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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Alectrys! #ItsLightRed They're back, and colourful! That's right, todays update brings back all the good colours, and I'm excited! We'll get right into that, but first... Patch Notes Creature conditions At long last, they have returned! Todays update brings the long awaited return of creature conditions showing as colours. Unlike the conditions of old times, creatures may be a little more subtle in their colourings, so in the efforts of ensuring wurmian safety, the newly formed Wurmian Union Representitives of Mobs (W.U.R.M.) have compiled a few snapshots of these elusive conditions in the wild: We hope this guide helps you be prepared when adventuring, and as always, carry lots of cotton, three waterskins, and a woodscrap for good luck! Over yonder As part of our general visual improvements in wurm, we've begun work on improving a lot of things you see everyday, namely, terrain textures. First task is improving how distant terrain looks, with better blending near and distant terrain to eliminate the choppiness and smoothing it out a little, as you can see below: As you can see, the distant textures are much less choppy, and blend in a lot more smoothly. We'll also be updating some of the older textures in order to work with normal and specular mapping and also increased resolution (Performance requirements were very different ten years ago!) These features will go a long way to improve the overall visuals of the game, and give it a much needed facelift when out and about. PvP affinities Other changes that came in today are changes to the affinity system for PvP kills, and I'd like to go over them a little. We've increased the chances of gaining an affinity when slaying someone, but have also adjusted how they are given out. It now rolls the first recipient randomly, and will try to give them the affinity, if it cannot, it will then roll another random slayer. It will do this until all slayers have had their chance, then apply the largest temporary affinity to the first person rolled. This should mean greater chances of them transferring, as well as a more evenly distributed system down the line. We'll continue to monitor these as we go, but expect it to flow nicely from here on out. WU Beta With this update out, we'll be rolling out a beta version of it all to WU tomorrow, friday the 27th of April, for modders and server owners to double check everything works before launching live. We'll also be including a new system that generates archaeology data for servers that lack the history our official ones do, this is not data from the official servers, and generated according to the size of the map, so be sure to check it out! Community Content This weeks community content is a shout out to long xanadian Inspira, who not only completed two legendary titles, but did them in the same day! It's an awesome effort, and I'm sure one she will be proud of for a long time, so congrats! That's it from us this news, we'll have more next fortnight as we move to wednesday news (Need to farm those likes before the updates!) and showcase all the weird and wonderful things coming to Wurm. Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.