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Found 2 results

  1. Valrei International. 075

    coop- Seriphina (sorry!) I apologise for the late news, this week has been busy, and what a huge week it's been! There's a lot to unpack as we review the update and our feedback on your feedback with the various new systems in. This fortnights Valrei International will be the last until early next year, we expect to return with the next edition on the 23rd of January! But first... Fishing fun So this overhaul of the fishing system has been big, with a lot of confusion and a little bit of wogic in the systems. Needless to say there'll be a period of tweaking based on your feedback, we've already removed the ability for reels to be broken on a fail, instead taking damage. We'll also look at tweaking how difficulty affects fishing, with it currently being a little confusing. For the record, the message of "you miss the x" is a skillcheck fail, it's not timing based! We'll be working with the wiki team in getting the full fishing system up on the wurmpedia including fish and their preferred bait and locations! New tutorial and journal The new tutorial system has had lots of positive feedback, there's room for a few tweaks and we'll be working on those in the new year along with the planned phase 2 of the journal. As we've stated before, the journal is the successor to the personal goal system, aimed at picking up from the tutorial and moving forward, guiding a player from their first steps into the game into the long road of becoming a wurm veteran, the first five stages are in, with tasks such as building a house, imping items to certain thresholds and more. We have a few more tiers planned in phase two with bigger and better rewards, as well as including systems to allow priests to take part and 100% complete tiers. Expect to see that early in the new year, as that will be one of the first things we want to work on. Tapdance redesign The proposals are in, and it's voting time! We have two contestants, with team shark and team allenkey! Both designs are pretty awesome and I'm keen to see either one come in, so head to the thread, check them out and place your vote! Community Content In just a few short hours, I'll be joining my Assistant CRC and VEN coordinator Joelle in a stream decorating Havens Landing! We'll be working with fellow VEN member Fabricant and Madnath while we decorate all the buildings and parks of Havens Landing, feel free to jump in and help with your ideas too! Some poor sucker will be left spawning items for them, haha, what a lo... wait! That's it from us for this weeks Valrei International, and indeed for this year! It's been a HUGE year with a ton of content added and plenty of advancement made, with these steps taken we know 2019 will be even bigger and better. Until then though, we at the Wurm team hope you have a wonderful safe and happy holiday season, put an angel with a tiara on the tree, and have a happy new year, we'll see you in 2019! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  2. For Those In Australia...

    ... The Empire Has Arrived. No, relax. Its not the British Empire again. >