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Found 19 results

  1. I'm using the new UI. The area on the crafting window that allows your cursor to indicate what your selected crafting item is, does not cover the actual icon. Example below. The icon is located directly above the 'CREATE' button. In this case shows a question mark. When u cursor over that question mark, it should indicate what your selected choice is. But the area that actually affects the cursor here does not match the area around the question mark. In this screenshot, the red square shows the area that affects the cursor, and will indicate what my creation choice is. The action area here does not match the question mark area. Thanks for your time, TeeeBOMB
  2. I started a crate rack and it dropped into a pile of items on the floor. When I click on the crate rack it does not provide the menu choice to "Add to Crafting Window"". Taking into inventory also doesn't work as "You may only use that item while it is on the floor."
  3. I went to make a stack of fishing lines. Decided that it would be faster to use the crafting window. When I added my hand to the window and 64 strings of cloth, I was able to max the stacked actions (7 in my case) and had no problem hitting the create button and making 7 basic fishing lines at a time. Then I went to make light fishing lines. I added the spinning wheel to the crafting window, and the 64 basic fishing lines. But when I hit the create button, it will only make 1 light fishing line, it will not stack actions to make 7. It is still set for 7 actions, and the 7 dots all light up when I hit create, but only 1 line gets made. Event window shows the actions all stacking, but only the first completes. I moved on to the rope tool to make medium fishing lines, put the ropetool in the crafting window and the 64 light fishing lines. I was able to hit create and it made 7 lines at a time, as it should do. Once again I went to the spinning wheel, this time to make heavy fishing lines from the mediums. Once again the actions in the crafting window show, the event window shows 7 actions stacked, but only the first action completes. Finally, I went back to the ropetool with the heavy fishing lines to make braided fishing lines. And once again, it worked just fine in the crafting window, actions stacking and completing properly. So in closing, the problem is with stacking actions on the spinning wheel to make fishing lines. Since we are going to need new lines when the old ones snap, please make sure we can use our crafting window properly to mass produce these lines. Thanks.
  4. Use crafting window to create enough small wine barrels to make a "pile of unfinished item" (it took 6 for me). Attempt to put one of the unfinished small wine barrels in the crafting window in order to complete it. No option for the item in the pile. No option for the pile. Taking one or more items into inventory gives no option for adding to crafting window. Dragging to crafting window gives "You may only use that item while it is on the ground."
  5. I'm making a guard tower and the QL of the tower isn't reflected properly in the crafting window, as shown in the screen shot below.
  6. I'm sure there are many like me who are kinda annoyed that every time you log in or reconnect you have to re-position the crafting window when activated (assuming you don't prefer it in the center of the screen) is it possible to get the crafting window to save its position like every other window in wurm? I see no reason for it not to, it would not affect players who want it in the center of the screen and would make the constant crashes/relogs mildly less irritating. Thank you for your consideration. - VirusMD
  7. An ally member and I tried to build hedges and flower beds on mine tile borders using the crafting window. Result was that the action starts and stops in the crafting window with no message in the event log. However, adding a flower and sprout to the crafting window produces the correct result in the opposite side of the crafting window, ie hedge or flower bed. I'm not sure if the bug is that the crafting window shows that flower beds/hedges are buildable or just that it won't build them. To reproduce, activate flower/sprout, right click tile border in cave, add to crafting window, then click continue and watch the que bug out.
  8. So like the title says make groups in the crafting window for all the different wall and fence types that you hit the + to expand to make sorting through wall and fence types easier and if its possible make the crafting window remember and open how you had it set for the last wall you built when you move to the next one rather than resetting each time you add a wall plan to it.
  9. Would like to see ( pages ) added to the crafting window for example you add 1 log and 1 saw to make planks in the 2 available slots on 1 page. I would like to see a arrow on the right upper corner ( next crafting page ) where you then can add a plank and ribbon to craft other objects run out of planks? switch to the 1st crafting page instead of exchanging tools and materials ( it saved the tools and materials used on this page much like the toolbelt ) you can set up maybe 5 pages of tools and mats and bounce between them
  10. Hey, Two things with cheese. I got an issue trying to make cheese (feta or normal). I am using a cheese drill, pinewood. The crafting window does not display an option to make cheese or feta cheese (so I have to single click to make cheeses): Also, as a side note: I seem to be getting very very high QL cheese compared to what I used to get b4 the update. I used to get a wide spread of cheese QLs. from very low up to (rarely) ~70s. My Dairy food making is 28, cooking is 20, the cheese drill, pinewood I am using is 37 QL, from 40 QL cedarwood buckets. Now, after the update (this is my 2nd batch of cheese, both (I got 2 total so far) are very high QL like this), I get this: Thanks your time :-) Teeebomb PS: I did look for this /these issues listed on forums, but did not find it anywhere. So, I opened this new thread. PPS: Just noticed that my cheese drill, pinewood (QL 37) is not taking any damage at all from usage since the cooking update. Not sure if it took damage from use b4 the update though.
  11. Not sure if posted in right section (if not, then mods please move it). Please let us use the Repair keybind in the crafting window. You can already right-click on one of the loaded items and choose repair. The Repair keybind even works on the toolbelt items, seems an oversight that it's not working in the crafting window. Please have Wurm remember the position of the crafting window and what was loaded in it if you log out with the crafting window open and things loaded. Icing on the cake and maybe not easy: Please make an option to make the crafting window smaller. Maybe like this: (don't know how to embed a picture ) Thanks Ostentatio
  12. Some months ago there was a change on the crafting window, with default items set for various combos of tools/materials. Can we get this default setting removed? So many times I have cranked out the wrong items when setting up to produce something. For example, large nail + plank results in wooden mine doors, saw + log and you instantly have yokes Now the yokes I don't mind, I just save them for carts and wagons later on, but truthfully I'd rather get a message that says 'you need to select something to build something' rather than some odd default setting for items to make.
  13. When multiple people are working on the same structure (e.g. bridge) the materials list in your own crafting window does not update appropriately when others add materials to the structure, leaving the player with an innacurate representation of how many materials are left to complete it. To reproduce, one person could simply add nothing to the bridge and watch the materials list in the crafting window while the other players add materials. The caveat to this is that the window will update with the correct amounts when a particular type of material has been added and is no longer necessary...the problem being that in the interim no one knows exactly how much of the material is needed to finish without closing and reopening the crafting window (refreshing it). This ends up making teamwork somewhat hectic. What should happen is that whenever someone adds an item to the structure, all open crafting windows should be immediately updated with the correct amount of remaining materials. I placed this in the server bugs section instead of the client section because it would make more sense that the server would take care of updating the client windows.
  14. Just as the title says, there is no error. The game just vanishes. However, I am not able to reliably duplicate it. There must be something else going on I don't see. Steps I used... Dragged lump from inventory to window Right clicked anvil, add to crafting window Immediately I am on windows desktop with no error
  15. Is it possible to make improvement to crafting window, currently when i example create stone bricks, i take rock shards from bsb, move then to inventory where i move them to crafting window. So it it possible to add improvement when i take rock shards and move then directly to crafting window these are moved same time to my inventory, when you do hundreds or thousands bricks you can calculate how much faster that will be if we get rid off that movement from bsb to inventory and then to crafting window if we can use instead of that: bsb to crafting window.
  16. The crafting window saves a lot of time but it can be a bit of a hassle trying to find the right tool to drag into the slot to do the job you need to do. This could be alleviated significantly for those of us who have our toolbelts set up by letting us drag an item on the toolbelt directly to a slot in the crafting window. (Of course, this wouldn't remove the tool from the belt; it's just a convenient way to add it to the slot.)
  17. I've made so many mine doors and staffs because they are selected as default. It would be nice if there was nothing selected by default if possible, or have something more popular(bricks/shafts).
  18. I just checked this and it's not possible, would make it a bit easier since bsb'ing the mats for healing covers breaks them into multiple pieces.
  19. The crafting window is nice. One idea I think might make it even better is to have a column on the right where you can make groups of tools or resources available to use for crafting instead of having to open inventory along with crafting window. I know you can drag tools in from inventory but would be nice to not need to sort inventory to find what you need. Not sure if anything similar to that has been suggested or not, so thought I would toss it out there,.