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Found 15 results

  1. This has probably been suggested before, but I think it would be cool to have Bigfoot and/or Yeti as docile creatures, kind of like mountain gorillas. It might be interesting to have them be normally docile, but will attack if the player kills too many innocent creatures or if they cut down too many trees on undeeded land.
  2. Creature spawning mechanics are not working as intended, aggressive ratio settings aren't working. I'm having an issue with my server (latest stable version), I have the creature count set to 40,000 on a 4096 map with "Aggressive Creatures" set to 90%, so 10% would be non-aggressive? Yet after 5 mins from an empty creature count, there are already over the limit (10% of 40,000 = 4000) for non-aggressive creatures. Am I missing something here? *SQLitebrowser shows the same 90% ratio set in the wurmlogin.db Tests: Regardless of cap, a 40,000 (90% Agg) creature count seems to always return; Black Wolf: 3201 Horse: 2801 Pheasant: 1601 Crab: 1201 Dog: 1201 Pig: 1201 Ram: 1201 Sheep: 1201 Bison: 1300+ Dolphin: 150 Octopus: 150 etc Reduce this to 10,000 (90% Agg) and we see a similar effect in play; Black Wolf: 802 Horse: 701 Lion: 601 Brown Bear: 401 Deer: 401 Pheasant: 401 Bison: 385+ Deer: 301 Dog: 301 Sheep: 301 Crab: 101 Dolphin: 100 Octopus: 100 etc The creature Aggressive % is suppose to be 'approximate', this isn't even approximately close (closer to 40%) and we always see vastly greater amounts of non-aggressive's than aggressive's. Note: When WU came out, we had all creatures, hell horses, hell hounds, spiders in the forest etc, it was magical and fun. At some point, we started noticing less and less of them until eventually creatures like spiders, bears, scorps, lava spiders would only seem to appear near their respective dens, leaving a forest full of sheep, rams, horses, cows, bulls, pigs, wolves, lions and the rarely seen kitty, with our mines being run by cave bugs and rats only. Has someone done borked?
  3. Just thought I'd share my various artworks of dragons since they are my favorite creature!! This one reacts to blacklights as you can see below I painted this one years ago Just a simple black dragon, stencil style Just a simple blue dragon stencil style Just a simple red dragon stencil style Just a simple yellow dragon stencil style Crappy picture but, I painted this dragon few years ago I call this one Reflection
  4. The day before yesterday when I logged in, I noticed that a couple of my horses no longer had brands. I brand all animals bred by me as a matter of course, so this was odd. They were venerable animals I'd branded months ago. Later I discovered that some foals had also lost their brands, and two lambs that I had branded and named had their names and in one case their brands disappear too. I've never had this happen before so I'm stumped! On the advice of the help channel in game I'm posting here. I haven't resized or dropped my deed or made any other changes. What's up?
  5. Hi guys, I need a creature cage, send me your offer
  6. I still have the same issue I had in the original post, evidently I forgot about it. This happens on the Xanadu server. I still get the same messages. The old dog was killed by a troll on Indy, so it is obviously not tamed or caged. I have also put horses in the cage since, and I am able to tame animals on Indy, and don't see the old dog or get the Un-tame option there.
  7. On 06 July 2018 I caged an old dog on Xanadu and transported it to Independence. I released the dog on my deed on Independence, and then traveled back to Xanadu. Today, 07 July 2018, when I tried to tame a deer I got the following message: "[13:23:56] You have a pet in a cage, remove it first, to tame this one." I tried Pet > Clear orders with no result. I tried the Un-Tame option under Manage > Animals (yes, the dog is listed on the Xanadu server) and got the message: "[13:25:25] This animal is caged, remove it first." Looks like this may be a bug concerning transporting tamed animals across servers.
  8. I was wondering, is it possible to replace the default horse skins with custom ones like the amazing ones Fizziepop has made? Would this require a mod (eek!) or is it a case of overwriting the default skins with new images, wherever they might be?
  9. new creature

    i found this near the colosus lake on inde seem like a bison but much bigger here all the info i could get [21:05:23] You decide to classify the mature Beeffalope using numbers. [21:05:23] Stamina level 65535, damage level 0. [21:05:23] Hunger value 3205, fat level 50, nutrition level 0.0, thirst level 0, dominated by none, loyalty level 0.0. [21:05:23] Normal stamina regen true. [21:05:23] Kingdom is no known kingdom, leader is Blgpapa, hitched to none [22:34:08] The bison are impressive creatures when moving in hordes. [22:34:08] He is very well defined. [22:34:08] This creature could use some grooming.
  10. Any way to put a unique creature in to a closed instance and that it does not break the walls? Managing walls permission with GM and make them indestructibles does not work. thank you
  11. Hi people I made the mistake of setting creatures numbers according to an article in the forums. it turns out the there are now creatures every 4 or 5 squares in my world. I don't want to wait till they all die because I read that some creatures will still be there 6 months later. Most important ***** is there a way to reset the creatures in the world and if so how ****** Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this problem.
  12. Wurm could use for a good dose of something a little new. A flying creature added to the game as a typical mob would be quite unique for Wurm. I'm suggesting either a Giant Wasp or a Giant Eagle, or both. Since Wurm is viewed as a 3D environment on a 2D plane I wouldn't expect such a creature to actually fly in the game, but rather hover at a certain height over the ground. Here are a few of the ideal specifications I've come up with, but by no means is this set in stone, but merely suggested: Giant Wasp: Aggressive: Yes Tameable: No Can be Dominated: Yes Groomable: No Butchered: ??? Breedable: No Rideable: No Swimmer: No (with the exception that it should be able to hover over water like it does land) Lair: Hive (near trees) Combat Level: Similar to a scorpion in strength, but with added parry statistic and speed due to it being airborne as well as a poisoned effect with their attacks. Does stinging and poison damage. Counter: Archery Giant Eagle: Aggressive: No Tameable: Yes Can be Dominated: Yes Groomable: Yes Butchered: ??? Breedable: Yes Rideable: No Swimmer: No (with the exception that it should be able to hover over water like it does land) Lair: Nests (near trees and cliffs) Combat Level: Similar to the strength of a wild boar, but with added parry statistic and speed due to it being airborne. Does clawing, cutting and pecking damage. Counter: Archery Overall these two creatures shouldn't be game breaking or terribly unbalanced. Neither is excessively strong, but they also aren't easily struck by melee attacks. This would require more skill in archery to combat such animals with less risk. I didn't put anything down for butchering products as I figure I'd leave that up for others to comment on or make suggestions. What do you all think? Terrible ideas or interesting concepts?
  13. So, yeah, I don't have anything to add at this point in time.
  14. Seem that now you can't escape from them anymore... I was working near an house, drakespirit found me, I ran into an house thinking to be safe, but he magically entered. So I'm dead Respawned he come to take me again, I run into a closed cave,... he killed me again... Impossible escape from them. Houses locked and ondeed
  15. This should be a rather simple fix to a lot problems. Don't allow aggressive animals to randomly step onto deeds (or even perimeter) unless it's being lured into. This should cut down on the random corpses scattered around the map from deeds that have nothing but a templar set to kill on it.