject. Opinion article. Mostly quotes from people involved in security, government officials, etc. A small retrospective. This small article is repeated everywhere, brief and shallow. Im not familiar with international media, so I wouldnt really know from where to pick reliable sources. In local media at least I know who is biased on each direction.