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Found 9 results

  1. Leatherworking Shop and imping service on Deliverance at Stillwater Rest, near to Southport Toolbelts: 5-slot 20c 6-slot 30c 7-slot 40c 8-slot 60c 9-slot 1 silver 10-slot 5 silver (rare ql90 belt - 1 in stock) Saddles: Creation ql 8c QL50 15c QL60 20c QL70 40c QL80 60c QL90 1s40c Studded or Plain Leather Armour, blank, full sets (9 pieces): QL60 72c QL70 1s08c QL80 1s44c QL90 2s70c QL92 6s Studded or Plain Leather Armour, blank, per piece: QL60 10c QL70 15c QL80 20c QL90 40c QL92 75c Leather Barding: QL50 30c QL60 40c QL70 50c QL80 70c Archaeology Journals QL50 20c QL60 30c QL70 40c QL80 60c QL90 1 silver Empty Atlas QL60 50c Backpack QL70 30c For imping you only pay for the difference. Send /tell to Zsolt for in-game info.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to create a new account in order to play on the steam servers but I run into this issue once I click on the confirmation link. Best Regards Kuznia
  3. If a Bee Hive is empty allow us to stack more than 1 on a single tile please. This does Not mean Inactive ( as they are occupied by Bee's ) but when creating new ones, have to do it single, finish, move it ( or load it into a boat for easy imping ) But as far as 'storage' for empty bee hives, allow us to stack them on a single tile.
  4. DD's Shield Smithing Services Shield Improvement and Creation Welcome People of Wurm! Are you tired of your shield breaking every time you go hunting? Well then this is the shop for you! I offer shield imping and creation services up to 91ql currently. Prices are for iron items. Other metals may be available but prices can vary. If you have questions or requests about this feel free to message me in-game (Ddrosler *usually active around 3PM-12AM EST) or on the forums. Wood shields are also available for the same price as iron. They will be Oakenwood but other wood types are available if you prefer something else. Creation prices are listed below, improvement prices will vary depending on the quality of your shield. (No Association with the DD PMK) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QL Price 50ql 10c 60ql 15c 70ql 25c 75ql 30c 80ql 45c 85ql 65c 90ql 90c 91ql 1.2s ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Shields for Sale: 92ql Rare Large Shield, Iron (CoC 79) - 4s (sold)
  5. Hi, I'm Forrest and I live in a Forest. I'm opening a small Carpentry and Fine Carpentry store, supplying creation of new goods and imping of existing ones! So whether you need your old, worn down ropetool imped back into life, need a new fishing rod or just want one of those fancy thrones to peer down over your slaves villagers, you've come to the right place. I can currently do both Fine and Regular Carpentry items up to 90ql+. No quality is too low either... if you want something 50ql, I can do that too! (Can do 95ql+ on request) Pricing isn't set in stone yet, just shoot me a PM here or reply down below and we can work something out at a reasonable rate. Oh, did I mention I also accept items in barter? Currently I'm in need of veggies, creation rares, sleep powders and more... I'm open to a lot of things really, don't be afraid to ask!
  6. Well with the new server and tutorial going up in a bit i want to make a character and check out the new tutorial and was wondering how much time you had once you selected a password and created the account before it was deleted for not logging in? Is it the same as if you were a f2p or is it shortened for not ever logging on?
  7. Throwing this one out there and it is not about the hardest skill to level. We all know the candidates for that title. Instead this is about the hardest skill to to reach 100% chance in crafting its most difficult item. As a starter I'll offer up Ropemaking -> Cordage. 81 skill, 95 wemp and 83ql ropetool gives me 83% chance to create. Now............... Who has something that is even worse?
  8. when u use carving knife on woodscraps u get two options to make kindling,it doesnt happen when u use a saw to make kindling />
  9. i started making fishing hooks with 1 3kg lump in my inventory and everytime i succed a lump with 0,10 weight and 10% the ql of the lump im using is created in my doesnt happen when i fail